Are Air Fryers Toxic? What You Really Need To Know About This Popular Kitchen Appliance

Air fryers have become so popular worldwide because they are a healthier alternative method of cooking deep fried cooks. Instead of using oil to cook and crisp the food, these machines use hot air coils. There have been some rumors spreading that air fryers might not be as good for us as we originally thought. Are air fryers toxic?

Let’s get to the truth about air fryers.These machines work by circulating hot air that is released by coils around until it cooks your food. This air contains very small oil droplets that take the moisture out of the food. These oil droplets contain only a small fraction of the fat cooking oils do.

This cooking method actually decreases your chance of diseases, such as cancer. If you use an air fryer regularly instead of cooking in oil you consume less acrylamide compounds. These compounds are formed when food is cooked in oil. They are linked to causing many forms of cancer. By switching from cooking with oil to cooking with air you eliminate these compounds and eat safer food.

How come people are worried about air fryers? Are air fryers toxic at all? They are responsible for cutting 70-80% of the fats we used to eat out of our diets. How could they be considered bad? Well you can rest easy because air fryers are not toxic. Any healthy foods you put in there will remain healthy.

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Do Air Fryers Have Radiation?

What some people are worried about when the question of “are air fryers toxic?” comes up in the basket. You see, some aird fryers come with a non-stick basket. Over the years researchers have found that some non-stick material releases toxins when it gets heated. If this is something you may be worried about there’s a very simple solution. Some air fryers come with a stainless steel basket which is 100% safe to cook with. Making the switch to a stainless steel basket will take your worries away.

Unlike your microwave, an air fryer doesn’t emit radiation when it cooks. Radiation is the emission of energy as electromagnetic waves that get transferred through the air. Do air fryers have radiation too?  Instead the heat from an air fryer comes from a coil similar to one you would find on a stove top. The air gets circulated around and it dries out the outside of the food, which creates that crispy exterior similar to deep fried dishes, and locks all the juicy flavours on the inside.

You should never worry about your air fryer risking the quality of your foods. It is one of the healthiest ways to easily make your meals.

Are Air Fryers BPA Free?

One of the biggest risks of cooking with plastic is the chemicals that get onto our food. When buying cookware it is always best to go plastic free. Most plastic contains bisphenol A (BPA) which is a hormone disrupting chemical that can cause you to become very sick. If you’re making a serious effort to be healthier you may wonder are air fryers BPA free?

Air fryers are not made out of plastic so there is no risk associated with BPA. Unfortunately though, the baskets that are made of non-stick material have shown to contain some harmful chemicals when heated up.

To keep your air frying activities healthy as possible always use one that has a stainless steel basket. If you are unsure how to tell the difference use this easy tip. A stainless steel basket will have a shiny metallic finish, where a non-stick basket will be matte. When manufacturers label their air fryers as made with stainless steel they never specify which part so you may have to do some investigating of your own to find out which basket it uses.

Do Air Fryers Contain Lead?

One other concern many people have about switching to air fryers is the worry of lead. Lead can cause some very serious health concerns when it comes in contact with food. Do air fryers contain lead at all? Not at all.

Air fryers were designed with your health in mind. You don’t have to worry about finding traces of lead in your air fryer. There is no proof of air fryers being toxic or leading to any health problem. If anything, they are being linked to reducing health and obesity issues.

Did you know that potatoes are the most consumed vegetable in North America? A lot of these potatoes are eaten as french fries. By switching from cooking fries in the air fryer from the deep fryer you are reducing the fat by nearly 80% and eliminating the toxic compounds from excessive use of cooking oils.

Are Air Fryers Toxic? Final Thoughts

Air fryers are definitely not toxic. They are actually the complete opposite of tosic. They help you eat healthier even if you are too busy to cook a healthy meal. Since they eliminate the use of cooking oil, they eliminate the risks associated with it. Eating food prepared in an air fryer is also the easiest way to stick to your diet without it tasting like diet food.

If you are worried about the possibilities of toxins from the non-stick basket do some searching around to find a stainless steel basket that will fit in your machine. Just remember to always lightly coat your stainless steel basket with oil so the food doesn’t stick to it.

Cooking with an air fryer is always the healthiest alternative.

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