5 Best Canned Clams For Quick Cooking At Home

If you are looking for the best canned clams for you or your family, we’re here to help you. After spending numbers of hours in our kitchen, we’ve found out which is the best canned clams brand. You can even save more money because most of them are sold on Amazon.

Let’s go, shall we?

But if you are short of time and just want to click and buy, below is our top choice.

Our Top Choice

Snows Clam Chopped by Bumble Bee

Snows Clam Chopped by Bumble Bee

Our Rating

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5 Best Canned Clams You Can Buy Now On Amazon

Now that you know my top pick of the best canned clams, let's start with the review proper and to begin, I will be sharing a comparison table below. You can see that my top 3 pick has 4.5 stars. You can't go wrong with any of these canned clams.

Best Canned Clams Reviews

In this section, I will be sharing reviews of the top 5 canned clams that you can get on Amazon. I will share the pros & cons and what you can expect when you buy these canned clams. You can expect detail review here with some personal input from your's truly. Enjoy!

Ranking #1

Snows Clam Chopped by Bumble Bee

Our Rating

If you cannot find a good source of fresh clams to use in your many recipes like sauces or chowder, but you don’t want to purchase store-bought frozen clams as well, I think the canned chopped clams is an ideal option.

For me, I highly recommend the Snows clam chopped that I personally experienced and really surprised with the natural flavor it brought and a large amount of meat in the can.

As already mentioned, making clam chowder with an abundance of clam meat is sometimes a hassle for me. 

You might stand between two options, having a homemade chowder or the store-bought one. 

One notable thing is if your clams are sandy, they will ruin the whole pot of soup. Therefore, I don’t want to put my “future clam chowder” in danger by making it in my own kitchen. 

So I decided to go with the processed clam chowder. 

However, this canned product is typically abundant potatoes or tomatoes and has very few clams. 

Then I figured out a trick to make my clam chowder loaded with clam meat, it’s buying a can of chopped clams to add to. 

Everything worked as expected, and I think the main reason for this success was I chose one of the best clam products. 

The Snow’s Bumblebee chopped clams did an excellent job, and my family has been had a hearty meal with clam chowder every weekend thanks to this canned good. 

The ingredients inside this small can are so simple but really pure. It contains wild-caught clams inside the country only (I mean the United States), clam juice, water, salt, and sugar. 

There is also a tiny number of additives to preserve and retain the natural juice and color. Still, it doesn’t affect your health at all, so don’t worry.

Adding the clam meat and their savory juice will help enhance your clam chowder, and it can match with other dishes like spaghetti sauce or make a dip. 

Personally, I really like the combination of the canned chopped clams and another canned clam chowder.

Having these only two little cans on hand can create a great dish with ease. Meals done in minutes is wholly achieved. 

The thing that made I wonder is it seems that many customers have encountered the situation of lack of clam meat in the can. 

They said that there was mostly juice or water instead of chopped clams. 

For me, although ordering from this brand so many times, I never got the same problems. It might depend on personal demand, or sometimes the manufacturer doesn’t pack the content evenly. 

In that case, I hope they will soon change and fix this issue, then they will satisfy 100% of the consumers.

If you are not in the group that getting cans with less clam meat, I think there is no complaint about this best canned chopped clams. I highly recommend this product for those who haven’t tried it, and I’m sure the money is worth the value. 

One more thing is it’s hard to find this product at local grocery stores. I think you should buy them online on Amazon, and you will definitely get a more suitable price than purchasing in the market.


Wild-caught clams

High ratio of clams

Glute-free and no MSG


Easily dented cans

Ranking #2

Chopped Sea Clams by Sea Watch

Our Rating

If you are looking for a way to cook clam chowder quick, whereas you still prefer to make the soup per your own recipe, I think the perfect option will be a can of chopped clams. 

It will help you to shorten the time preparing this ingredient, and you can totally just focus on your soup. 

The specific product I highly recommend is the chopped sea clams from Seawatch. With only two main simple ingredients that are sea clams and sea clam juice marinated with some spices, this item can provide you with restaurant quality and several health benefits.

As a seafood lover, I’m quite picky when eating this nutritious ingredient. Therefore, although tasting a lot of kinds of clams or clam chowder, nothing really satisfied me. 

I made clams at home, but it tasted weird, and there was still little sand in there. Then I went to the restaurant and obviously, the quality was much better, but I couldn’t afford this a couple of times per week. 

I bet because I spent quite a lot of time online finding out how to cook a perfect dish of clams, so there have been many advertisements for processed clams that appeared on my Facebook or Instagram. 

So I suddenly thought, “Why don’t I try the store-bought chopped clams?”

Actually, before thinking about this solution, I would almost say no with processed food. However, the Seawatch chopped sea clams really beat me. 

It was like a moment that changed my prejudice for this kind of food. I think I will try more store-bought prepared goods from other brands and varieties of food. 

If you drain off the clam juice, there is at least ¾ clams meat in the can, it’s really great, isn’t it? 

This manufacturer seems to be generous as they want to provide their customers with not only the best quality but also the maximum amount of clams in every single can. 

For me, the clams themselves reach peak quality. They are tender, juicy, and delicious that can knock down the most critical consumer. 

The excellent thing is the clams are chopped in large pieces that will satisfy you in every bite, while some people complained that other brands’ clams are like minced clams rather than cut. 

With the rich source of proteins and calories, this canned chopped clams will give you enough energy to get rid of the hunger, but won’t make you gain weight. 

This is what I love about seafood, not like other sorts of meat and greasy food. 

If you expect to use this canned product for your clam chowder, it’s definitely a go-to ingredient. 

Using fresh clams and broth in the can combine with some veggies per your preference, you will have a perfect clam soup for the whole family.

The last word I would like to tell you is Seawatch chopped sea clams should be a must-have item in your pantry, especially in the busy and modern life today. 

Just give it a shot, then you will confirm what I’ve only shared.


No grits

Fresh flavor

Large meaty clams


Easily dented cans

Ranking #3

BUMBLE BEE SNOW'S Ocean Chopped Clams

Our Rating

Among the variety of canned chopped clams available in the market today, I really highly recommend the one from Bumblebee Snow. 

The popular label display on the can is the blue background with the product’s full name Snow’s Bumblebee chopped ocean clams.

Containing the fresh seafood ingredient and a certain amount of sodium, this product is rich in calcium that is a helpful support for our bones.

If you are a big fan of seafood like me, I think you must have been miserable to find a high-quality source of seafood to stick with. 

I’m a person who always puts family health on the top of my priority list. Therefore, I have been cautious with the food I bought. 

It seems to be more accessible for people who reside near the sea to purchase or catch fresh seafood.

Whereas, most of the shopping time we spend in a grocery store or supermarket, so to achieve my demand for buying delicious seafood, especially clams, is really a difficulty. 

One day, when I was surfing the Internet then I found a canned chopped clams product sponsored on Facebook, I gave it a try to search for more information about this item, and it was worth the time. Bumblebee Snow’s chopped ocean clams are precisely what I was looking for.

After reading many reviews and knowledge about this product and its brand, I was still a little doubt, so I decided to order in from Amazon. 

The package came and really pleased me with the fresh and delicious taste. 

Every single member of my family had to admit that the flavor of these canned clams doesn’t feel like processed food.  

Since I knew this canned product, it has become a must-have item in my pantry, so I don’t have to waste time struggling with finding a reliable source of clams and no need for preparing or cooking them. 

It was such a lifesaver, right?

I think a can of Snow’s chopped ocean clams is a really suitable product for busy housewives who ought to spend time cooking and taking care of children as well. 

It’s quick, it’s yummy, and it’s healthy. 

Speaking a little bit about this product, the main ingredient is obviously clams that are harvested in the North Atlantic. 

Also, there is clams juice, salt, and the allowable amount of preservatives to help retain the color and natural juice of the clams. 

You can consume the clams instantly after opening the lid or if you want them to be tender, braise in a pot for a short time. 

This product can be ideally used in many recipes, such as clam chowder, soup, sauce, or pasta. Dinners done in minutes is possible.

There is the fact that some people and I realized that the can, which is the chopped clams sold in sometimes reaches you dented or severely damaged. 

Therefore, you better check carefully before putting it in the pantry or fridge. 

Once the can is ruined, immediately transfer the entire contents to suitable containers and keep storing them. 

For your information, chopped clams can freeze reasonably well, so if you expect to lengthen the shelf life of this product, you can stick it in the freezer.

Overall, that seems to be the only thing that I don’t like about this canned chopped clams, everything else is out of my expectation. 

Once again, it’s my personal advice that you should at least giving this product a try then tell me your own feeling.


Gluten-free and high proteins

Applying double cleaning process

Fresh taste ocean clams


More juice than clams

Ranking #4

MW Polar Seafood Whole Baby Clams

Our Rating

Among the different kinds of canned clams, I really prefer the one from MW Polar to any other brand that I have used. 

So I highly recommend this product for those who haven’t tried it.

This manufacturer is famous for its careful selection of food sources. They ensure that all the clam are wild-caught, and go through a de-sanding process to remove as many grits as possible. 

You can feel the difference right after you give this product a try.

I’m a housewife, always want to cook my family the best dishes that not only palatable but also nutritious. Seafood is one of the most healthy ingredients, and luckily, it is also my family’s favorite food. 

There are countless seafood species, but I think clams are familiar, cheap, and nutritious. 

However, I often get troubles when releasing the internal sand from this seafood. This has caused me a headache until one day, my cousin introduced a canned product of clams to me. 

I was really surprised by the quality of this canned good. The reason is I actually almost said no to processed food at stores because, in the past, I did buy a hugely dented can of tuna, and the entire content was spoiled too. 

But this can of clams has made me consider my decision again.

I read the information on the label and was happy with the pure ingredients they use. Of course, I didn’t just believe with my eyes, so I verified it myself by giving it a taste. 

The fresh flavor of the clams has beaten me officially.

There are still clams, water, and salt in a usual can, but what makes the big difference is this brand uses whole clams that are spotless thanks to the washing technique in clearwater. 

Since being kept intact, the clams are more juicy and delicious than the chopped clams.

I can use this canned clams in many recipes, but making clam chowder is the one I usually stick with. You can also add whole baby clams to your spaghetti sauce or serve with rice. 

The only problem is this product is sold in bulk of 12 packs, so it might be too much for those who just want to experiment first. Still, you will get the proper price instead, though, then buying a single can at a supermarket. 

Actually, I never meet this product in a local grocery, and I’m not sure where to buy it from not ordering online.

Sometimes the cans might be slightly damaged during transportation, so you better give all the 12 cans a proper check before stocking them up. 

The better you store the clams, the longer they can stay with you and serve peak quality.

In conclusion, above are all the honest shares from my personal experience with this product. 

I highly recommend you should turn the Internet on, go to the Amazon website, order a package of MW Polar whole baby clams, and I swear it won’t disappoint you.


High ratio of clams

Carefully select quality clams

Free from heavy metals and biotoxins


Slightly high in price

Ranking #5

BUMBLE BEE Fancy Whole Baby Clams

Our Rating

Are you looking for the canned clams but expect the whole clams rather than the chopped or minced ones? It seems that the clams won’t keep their original fresh and juicy taste if being cut, so I think keeping them intact will be an ideal option.

If you have encountered this situation, I would highly recommend a processed product from the very famous brand Bumblebee, it’s called Fancy whole baby clams. 

The can is loaded with only two base simple and fresh ingredients that are whole baby clams and water. Salt and a small number of preservatives are added to preserve the color and taste.

Everyone loves a hot bowl of clam chowder, and the primary factor for a delicious chowder is the clam. If you have fresh, juicy, and tender clams, your clam chowder hits the mark. Otherwise, it will turn into a mess. 

I tried so many ways to select, prepare, and cook the clams, but it turned out not to be easy. I found a reliable source of fresh clams. However, the problem was I couldn’t process them totally clean, there was still so much sand in the clams that destroyed the whole dish even my soup taste was spot-on. 

Or if I have clean clams with almost no grits, I had to trade-off with the fresh flavor as it was usually the store-bought frozen clams. All of that was really miserable because I couldn’t accomplish what I aim for. 

But everything has changed on the day that one of my friends told me about a canned clams product. It’s from Bumblebee and made from whole baby clams. Until now, every time talking about this product, it reminds of the delicate flavor of the clams.

The part that I like most about this canned clams is right on its name, it’s the whole baby clams. Most products from other brands provide canned clams but not with the entire clams. 

The juice of the chopped clams cannot retain in the clams themselves, that’s why I always prefer the whole clams. Moreover, they use baby clams, so you won’t feel that the size is too big for one bite. 

This product is suitable for all kinds of recipes. You can instantly enjoy it after opening the lid, warm it up in the microwave or use it to make pasta sauce, dip, or any chowder. 

Since there is a high proportion of the clams in each can (like ⅔ or ¾ if you drain off the juice), so it’s perfect for you just to use a few cans, then you can may a delicious pot of clam chowder loaded with clam meat. 

Like many other brands, the regular can that contains the clams is likely to get dented in transportation that disappoints countless customers. For me, as long as the quality inside is good, it doesn’t make a big deal. 

However, to be safer, you should check the package and transfer the clams to other containers to store them better. Except for that, I think there is nothing to complain about this canned clams.


Fresh flavor

High ratio of clams

Gluten-free and high protein


Only sell in bulk of 12 packs

Best Canned Clams FAQs

What are canned clams?

Canned clams can be simply understood as clams that are canned in a tin or pouch with their juice or water and salt. Most canned clams contain a small number of preservatives to retain the color and natural juice of the clams. Still, they won’t cause any severe health problems as the manufacturers ensure that they only use the allowable amount. 

Do you have to cook canned clams?

General speaking, almost canned food is cooked in the canning process, so does the canned clams. Therefore, you don’t need to cook canned clams but immediately savor them after opening the lid or use them as an ingredient for other dishes. As they are already cooked so, don’t allow the canned clams over the heat for too long. Otherwise, they will be chewy.

See more: 4 ways to cook canned clams

Are canned clams good?

Canned clams can be considered as one of the best-canned foods. This seafood itself is rich in iron, zinc, and protein but low in fat. This is also the one with the lowest-known mercury levels. 

However, as we all know that all canned food is saltier than the fresh ingredient, which is not really good for our health if consuming a lot in the long term. 

Therefore, always choose the canned clams that have a minimum level of sodium and less or no preservatives. Judging canned clams is good or not actually depends on the type you buy and how or the frequency that you eat them.

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