Burger with Egg Recipe. The Blueprint for all Homemade Burger.

Burger with egg recipe. What is the connection between egg and burger? Do you need an egg to make a burger? Let’s find out!

Burger is a bun, with beef patties in between. Pure beef with no salt and spices. Yet, plain can be boring so other ingredients go in. Cheese, red tomatoes, onions, and some times leafy vegetables.

Beef with 20% fat holds well together. Adding salt and black pepper is fine. But adding more onions and garlic might need help from eggs. Likewise, using lean beef and other meats also need egg as binder.

I will tell you how to make burger patties in detail. Patties from beef, pork, and other meats. I’ll also discuss how to use egg as binder if you want to add other ingredients.

You may also cook the egg the way you want and place between patties and buns. Ditch the meat and use meat alternatives. Play with it and avoid store-bought burgers with lots of extenders. 

A burger with egg recipe is easy to make. So, relax, get a pen and notebook, and take some notes. 

Simple Hamburger Patty Recipe 

I’ll teach you a burger with egg recipe, but you need to know the basic first, the simple hamburger patty recipe.

  1. Begin by getting ground beef with 20-30% fat. Lean meat doesn’t make a good patty. But more fat will make it shrink too much during cooking.
  2. With gentle hands, take a lump, form into a ball, and flatten. Then dent the middle with a thumb to prevent bulge middle when frying.  
  3. Tightly packed patties become tough while loose packing allows fast and even cooking.
  4. Cook in a skillet or grill to achieve a nice brown appearance. If a meat thermometer is in hand, cook to an internal temperature of 165°F. Touch as little as possible, because the less touch the juicier the patty will be. Too much flipping and pushing facilitate juice loss.
  5. Season with salt only right before cooking. If done too early, the salt will suck up moisture out. You may drizzle other seasonings beforehand or mix them in meat.

Where is the egg? I’d never told you to add any yet. 

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Make Burger Patties with Eggs

Thanks for your patience! Now, start to make burger patties with eggs.

If your palate is not refined for burgers yet. Or simply cutting back on fats. Then you prefer lean meat which doesn’t hold well together. Egg is your friend, mix one, and problem solved.  Many add flour or old bread, not only for binding purposes but also to add volume.

You might need to add eggs for other meat such as pork and chicken. Get a handful and clump. If it holds, then your good to go. If it doesn’t, you need to mix in eggs until you get the right consistency.

The same goes if you want to add a bunch of none meat ingredients such as onion, garlic, and herbs. And if you’re a vegetarian, you want to rid all the meat and use alternatives, like banana heart and tofu.

Chop tofu or banana heart. Next, mix minced bread and fresh eggs in an alternate fashion. Continue until you get the desired patty consistency.  Then, record all amount of ingredients.

If you’re too tired to make patties, just make a sunny side up and put it inside burger buns. Who said eggs can’t replace patties? No one!

The Blueprint for all Homemade Burger Recipes

After learning how to make patties, it’s now time for the blueprint for all homemade burger recipes. Yet, burger patties are not complete without its complement, the burger buns. Follow the guidelines to get the best buns.

  1. Get something soft but sturdy. Tough bread is hard to chew while too soft gets flatten like nothing. 
  2. It must have a good flavor.  Think about this. The patty is great but the bread is so bad. It’s better off without the bad bread. 
  3. Get the right size, the size you can eat in one meal. It’s not nice throwing out leftovers because many people are struggling for food.
  4. Shop early in the morning and get them fresh. fresh buns are the best. Then gets tougher and crumbly, and sometimes moldy.  

Then let’s continue with burger with egg recipe.

  1. All meat burger. Pure meat at its best. Grab some ground meat with 20% fat.  Form into patties, fry, and put between burger buns. Take note, you want pure meat goodness. Spices are optional.
  2. Spicy meat burger.  Add all the spices you want, black pepper, chili powder, and onions. Toss in whatever you want into the ground meat. Then put some eggs to hold the mixture together.
  3. Cheesy burger. You don’t have to mix the cheese with the ground meat. It’s enough to place 3-5 cheddar slices on top of patties.
  4. Leafy burger. I don’t mean any leaf. Get a handful of kale and insert between patty and bun. With meat, bread, and veggies, you’re close to having a balanced diet.
  5. Tofu and banana heart burger.  Chop equal amount of banana heart and tofu. Then mix with old bread and eggs until tacky. Form into patties.  Voila! The burger patties for the vegetarian.

Boiled Egg Burger Recipe 

Ditch the meat patties and go egg all the way, the boiled egg burger recipe. You have two options, poached egg and boiled egg.

Poached egg. Break an egg on top of swirling hot water. Wait for 3 few minutes and scoop up.  Then place between buns and patty. 

Boiled egg. Submerge fresh eggs for 3-8 minutes in boiling water. About 3 minutes for soft boiled, 5 for medium, and 8 for hard-boiled. Let cool and unshell. Then insert slices between burger bun halves.


Why do you need to know how to make burger with egg recipe?

Firstly, flavor. What do you get by buying from a burger stand? A cheap bun with a poorly made patty, a thin slice of cheese, a piece of leaf, and a slice of tomato. The patty usually has 80% extender and 20% flavorings.

Enjoy the pure beef with a great bun. Add seasoning without sacrificing flavor. Use other meats such as pork and chicken. Go for meat alternatives such as tofu and banana heart. Bind them all together with eggs and sometimes with leftover bread.

Secondly, health issues. Do you know how to make patty shelf life last longer? The first answer is by freezing and the second is by adding preservatives. Chemicals that pose harmful effects. 

Don’t ingest dangerous chemicals. Make your own food. Make burger buns in your free time and prepare patties as you need. Both take time to make but the health benefits are great. Thirdly, self-esteem. Be proud! You can make any food you want. You’ll be the most wanted person in every event. Not because you committed a crime, they want you to cook food for them.

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