Bread with Egg Recipes. How to Make the Number One Egg Bread

Bread with egg recipes. Do you want bread and egg for breakfast? I’ve got you covered. Do you want it for a snack instead? Don’t worry, I’ve also got you covered.

Every time you hear of bread and egg, what do you have in mind? I’ll guess, but promise me first that you’d share me whatever creations you’d come up with, after I teach you various bread with egg recipes.

Bread and egg recipes are quick and versatile breakfast foods. Popping two bread slices out of the toaster and making a sunny side up won’t take you longer than 5 minutes.

The breakfast is ready. Enjoy it while driving a car to work or commuting by bus. You’re going to be late and don’t want to spend an extra 15 minutes sitting while eating breakfast.

Bread and egg work great together. Bread as a carb source and egg for protein. Get some leafy veggies and fruit slices and you’ve got the perfect breakfast. 

Let’s get down to business. I’ll tell you how to choose fresh eggs and quality bread. Then teach you how to prepare the easy combinations.

How to Know if the Egg is Fresh?

Firstly, choose clean eggs.  Eggshells are porous. It may absorb harmful chemical and dangerous microorganisms. So, if the eggs are dirty, don’t take any chances.

However, egg appearance is not enough to know if the egg is fresh. You have to look at the expiry date which packaged eggs in groceries have. Just don’t take any egg nearing or beyond expiry.  

Do the Fresh Egg Test

How can you determine if the eggs are good or not? Do the fresh egg test. Fresh eggs will sink in water bath while old will float. If you see the egg rising even for a bit, throw it out.

Eggs in ambient condition are good only for 7-10 days while properly refrigerated eggs will last up to 45 days. Don’t let it stay in the fridge for that long though. Just buy eggs enough for a week of consumption.  

Choosing the Right Bread

Any type of soft bread will do. Although, you often opt for sliced bread to save you from the trouble of slicing.  

Whatever you like is fine as long as it’s new. Get it from the nearby bakery before dawn.

If you’re getting bread from the grocery, please remember, bread has a relatively short shelf life of 7 days. Inspect each bread thoroughly and never buy any with mold growth, which may produce harmful mycotoxins.

Now you’re ready. Get started cooking!

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The Bread Egg Omelet, Street Style

  1. Get fresh eggs. Don’t forget to do a freshness test. Take it from me, it will save you from breaking a stinking egg.
  2. Break and beat the eggs. Add salt to taste.  Mixing extra herbs like oregano, tarragon and thyme would make the flavor more exciting.
  3. Get a nonstick pan and place it over low heat.  Add about 5 grams of butter. You may opt not to if you’re cutting back on fat intake. 
  4. Spread the butter as it melts to cover the bottom. Scatter the beaten egg into the pan to form a circle.  
  5. Get a bread loaf. Cut it into halves. Then place it over the middle of the egg circle, like a clamshell so you can fold the other half later.
  6. Wait 3-5 minutes or until the egg entirety has been coagulated. Wait a little longer for a golden-brown appearance.
  7. Cut the excess egg around the bread loaf. Then place it over into other loaf half and keep the other side empty.
  8. Next. Get a piece of bacon, cheese, meatloaf, tuna, and vegetables.  Add all of them or a combination of on top.  Whatever you want to add is up to your preference. 
  9. Then flip the empty loaf to cover the other, forming a sandwich.
  10.  Serve the bread egg omelet, street style.

Bread Toast With Milk and Egg

  1. Get fresh eggs.  Break into the bowl. Add with seasoning. Add 1/4 of milk per egg. Whisk. Set aside.
  2. Get bread loaf and soak briefly in beaten eggs.
  3. Cook on a nonstick pan until both sides are golden brown. Because it’s a non-stick pan, whether you add oil or not is fine.
  4. Get off from the heat and fill with vegetables, cheese, bacon, or combination of.
  5. You can use burger patties instead or opt for whole-grain bread and all vegetable fillings. 
  6. Serve the bread toast with milk and egg.

Easy French Toast Bread

What are the differences between French Toast and Bread Toast? They are both made of bread but French Toast uses specific bread such as French Baguette, Challah, and Brioche which gives the best flavor. 

Follow the following steps to make an easy French Toast.

  1. Beat 2 large eggs together with 2 cups of milk, a dash of salt, 1 tsp vanilla, and desired spices.
  2. Set a heavy pan over medium-high heat. Pour some olive oil.
  3. Briefly dip about 6 thick bread slices in egg mixture, making sure all bread sides are properly coated.
  4. Then toast the bread in a pan, flipping sides to make sure both sides have a nice golden brown color.

How to Make the Number One Egg Bread

  1. Get a large bowl, pour in 2/3 cups of warm water, about 45ºC. Mix in about 7 grams of instant dry yeast.
  2. Toss 6 large egg yolks, 3 eggs, ½ cup veggie oil, ¼ cup sugar, and a pinch of salt. Mix thoroughly.
  3. Add 5 cups flour and mix to a dough consistency.
  4. Dash the table with flour and continue turning the dough until smooth and elastic
  5. Form into a ball, place in a greased bowl, cover with a damp cloth and set aside for one hour or until it doubles its size.
  6. Get the dough from the bowl. Divide. Then from this point, your creativity will dictate the bread size and shape.  
  7. Arrange on the baking pan. Brush with beaten egg and let the bread pieces rise for another 40 minutes.
  8. Preheat the oven beforehand and bake for 35 minutes at 375ºC.
  9. Then, serve the number one egg bread. It truly is. I guarantee.


Most of the recipes I gave you, are really quick and easy. However, the Number One Egg Bread takes time and effort to prepare.

You’ve learned how to choose quality eggs. Eggs should be fresh and clean. If you do a freshness test, it should sink nicely in a water bath.  

Commercially produced eggs are affordable and readily available. If you’ve got time to observe, you’ll see that vendors are selling them like hotcakes. And there are always some eggs for you every time you need. 

If you want a greater challenge, then I challenge you, find healthier organic eggs.

Now, for the bread. I urge you to get whole wheat bread. In case it’s too expensive for you, white bread is fine for the time being. Heed my advice when you have the budget. Avoiding old and moldy bread will suffice for now.

What’s next?

Squeeze some time and learn baking. Master the science and art of baking egg bread. Use organic flour and other organic ingredients.  Combine all that you’ve learned then prepare the healthiest bread with egg recipes.

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