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30 Simple Carnivore Diet Recipes

I love carnivore diet recipes because it is a zero carb diet. It is a remedy to cure some chronic illnesses. Or if you woke up with a terrible feeling after the meal, it’s time to make a change.

Below is a list of carnivore diet recipes to enjoy. We have curated these recipes and all images belong to the rightful recipe owners.

Our Favorite Carnivore Diet Recipes

Carnivore Diet Recipes 1

1. Bacon-wrapped Salmon

This is a matched recipe from bacon and salmon. It is low carbohydrates and delicious because of the smoked bacon that adds flavor to the fish.

Get this recipe at Healing Autoimmune.

Carnivore Diet Recipes 2

2. Butter Burger

This Butter Burger is a super savory recipe that you can serve any time of the day. It is easy to prepare and super easy to eat.

Get this recipe at Forget FS Sugar.

Carnivore Diet Recipes 3

3. Smokey Bacon Meatball

I like this Smokey bacon meatball because of its flavor. It is the tastiest meatball I ever loved.

Get this recipe at The Keto Summit.

Carnivore Diet Recipes 4

4. Baked Chicken Breast

If you like a moist and tender chicken, give this recipe a try. You can cook a leftover chicken breast by making another dish.

Get this recipe from Paleo Flourish.

Carnivore Diet Recipes 5

5. Keto Taco Cups

This cheesy recipe loaded with your favorite meats and baked egg will make your day pleasant after eating.

Get this recipe from Forget FS Sugar.

Carnivore Diet Recipes 6

6. Smoker Beef Ribs

This is one of the hallmark foods in Texas when it comes to barbecue. It has tender beef and a killer crust because of the black seasoning.

Get this recipe from Hardcore Carnivore.

Carnivore Diet Recipes 7

7. Pork Belly Burnt

This is a pork candy because of the Smokey, saucy, and sweet pork belly burnt with an end on Red seasoning.

Get this recipe at Hardcore Carnivore.

Carnivore Diet Recipes 8

8. Smoker Pork Chops

I love this juicy pork chop recipe. I love the red seasoning and the few hours of smoke.

Get this recipe from Hardcore Carnivore.

Carnivore Diet Recipes 9

9. Chicken Enchiladas

I love the Chicken Enchiladas. To make this special recipe, you will start by creating a shredded

Get this recipe from Remake My Plate.

Carnivore Diet Recipes 10

10. Carnivore Risotto

Carnivore Risotto is old chorizo – a fantastic Spanish style that you will love the most. It is full of spicy flavor and character. It is a highly recommended, delicious dinner.

Get this recipe from Cookpad.

Carnivore Diet Recipes 11

11. Carnivore Ala Drew

I love the very basic ingredients of Ala Drew. It has all the combinations of the food I love to eat. It is an optimal food source that you can eat daily.

Get this recipe from Cookpad.

Carnivore Diet Recipes 12

12. One-Skillet Pork Chops

This recipe contains inexpensive flavor. It is easy to cook and does not require a lot of time. I love the taste of the creamy cream sauce that is loaded with pepper, beans, and spinach.

Get this recipe from Girl Carnivore.

Carnivore Diet Recipes 13

13. Carnivore Lasagna

This recipe is a delicious bomb. I like the taste of the mix of ground beef and sausage.

Get the recipe at Food.

Carnivore Diet Recipes 14

14. Carnivore Cake

I love a creamy boiled egg and prosciutto. The fillings and the savory cheesecake works for you.

Get this recipe from Keto Adapted, Maria Mind Body Health.

Carnivore Diet Recipes 15

15. Triple Meat Keto Chili

I always have this recipe in the freezer. The ground beef and the diced chuck are typical ingredients that make this food super amazing.

You can get this recipe from Heal Nourish Grow.

Carnivore Diet Recipes 16

16. Grilled Liver

The grilled liver with onions and mushroom is best in detoxifying your body. I like this food because it suits my lifestyle.

Get this recipe from Pinterest.

Carnivore Diet Recipes 17

17. Carnivore Bread

I like this carnivore Bread recipe as my companion. I enjoy cooking this food, especially the dressing.

You can get this recipe from Keto Keuhn Nutrition.

Carnivore Diet Recipes 18

18. Carnivore Dog

This recipe is good for your health. It only takes five minutes to prepare this recipe and 20 minutes to cook it. This food combines pork, bacon, beef hot dogs, green sauce, and hotdog buns.

Get the recipe at Heb.

Carnivore Diet Recipes 19

19. BBQ Smoked Beef Barbacoa

This food is heat with smoke. It is layered of flavors and cooked tender. You can cook the best of the smoked beef barbacoa with beef cheeks.

You can taste this recipe at Jess Pryles.

Carnivore Diet Recipes 20

20. Beef Liver

This recipe is very delicious because of beef liver and the condiments like onions and garlic. It is super delicious, and when you started to teach this, it is perfect.

You can get this recipe from Carni Vourelum.

Carnivore Diet Recipes 21

21. Bacon-Wrapped Liver

I love the taste of the delicious liver with just sea salt.

You can get this recipe at Carnivore Aurelius.

Carnivore Diet Recipes 22

22. Bacon-Wrapped Scallop

Wrapping the bacon is a good addition to your meat meal. You can bring it to the event if you wish to.

Get this recipe from Minimalist Eating.

Carnivore Diet Recipes 23

23. Buffalo Chicken Burgers

This recipe has the characteristics of being rich and creamy burgers. It is easy to cook, and it does not require so much time to prepare.

Get this recipe from Keto Connect.

Carnivore Diet Recipes 24

24. Brisket of Beef

This recipe has a spectacular onions quality, a genius trick for slicing the meat halfway.

You can get this recipe from Food 52.

Carnivore Diet Recipes 25

25. Strip Steaks

If you are a steak lover, this recipe is something you would like. I like the sizzling surface that stays moisturize. Then, you add olive oil to make a grass-fed steak.

Get this recipe from CookingLight.

Carnivore Diet Recipes 26

26. Grilled Split Lobster

I love lobster when cooked on a grill because there is no water inside the shell, so the more you will taste the lobster.

You can get the recipe from bon appétit.

Carnivore Diet Recipes 27

27. Roasted Chicken

I like the zero carbs and the high protein content from this recipe.

Get this recipe from The Nourished Caveman.

Carnivore Diet Recipes 28

28. Duck Confit

Confiting is a classic method of preserving the meat before you refrigerate. I like this recipe because it undergoes such a process that results in a fabulous flavor and texture.

You can try this recipe from The Primitive Plate.

Carnivore Diet Recipes 29

29. Grilled Beef Liver

The liver has been my favorite, and this recipe adds spice to my craving.

Get this recipe from Ketovale.

Carnivore Diet Recipes 30

30. Moroccon Grilled Liver Kebabs

This recipe is the most typical street food’s favorite in Morocco. It is a super favorite because of its delicious taste.

Get this recipe from Taste of Maroc.

Try Out All 30 Carnivore Diet Recipes

There you go. All 30 simple recipes for those who are into carnivore diet. Do try them and would be happy to get feedback on each recipes. If you have other recipes and would like to share them, paste a link on our comment below for me to check them out. Always love to try new recipes!

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