What Happens If You Leave A Spoon In Microwave? How Dangerous It Really Is

There are many warnings not to put metal in the microwave. Even though every type of metal is different from the next, there are too many different variables to pinpoint exactly why it’s a bad idea to metal of any kind in the microwave. The result of metal in the microwave usually results in a fire in your kitchen, which is why it’s something that should be avoided. Lately I’ve been hearing stories about people accidently putting their spoon in microwave with their food and coming back to find there wasn’t a fire, not even a spark.

It is dangerous to put metal in the microwave because the metal heats up very quickly and it has a lot of electrons that get pulled by the microwave. This could burn your appliance. The worst type of metal to put in your microwave is the kind with kinks in it, such as bunched up aluminum foil or pie trays, because they create areas of concentration that can allow for some wild electrons. This usually always results in your microwave catching on fire.

What makes a spoon in microwave not as dangerous as other metal items? First we should mention that a spoon in microwave is never safe, so please don’t think that it is okay to sterilize your spoon in there. A spoon is flat and rounded. As mentioned above crinkled metal is more likely to explode. Forks and other pointed metal objects are also more likely to catch fire because the pointed parts of the metal are very thin, causing it to heat much quicker.

What Happens If You Microwave A Spoon In Food?

We are all human and capable of having a oops moment when life gets too hectic. A oops moment that seems to have happened to quite a few people is mixing up something to put in the microwave and leaving the spoon in the dish. What happens if you microwave a spoon in food?

There is a story about a father of a newborn that was simply exhausted and didn’t realize that he left the spoon in the dish he put in the microwave. He left the room to check on his wife and baby only to remember what he did. He rushed back to the kitchen and was shocked to see everything was okay. There wasn’t even a bit of smoke. When he checked out the spoon it was just hot, that’s all.

The reason that nothing happened is because your spoon wasn’t the first thing your microwave heated. Microwave heat works by heating the outside of food first until it gets hot enough to warm up the centre. The spoon was in the centre of the food substance, and the food was in a microwave safe dish.

Since the dish was only in the microwave for a short period of time the heat didn’t have enough time to get the spoon hot. If a spoon in microwave is surrounded by other stuff then it is less likely to cause a fire. If it had been left in the microwave longer, there would have been sparks and loud buzzing sounds to warn you before it caught fire.

Although most people remain safe during these oops moments, it is still never a good idea to intentionally out your spoon in a microwave.

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Is It Bad To Put Silverware In A Microwave?

Accidents happen. Even if we have intentions to be careful, sometimes our minds just slip. This can happen sometimes when people aren’t paying close attention and stick a dish in the microwave that still has a utensil on it. Is it bad to put silverware in a microwave? Yes, it is quite dangerous. Let’s look at what happens when you put a silverware spoon in microwave.

Silverware and microwaves get along like water and electronics. You wouldn’t place your new computer in a running bath, so you should never put your silverware in the microwave either.

To heat your food the microwave will send heat waves that warm up the water molecules in your food. The food can then release the pressure this causes as steam.Your silverware spoon on the other hand is completely solid so the molecules don’t have anywhere to go once the spoon is too hot. This is the reason silverware can catch fire if it’s left in the microwave.

It won’t just happen out of the blue though. You will get warnings of electrical buzzing noises and little lightning like bolts before a fire starts. This will let you know in case you accidentally leave silverware in the microwave.

What Happens If You Put Steel In The Microwave?

Stainless steel has been a popular material for cooking utensils and dishes. It’s generally safer to cook food with stainless steel because it doesn’t release toxins. Many people have even switched to stainless steel forks and spoons. What happens if you put steel in the microwave? Since it’s safer for food will it be safe in the microwave?

To sum it up, you should never put any type of steel in the microwave. Just because most stainless steel products are oven safe doesn’t mean they are microwave safe. Steel spoons will cause the same issues that metal and silverware spoons cause when they are put in the microwave.

What Happens If You Leave A Spoon In Microwave? Final Thoughts

 In case you ever leave a spoon in a dish by mistake and leave it in the microwave, it’s good to know that it will most likely not be a problem as long as it is submerged in the food.

This doesn’t mean that it is a good idea to intentionally leave a spoon in the microwave. It is very dangerous and could cause a fire in your kitchen. When making food it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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