Can You Microwave Wax Paper? This Is What You Need To Know

Wax paper can be such a helpful item to have in the kitchen. It’s a great alternative to plastic cling wrap for wrapping up food to go. It can also be washed and reused as wrap several times, making it a more eco-friendly solution. Can be helpful for cleaning metal household surfacing. It can even make baking a tidier experience if you use it as a surface cover. No wonder people love this helpful product. If you bring a wrapped lunch to-go can you microwave wax paper?

Some people worry about putting wax paper in the microwave because it is not safe to put in the oven. Wax paper should never be used to line baking trays in the oven. Because the high temperatures will cause the wax to melt onto your food and then the paper will be exposed and start to burn. If you can’t cook it in the oven can you microwave wax paper at all?

It turns out that wax paper has been approved by the USDA as safe to use in the microwave. The way you use the microwave is different from an oven. An oven is used to bake or cook something from scratch. If you place a sheet of wax paper over a baking tray then place food on top of it to cook thoroughly. Chances are it will be in the high heat for quite a while.

When you use a microwave for food it is generally for a shorter period. The wax paper is usually only used to cover leftover food. It doesn’t stay in there long enough to have any effects.

Let’s Look Closer, Can You Heat Up Wax Paper?

 Can you heat up wax paper for longer periods in the microwave without it melting? If you’re curious of where the line crosses from safe to dangerous when it involves heating up wax paper, then let’s take a closer look at what happens.

Although wax paper can be used in the microwave to reheat your food safely, it still isn’t considered a heat-resistant material. Once it reaches heat that is too high, it breaks down and smokes. This is why you should never place wax paper in the oven under any circumstances.

Wax paper is microwave safe, but it should only be used to reheat leftover food. It is perfectly fine to warm up the sandwich you brought to work for lunch if it’s wrapped in wax paper. When you reheat pasta or soup dishes in the microwave, wax paper is a great cover for your dish. Steam can still escape without and splatters making a mess in your microwave.

Is Wax Paper Toxic?

There’s one thing many people want to know before putting it in the microwave, is wax paper toxic? There’s actually two different types of wax paper, so it depends which one you buy.

Some types of wax for the paper is made out of paraffin, which is an odorless white wax that comes from petroleum byproduct. This type of wax isn’t food-grade so it can release toxins if heated at too high of a temperature. You definitely don’t want to consume any paraffin on our food.

The other type of wax is a lot safer. It is an organic wax that is usually made from beeswax. This is a food-grade product that generally doesn’t cause you any harm if the wax does get onto your food. It is still not safe to put this type of wax paper in the oven though because it will still melt and burn.

Can I Put Baking Paper In The Microwave?

Baking paper, also known as parchment paper, is similar to wax paper but instead of being coated in wax it is coated with silicone. When it comes to using this as a wrap for food, can I put baking paper in the microwave?

Parchment paper and baking paper is actually a much safer product for handling high temperatures. Not only is it safe to go in the microwave, it’s also safe to use in the oven. Silicone is made to withstand the head so you never have to worry about it burning for melting on your food.

It might actually be safer to use baking paper than wax paper in the microwave.

Can You Microwave Wax Paper? Final Thoughts

If you brought your lunch wrapped up in wax paper and want to reheat it in the microwave then you can do that safely. Wax paper is built to last in the microwave since food isn’t made to stay in there for long periods of time.

You should only avoid using wax paper for heating food up in the oven. It can not handle high heats for longer periods of time. Instead, you should use baking paper to line your tray as a safer alternative.

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