Why Fiddleheads should Make It on your Table

Why Fiddleheads Should Make It On Your Table

Are you familiar with Fiddleheads? Yes, these are vegetables under the fern family. They actually grow and cultivate in a short period during spring; as such, they can be very rare and hard to find. They appear to be in a swirled and curly form and can be seen in the tropics and western regions across the globe. Here are some reasons why fiddleheads should make it on your table.

These young and succulent ferns are fondly used in various cuisines and food staples; these include things like salads, cold cuts, soups, garnishes, and many more. They are exotic and flavorful enough to create a great kick with any food. Fiddleheads have that savory and nut-like taste with a hint of bitterness, just right to your taste buds.

You can have them available at any shopping stores and supermarkets, available in bulk or have them weighed per grams or kilo. I have tasted a few fiddlehead salads mixed with boiled eggs, red tomatoes, ripe mangoes, and apple cider vinegar that makes it so much tasty. Some dishes like pasta, chicken stews, and soups can be added with fiddleheads too. But why do fiddleheads became more popular in the culinary aspect? Read on to discover why fiddleheads should make it on your table.

Here are a few health benefits of fiddleheads that can make you crave for it more.

They act like your gut sweeper. 

Fiddleheads are best served fresh. They have that succulent and crisp texture; this makes them an impressive pair to any salads and garnishes. But one particular health advantage of eating fiddleheads is that these curly greens are rich in soluble fiber. Soluble fiber is essential in maintaining healthy digestion and gut health. These essential fibers are uniquely helping the process of digestion and absorption of essential vitamins and nutrients found in the food we consume, and aids in the normal excretion of food byproducts and toxins that we need to flush out during poop.

Soluble fibers found in fiddleheads can also help in the process of detoxification and weight loss. These can help to get rid of the food residue inside the gut that can cause constipation, bloatedness, and even chronic conditions like colon cancers. To lose weight, fiber can help to suppress appetite and gives you that “still full for another binge” perception.

They keep your BP radar normal.

Almost adults in their 30s to 40s these days suffer from high blood pressure and heart-related diseases. Too much fat consumption, unhealthy habits, and stress associated factors can severely affect the body. Hypertension is one of the leading mortality cases around the world that significantly increased in rate in recent years. One way to keep your blood pressure in sync with your well-being is by taking tons of healthy greens and fat-free food to avoid fat plaques from clogging your blood vessels and major arteries. Extra precautions like annual medical check-ups, routine exercises, and taking blood pressure maintaining drugs can save the day.

Dieticians and nutritionists suggest that eating greens as fiddleheads can help regulate blood pressure and prevent sudden hypertensive attacks. Fiddleheads are known to be rich in potassium, a very important element that can help regulate high blood pressure, aids in muscle contraction, nerve health, and overall body hydration. The heart is indeed a muscle, that’s why muscular strength is indeed crucial for the heart to pump oxygenated blood in all areas of the body. 

Fiddleheads shield you from almost anything bad.

We live in a time where the air was tainted, the waters are filth, and the ground has bred millions of viruses and bacteria. We may have created at least a herd immunity with certain diseases, but there are some chronic conditions like cancer that can ruin the foundation of your sound health. Our health care system and the latest medical innovations have introduced myriads of pharmacological advancements and progressive methods of treatments that cost almost a fortune. Not all people earn and possess the same amount of pennies, and can spend thousands of money to avail themselves expensive hospitalizations and medical procedures to save themselves from the worse.

So, as per prevention, one must be mindful of his diet and lifestyle indeed. Eating these hearty fiddleheads can take away the diddle because of its antioxidant properties and Vitamin C-enriched components. These two can help fight off infections and inflammation brought about by a broad spectrum of disease-causing bacteria and viruses that try to invade our system. The antioxidants present in fiddleheads are life-saving geniuses that can help prevent certain cancers and immune-deficiency disorders.

Fiddleheads help you gather more Reds.

Recent studies show that almost 25% of the world’s population suffers from anemia (Sumit). 

It’s the lack of hemoglobin-producing Iron needed by the body to produce red blood cells. These cells handle the proper distribution of blood carrying oxygen from different parts of the body. If one suffers from anemia, fatigue, shortness of breath, paleness, and lightheadedness can be prominent. The blood nourishing properties of fiddleheads can help prevent anemic conditions simply because it has Iron-rich elements. Iron sufficiency is crucial in the production of red blood cells and keeping the blood’s viscosity levels. 

Fiddleheads will keep your skeletons out of the closet. 

Strong bones are the body’s main framework to defy gravity and protect our internal organs. Anyone who has a stronger skeletal system can basically enjoy rigid activities and endure common fatigues, joints, and tooth pains. We used to drink glasses of milk all day and all night to suffice the calcium requirements that we need every day. But I guess not all are into drinking milk and may even opt for tea or coffee. Eating potent fiddleheads is a great substitute to nourish your bone bank. These are packed with calcium and potassium essential for bone health and development. Another reason why fiddleheads should make it on your table? The fact that a serving of fiddleheads a day can provide your body the needed calcium to strengthen your bones and joints. 


The fiddlehead ferns are very popular amongst the European, Asian, and English regions. The taste and its nutritional value are widely known to benefit the health. Among the popular fiddleheads are the Cinnamon fern, Ostrich fern, the lady fern, and the bracken fern fiddleheads. (www.boldsky.com) They all come in a nutty and grassy taste that suits the tastebuds. When we talk about the reasons why fiddleheads should make it on your table, these include the versatility of fiddleheads in any cuisine. Fiddleheads blend well and give you that filling taste along with its tangy and crisp texture. The health benefits of fiddleheads are now being harnessed by many pharmaceutical brands, and they have created various supplements that can potentially sustain good health and wellness.

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