What Does Vegemite Taste Like

What Does Vegemite Taste Like? If You Did Not Know, Now You Know.


Vegemite is a dark brown, Australian food made from brewers’ yeast leftover extract with several spices and vegetables additives. In 1992, Cyril Callister developed vegemite in Melbourne, Victoria. The Australian acquired the brand on January 2017. So, what does vegemite taste like for those who have experienced the taste? Is it bitter?

 Vegemite has no artificial flavor or color, it is also free of sugar and fat. It is good for a vegetarian so, if you are a vegan or a vegetarian, worry less. You can taste the spread. It somehow looks like Nutella but the taste is very different do not fall for it. The taste of this spread is different though in a way you cannot describe. The spread can be used on crumpets, sandwiches also as an ingredient.  Continue reading to know the taste of vegemite spread.

How to Use Vegemite Spread

Although we pointed out vegemite can be used on a sandwich, but the truth is the spread can be eaten in many ways. The following are other ways on how to use vegemite spread.

On bread toast 

In case you are tired of munching bread with butter or jam, here is an idea for you. You can vegemite spread instead. What does vegemite taste like on a toast? The taste is salty and at least you will forget the sweet jam taste for a while. The salty taste will also endorse the dullness of butter well.

Add small amount of vegemite spread

In case you are trying vegemite spread for the first time, it is good to add it in small amounts so as you can enjoy it. Sometimes the taste of vegemite is bitter especially if you are not used to it.

Avoid eating it plain

Vegemite has a strong taste and it is meant to be consumed as spreads therefore avoid eating it plain. Since the strong taste is made to sum up flavor to other meals, use it for seasoning and as a condiment.

Add vegemite to crackers

Make your crackers much flavorful by adding vegemite spread and cheese especially if you are on a diet. By doing this, you will not get bored by the diet.

Pair vegemite with cheese

In case you want to enjoy your cheese sandwiches, I have an idea for you. Add it to your sandwiches.  You can pair it with cheddar cheese to enjoy the flavor but you can as well pair it with cream cheese and parmesan cheese. Another way to enjoy the cheese is grilling it with vegemite and add avocado and tomato slices on the sandwiches.

Topping waffle

Another way on how to use vegemite spread is by topping the vegemite spread on your waffle. Spread vegemite and butter over the waffles you are eating. Afterwards, pair the spread with tea. I assure you the experience of eating your waffle will be far from the same.

Add vegemite to egg sandwich

Since vegemite spread is used for seasoning, it will be an awesome choice for scrambled eggs seasoning. What you need to do is take a piece of bread then spread vegemite on the slice. Top it which cheese and scrambled eggs. I believe this a snack that will always be part of your memories.

Some people say that vegemite spread tastes meaty, what does vegemite taste like to you?

The Differences between Vegemite and Marmite

There is a clash between marmite, which is a British favorite spread, and Vegemite, which is Australian spread. The two spreads are both extracts of yeast and very similar in marketing, packaging, production and application method. In addition, they both have an acquired taste. The following are the differences between vegemite and marmite. 

  • Although the both spreads are very flavorful, vegemite has more intense flavor as compared to the British spread.
  • The texture of vegemite is very similar to that of peanut butter; meanwhile marmite’s texture is similar to that of syrupy. Most of us believe that the taste is much similar to that of molasses.
  • Although the color of the both spreads is almost the same, marmite color is a little lighter to that of the Australian spread.

There is not much difference between the spreads although we can still say, that marmite is for in British while vegemite is for the Australians. What does vegemite taste like as compared to marmite? Which is your favorite taste between the two?

The Nutritional Benefits of Vegemite 

The following are the undisputed nutritional benefits of vegemite;

  • Vegemite spread is rich in B vitamins. Just one teaspoon has the half-daily requirement for thiamine and folate in an adult meal. The vitamins are useful in maintaining energy levels, promoting good digestion and hormone production.
  • Vegemite is energy-low; one teaspoon provides 50kj and contains 1.5 g of protein with no added sugar and no fat. People with diabetes and on diet can take the spread without worrying.

Vegemite spread also sells a version that has reduced salt. So if you are concerned with the salt levels, good news you can still buy the spread version you prefer.


Vegemite spread being an extract of yeast leftovers, most of us tend to believe that the taste is salty, beer-like, meaty and bitter. What does vegemite taste like to you? The taste can vary depending on various factors like how you are eating it. Of course, if you eat the spread plainly, the taste will be bitter and different from when you top it with a cheese sandwich.

Vegemite has an acquired taste though; try tasting it first for you to get the real taste. If you are vegan or vegetarian, vegemite is here for you too. You can enjoy the taste by topping it on your toast instead of using your sweet jam or peanut butter.

Most of us confuse vegemite spread with marmite spread because of their color, packaging and marketing but now you can tell the difference because the taste of the both spread is different too. Thanking for reading!

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