What Does Tarragon Taste Like

What Does Tarragon Taste Like: What You Need to Know About Tarragon

Tarragon plant is a perennial herb from the sunflower family. It is also referred to as estragon or dragon herb, with the indigenous country being Mongolia and Siberia. This herb grows 40-60 inches high with branched stems, shiny smooth green in color leaves like that of lance tips. There are different types of tarragon but the French type is the one that cooks favor. What does tarragon taste like when cooked? Tarragon is cherished because of the skinny leaves it has which are aromatic and highly flavorful. French meals depend on tarragon heavily. This herb is important ingredient in making a béarnaise sauce.

Most of us love this herb while there are others who dislike it or do not prefer to experience it in their food. Therefore, it is substituted with other herbs. This article will enable you understand the taste of tarragon.

Different Types of Estragon Herb

There are different types of tarragon herb, which varies in taste too. Let us look at them.

Russian tarragon

This herb is similar to the other tarragon herbs but the leaves appear coarser. The plant also appears upright and taller. The taste of this type of tarragon is bitter compared to the French tarragon. The two herbs are frequently confused with each other when on garden. Make friends with your local seller so that he can sell you the right tarragon. Although this Russian herb is good, it loses its taste as the plant mature.

Mexican tarragon

This is one of the different types of estragon herb. Its indigenous countries are Mexico, Southern west America and Guatemala. It is also an asteraceae, which is associated to marigolds. Actually, Mexican herb has flowers that are yellow like that of marigold. It can grow at most 90 cm high. The leaves are green and shiny. The herb can grow in hot climates.

French tarragon

What does tarragon taste like? The French tarragon herb taste no different with other types of tarragon. This herb is grown commonly in the temperate places and it is used for cooking purposes. The herb can grow to 60cm in length. The leaves have greener color compared to other varieties. This herb has pale green flowers therefore; it is not nurtured from seed but instead from root division.

Tarragon Herbs Healthy Benefits

Tarragon herb just like sunflower is used for fragrance, flavoring and medical purposes. What does tarragon taste like? It has a fine taste and match well with such as beef, eggs, soups, chicken and asparagus.

Here are tarragon herbs health benefits.

Nutrients benefits

Tarragon herb is low in carbs and calories, which is good for your body health.

Manganese in the herb plays an essential role in metabolism, deduction of oxidative stress and in brain growth and health.

Iron in the herb helps in blood production and cell function.

Potassium helps in proper muscle, nerve and heart function.

Tarragon help in improving the body insulin sensitivity 

The herb helps in decreasing blood sugar by making body insulin more sensitive.

Tarragon reduces the leptin levels

Appetite lose can happen because of different reasons like depression, age, chemotherapy or even hormone imbalance. If this condition is not treated, it can cause malnutrition.

Tarragon herb is used to reduce the leptin levels, which may cause loss appetite.

Improve sleep

Inadequate sleep is lead to poor health. Tarragon being a member of Artemisia group has been utilized as a cure for different health conditions, which include poor sleep.

Act as an antibacterial agent

Tarragon essential oils are added to dishes to aid add texture, preserve food, and hinder bacteria that bring about foodborne illness.

May reduce inflammation

Cytokines proteins in this herb reduce inflammation when the herb extra consumed in 21 days.

Act as pain reliever

A study shows Arthrem, which is a dietary supplement and contain a tarragon herb extract, which is effective in relieving stiffness and pain in individuals with osteoarthritis

Make your meal tasty

Tarragon herb when added to your food will make it spicy and tasty and the monotony of eating the same type of food over the same period.

Spices and Herbs that Blends with Tarragon                     

There are a number of spices and herbs that the moment they are added together with tarragon, offers a peculiar and refreshing taste and flavour. So, the following are spices and herbs that blends with tarragon.


Anise and tarragon have the similar licorice-like taste, which if you decide to combine them, you will be sure of a better and unique taste.


In case you are preparing seafood, combine the pleasant licorice taste of tarragon and the nutty taste of coriander.

Mustard seed

Mostly, mustard is sold with tarragon flavour already. Mustard seeds have a different taste and flavour that are raised with the fine French tarragon taste.  

Parsley and chervil

Tarragon herb blend well with parsley and chervil and they are garden-fresh tasting herbs which leads to an awesome stews, sauces and salads.


Tarragon with chive will be an awesome flavouring for peanut butter regarding to basking chicken also as a spread and what does tarragon taste like? When blended with chives.


Tarragon is an awesome herb to an extent of being referred to as “the superpower herb.” So, what does tarragon taste like? The taste is anise and at the same time bittersweet. If you love the taste but you have never tasted it, make a point of adding it to your meal and you will surely enjoy it. Besides tarragon being a spice to your food, this herb has many remarkable health benefits. In case you have difficulties in sleeping, tarragon got you covered. In case you have lost you appetite, eat this herb.

The different type of tarragon varies slightly in taste, the main different is the countries that they are cultivated in. so, do not worry about the taste of either, enjoy the available tarragon in your local supermarket. We hope you have acquired good insights and you can now try the taste of tarragon. Thank you for reading the article.

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