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What Does Sushi Taste Like? – Japanese Cuisine!

Sushi is one of the traditional Japanese foods. It instantly recognizable due to its iconic presentation and ingredients. Many people all over the world enjoy this greatly, and it has become something of an acquired taste for many others. Now, one of the key components of Sushi is the fish, and more often than not, it is served raw. This characteristic has many people hesitant, and they often wonder, “what does Sushi taste like?” and that is what we will explore today.

There are many authentic Japanese restaurants all over the world now. Sushi has become very common over the past decade. It’s become a fairly mainstream dish. People from cultures all over the world enjoy it, and the taste it provides. There are many restaurants dedicated to just Sushi, and everything else on their menu is there to compliment the main dish. 

What does Sushi taste like, and why do people love it?

So, what does Sushi taste like? Well, as we already mentioned, one of the key ingredients is that Sushi often serves some kind of raw fish. There is also rice and vegetables to bring the whole flavor together. The taste is a bit tangy, sweet, and salty. These flavors are essentially what makes Sushi stand out so much because, on their own, the flavors aren’t all that special, but combined, there’s hardly anything like it. All the flavors are mild and aren’t overpowering, and the overall flavor isn’t something that will become hard on you.

Now, the flavor isn’t why that eat Sushi might have a hard time getting used to it, but the texture of the raw fish. Normally, when you eat fried fish, it has a texture resembling that of any other meat but softer. However, in the case of Sushi, the fish is raw, and getting used to the general texture can take some time for many people. Some people mention how at first they couldn’t get into Sushi, but the more they tried, the more they start to enjoy it for what it is. The actual flavors are never the problem, but the texture of the ingredients used.

What does sushi smell like?

So, now that we know what it tastes like, the next obvious is what does Sushi smell like? Well, for people that have never ordered it, here is what you need to know. For the most part, if the Sushi is fresh, there isn’t a very strong smell. It has a very neutral presence and something cold like watermelon or cucumber. This smell is one of the highlights, and inviting parts about Sushi; it takes an expert chef to make sure that the Sushi doesn’t smell uninviting. 

Now, one of the easiest ways to deduce if Sushi has gone bad is by smelling it first. If you feel a bad odor emitting from it, and there is a strong smell, then is best if you don’t eat it. Sushi, as we mentioned above, doesn’t have a strong smell at all; many people are more concerned with the actual taste more than anything. This is why it is recommended that you dine at a known Sushi outlet, that is highly rated, or well know among Sushi fans.

Another important thing to remember is that good Sushi, despite having raw fish, does not smell fishy. If Sushi has a strong fishy oily smell, then it is not prepared properly. Sushi that is prepared properly, like we previously mentioned has a neutral smell. It doesn’t smell quite like what the actual ingredients are in the Sushi.

What does sushi have in it? –  The main ingredients!

Now that we know what Sushi tastes, and smells like, we can move forward to what does Sushi have in it? What are the ingredients commonly used to make it? First off, as we already mentioned many times, Sushi has raw fish inside it. Some of the fishes that can be used include tuna, Japanese amberjack, yellowtail, snapper, mackerel, and the classic salmon. Now, just because these are raw, doesn’t mean there isn’t a method of preparation involved. 

There is also something important to note here, that these aren’t the only seafood that is used in Sushi, and it depends on the Chefs and their preference for the meat involved. Some chefs even use Squid, Eels, and even Octopus! However, this doesn’t just increase the complexity of the dish, but the pricing as well; if you go to a high-end Sushi restaurant, you can easily spend a lot of money there on a very small plate of Sushi. At the end of the day, if you are looking to eat high-quality Sushi, you need some cash.

The next big ingredient is Sushi-Meshi, which is a combination of Japanese rice, rice vinegar, sugar, salt, and additionally Sake, or Kumbo. Apart from this, there is the Nori, which is black seaweed wrappers that are used to fold various ingredients of the Sushi. Finally, some condiments are added to the Sushi to enhance the overall flavor.


So, what does Sushi taste like? Well, as we have gone over various factors, for the most part, if the Sushi is fresh, it will have a tangy, salty, and sweet flavor. Hesitant people are usually worried about the texture more than the actual flavor. When it comes to the actual flavor, it is quite good, and fairly delicious if bought at the right place. 

Now, the smell of the Sushi is also quite remarkable. If you buy Sushi that is fresh, and from a good place, it will have a very neutral smell, and resemble something like cucumber or watermelon. A strong smell is an indication that there is something wrong with Sushi, and it might have gone bad.

Lastly, many ingredients make up Sushi, and the complexity increases depending on what the Chef uses for the meat. Each ingredient contributes to the overall flavor somehow, and the Sushi isn’t complete without the essential ingredients.

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