What Does Rabbit Taste Like

What Does Rabbit Taste Like: Is Rabbit Meat the Best?

Rabbit is sustainable and healthier than most meats that we eat. So, what does rabbit taste like? Why is the meat not so popular? While rabbit meat is eaten everywhere from China, Haiti, France and Africa, it is never consumed in United States of America the same way as in other countries. United States of America consider rabbits as pet so it they rarely eat them.

 In the year 2014, sales of rabbits in United States were stopped after there were series of petitions and protests accusing the supermarkets of being “rabbit butcher.”

So, why consume a bunny? Well, a bunny is among the most environment-friendly meats to eat. Compared to pork, chicken, rabbit meat has the highest percent of protein, the lowest percent of fat also the calories are fewest. Read more to know how meat taste rabbit and whether it is the best.

The Two Types of Bunny

What does rabbit taste like? Is it like that of a chicken? Well, most people think that a rabbit meat tastes the same way with that of a chicken, which is not quite true. Rabbit meat has intense flavor and is gamier. The texture of a rabbit is drier compared to that of a chicken. Some types of bunny with the best taste include silver fox, Californian rabbit and cinnamon rabbit.

Farm Rabbits

Bunnies raised on the farms normally have much fat than rabbits raised in field. Their meat is pinkish in color, lighter and tenderer in texture that stiffens as the rabbit ages. They breed more steadily than wild bunnies and their meat is milder in taste.

Wild Rabbits

These bunnies are finer and lighter than the farm bred. Their meat is harder and with a lot of taste because of the aromas rendered by foods, they eat in the field. Their meats are reddish and have less fat compared to that of farm rabbit. 

Bunny meat is referred to as white meat; actually, it is a meal of choice when cooked simply because of the low-calorie. Do not use excess fat when cooking. Actually, the meat is recommended to those people following low cholesterol, low fat diets. 

The bunny meat is easy and soft to chew; this is an advantage for individuals who have problem chewing mostly in case you braise or stew along with veggies and sauce.

The Benefits Obtained from Consuming Rabbit Meat


Rabbit meat has the highest percent of protein without any doubt; this is one of the benefits obtained from consuming rabbit meat. The proteins contain all the important amino acids, which is needed by the body. The content of the protein is actually 18g for each 100g of rabbit meat. The meat is easy to digest and tender due to the low collagen. Rabbit meat is very recommended to people who are vulnerable to hyperuricemia or grout.


Rabbit meat has water content of approximately 72%. However, the amount differs depending on its feeding practice and the breed.


Rabbit meat is low in cholesterol and fat. Its fat profile is balanced compared any other meat type, that is why people with cardiovascular diseases are recommended to eat the meat. The benefits obtained from consuming rabbit meat are essential in preventing obesity. 

Even so, the content of fat in a rabbit meat differs depending on age, gender, breed, the species, the rabbit’s diet and the cut that is being eaten.

Source of calcium 

Rabbit meat has calcium, which will help you maintain strong body bones. Your muscles, nerves and heart will function properly too.

What does rabbit taste like? The benefit from the rabbit meat makes me forget the taste for a bit.

How to Prepare Rabbit’s Meat

What does rabbit taste like when cooked well? To get the answer, let us look on how to prepare rabbit’s meat. The rabbit’s meat can be braised in stew or roasted. You can add bunny’s meat to prepare burger or curry too.  You can use the liver, kidney, or heart in dishes.

Here are the main types of cooking a rabbit’s meat.

1. Cooking the rabbit’s meat fast

This process is much similar to chicken cooking. You fry the meat for twenty minutes on a pan with about 71C temperature. The period spends on cooking the rabbit’s meat depends on rabbit’s joints. When the joints are less and the fat is less, it does not take long time. To enhance the taste and to retain the moisture of the rabbit’s meat, it is preferred to roast the bone. 

2. Cooking slowly

This type of cooking will really help you find the real taste of a bunny. Cooking slowly makes the rabbit’s meat juicy. This process needs long time of cooking at an average low temperature while submerged in a liquid. The meat of a rabbit has immense connective tissues, which becomes in case it is cooked quickly. Hence, cooking slowly is indeed a good decision in preparing the rabbit’s meat. 

This is how to prepare rabbit’s meat, but do not limit yourself to the two methods.


By now, you already have a clue of what does rabbit taste like. From the idea, is it enough to try the rabbit’s meat? Rabbit’s meat has a light and different taste, which is almost the same with that of a chicken. It is nutritious and with a great flavor. However, any meat lover would like to take a bite; it is good suited for individuals who really want a healthier and robust tasting meal than any chicken. The field rabbit has a gamier and strong taste compared to the farm rabbit.

The rabbit’s meat taste will definitely depend on how you cook the meat and flavors that you used. You can choose to fry, roast, braise, slow-cook or fast-cook the meat among others. When you cook the meat properly, the taste of the meat will be optimal. Try the rabbit’s meat and we hope you will enjoy it. Thank you for reading!           

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