What does Kale Taste Like

What Does Kale Taste Like: How Do You Like Your Kale?

Kale is an excellent source of minerals such as manganese, copper, fiber, iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium. It has experienced a comeback some years ago and numerous of us have grown a love-hate connection with it. We love kale because it is very nutritious and get us feeling self-satisfied the moment we consume it, but we loathe it because the taste is not very great. So, what does kale taste like?

Kale can have different taste according to how it is cook, so the taste will always vary especially when it is cooked with other recipes. You deserve to eat a delicious kale. Being a fibrous leafy green makes the eating more of a labor than other leafy greens that we are used to. It is also earthy.  This article will make you understand the taste of kale. Let us begin!

What Does Kale Taste Like?

Below we have some of the taste of kale. If you have not yet tasted kale, this will answer the question, what is the taste of kale?

Fresh Raw Young Kale Have Mild Taste

The taste of a fresh raw young kale is mild, you should plan of giving it a trial and maybe you will enjoy the taste. Cut the kale in little ribbons and then blend it with lettuce when making a salad and you will experience the taste.

Strong Earthy Taste 

The leaves of a kale are dry, crunchy, tough, and have a strong tasting. Kale is a leafy green though you cannot compare it spiciness with arugula. 

The Taste Of Red Russian Kale Is Sweeter Compared To Other Varieties

The red Russian kale grow through frost and interestingly, it tastes sweeter compared to kale that have grown in place where frost is not available.

The Old Kale With Tougher Leaves Taste Bitter

If you have old kale in your house, you will realize that it taste bitter. For you to enjoy the old kale, cook it before you eat it.

5 Ways To Make Kale Tasty

You need to know the five ways to make kale tasty for you to love them. It is time for the love-hate connection to end. The last option is love. Here are ways to make kale tasty and delicious.

Make salad

When preparing Caesar salad, use kale instead of romaine lettuce. Since when you are dressing Caesar you require a creamier dressing, kale flavors will work miracles especially softening the bitter taste. Even so, the taste of your kale is still there. So if you are comfortable with it, try it.

Add Acidic Citrus

A lemon will work well in this case; it will help you cut the unpleasant taste of a raw kale. Massage the green leaves as if you are making dough. This will soften the green leaves, make the tender as well as incorporate the lemon juice. You can use it in a salad or absorb it into your favorite meal. After trying this, kale must be delicious!

Chop kale chips

Kale chips will help you soften the bitter flavor and reduce the rough texture of the kale. Chop off the head of this leaf green, sprinkle some salt and olive oil and then bake them until crispy in an oven. You will enjoy and finish them fast than even potato chips.

Cook it like one of your favorite vegetables

This is one of the ways to make kale tasty. Cook kale the same way you cook other vegies, prepare it with cheese, garlic, olive oil and other different spices. Add cooked kale to one of the method you prefer of getting in vegetables. You can add steamed kale as well. This will make you never forget the meal.

Hide it

Use this green leaf as a minor ingredient in things such as soups, sauces, or smoothies that have stronger flavors to soften the kale taste. If you cannot state the kale’s taste, this will work for you. That is want we mean by hiding it and you can still enjoy your meal.

Best Recipes with Kale

Kale pesto

Mix this pesto through salads and pasta. If not, use veggies and rice crackers sticks to sink inside the pesto.

Grilled kale cheese and mushroom

 This recipe is filled with buttery mushrooms, plenty of cheese, onions and some kale on a crispy sourdough. This meal is good for any choosy eaters.

Kale, bacon and hash sweet potato

This recipe is made from five ingredients. 

Kale, sausage and tortellini soup

This recipe will make you enjoy a flavorful meal with a combination of sweet sausage, chicken broth infused with herb, vegetables and a cheese tortellini. 

The recipes above are some of the best ones, you are not limited to just the four of them. However, you should try at least one of the best recipes with kale and you will definitely know the answer to what’s the taste of kale like.

Conclusion: What does kale taste like?

What does kale taste like? This is a hard question, not just, because kales have different taste according to different people, but also because the taste of single harvests varies objectively in sweetness. There is no doubt that kale provides health benefits to our body, but when we consider the unpleasant taste; it tends to turn us away. 

The ways to make kale delicious will help you soften the bitter taste of the green leaf. Try these methods and you may end up making kale your favorite green leaves. There other people who do not like the taste of kale at all, we still have a solution for you hoping you will like it. Use this green leaf as a minor ingredient in things such as soups, sauces, or smoothies that have stronger flavors to soften the kale taste. We hope you can enjoy eating kale without worry about the taste. Thank you for reading the article!

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