What Does Hennessy Taste Like

What Does Hennessy Taste Like? Unique and Heavenly

If you are a fan of alcohol, Hennessy is something you should most definitely know about. It is an iconic drink and goes well with many soft drinks. Hennessy is also the primary ingredient in many cocktails; making them more delicious than they would have been otherwise. It is so widely recognized that be it the young people in nightclubs or the old people sitting around in an elite meeting, it is loved and consumed by all.  

Although most people believe Hennessy to be a whiskey, that is not the case. It is a cognac which is another kind of brandy. Has all this left you wondering what Hennessy tastes like? Then you should read on to find out all about it. 

Things to Know about What Hennessy Tastes Like

Hennessy History

Hennessey is older than all of us who are currently reading this. Although it is known as a French cognac, it was created by a man belonging to Ireland. His name was Richard Hennessy and due to some political affiliations, he had to move to France where he fought in the French Army. After that, he founded the Hennessy cognac distillery in 1765. It then went on to become a luxury brand as well as the most popular brand in the world.

In 1918, Richard Hennessy’s son inherited the company and gave it the name that it has today, “Jas Hennessy & Co”. Traditionally, Hennessy was only enjoyed by older, classier people but in recent times, they have tried to broaden their reach by introducing something for younger generations. This includes products such as “Fine de Cognac” and “Hennessy Black”.

Hennessy Taste

The thing that makes Hennessey so special and the Hennessy taste so remarkable is that it is a combination of about forty distillations. It is left to age in a French oak barrel. This is the reason it has a subtle oak taste along with a kind of nutty taste. It dries out the otherwise rich Cognac notes. These notes include spice, vanilla and fruit. 

The taste gets stronger with different types of Hennessy. For example, if you get the anniversary bottle named after the founder, it will have a delicate taste of tender fruit, spice and oak that is unlike any other. More often than not, the taste is very bold and delicious. 

Due to its large demand, Hennessy is always on a shortage so it is recommended to devour the taste of your bottle for as long as possible as the next one might take weeks to come by.

Hennessy Smell

The Hennessy smell is a great helper in guessing what Hennessy tastes like. As soon as a bottle is opened, the fragrance is so strong that it spreads around the room. This grabs everyone’s attention inside the room and strong nutty and woody fragrance makes everyone ask for a glass of it.

It has been found that with food smells there are up to 230 key aromas. Hennessy cognac spends a lot of time and money in perfecting their scent. This is because it is highly likely that a person will buy a product simply because it smells good.

Small things like these that Hennessy pays immense attention to is the reason why they have been successfully in business for so many generations.

Which Hennessy is Best for You?

Some alphabets come after each type of Hennessy which are a guide for you to decide which type is best for you. This explains the taste as well as how expensive each type is. All letters on the bottle represent ageing. 

This means, for example, V.O. stands for very old and means it is at least four years old. Similarly, V.S. stands for very special and they are three stars which are a minimum of two years old. X.O. stands for Extra Old which means a minimum of six years old. There are more vintage, varietal and so on. 

As you might know, the older a bottle is the more expensive it will be. Similarly, the taste will be more intense. Keeping this in mind, you can decide which option is best for you.

What Does Hennessy do to You?

Now, the final question is what does Hennessy do to you which is to say what are the effects after we have a glass or two of it. Usually, Hennessy is used for relaxation purposes and for one to enjoy their time. For example, a group of ladies sitting in a club, around a table, playing cards while sipping the Hennessy from their glasses occasionally perfectly depicts how this drink should be enjoyed.

Hennessy is counted in the top ten strongest liquors in the world which means it can certainly get you drunk very quickly. If you chug them fast, you will end up with the best after-effects. However, this luxurious beverage is not one to use for simply getting drunk. It demands your attention and appreciation. 

A benefit of having Hennessy cognac after dinner, on a full stomach, is that it works as a digestive. It speeds up your metabolism. This can be helpful as you can have an easier and more peaceful sleep at night.


Hennessy is an old and very popular Cognac that has endured many different centuries and has been loved through many generations. It has been tasted by freedom fighters in the South, the Russian dictators and the French revolutionaries. When you have this drink, it is a warm feeling to know how many other people over history have devoured this same heaven-like flavour. 

You now know all the information there is to know about what Hennessy tastes like, where and when it was made, its smell and other things. If you are about to have it for the first time, you are surely about to indulge in a great luxury of your life. You should not wait anymore and go and grab your first bottle of it whenever you get the chance!

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