What does Gouda Cheese taste like

What Does Gouda Cheese Taste Like – Cheese From The Netherlands!

As you may know, there are many types of cheese, and it is pretty fascinating how all these essentially use the same basic ingredients. There is a lot that goes into making different kinds of cheese, however, the quality of cheese really depends on the multiple techniques, and practcies by Cheese experts. This is also one of the most common cheeses in the world, and there are multiple other types of cheeses derived from it. However, some people that haven’t tried it yet usually ask what does Gouda Cheese taste like? That is what we will be going over, and how this differentaies from other cheese types.

Now, just like other dairy products, people that are lactose inteolerante should avoid it altogether, and try dairy free cheese products which are readily available in many locations. This goes the same for people on a strictly vegan diet.

What does Gouda Cheese taste like – The infamous taste!

So, what does Gouda Cheese taste like? What really separates it from other kinds of cheeses, and why should you try it? We will be going over all these details in this, and what you can expect if you are interested in trying out some delicious Gouda Cheese.

What is Gouda Cheese? – Where does it come from?

So, to start off, what is Gouda Cheese? Well, like we described above, this is a special type of yellow cow’s milk cheese, that originates from the Netherlands. Now, this is a very old type of cheese. It can be traced back to around 1184; this makes it one of the oldest recorded Cheeses too. If you know anything about cheeses, then you might be familiar with what is known as the aging time of a Cheese. This is one of the ways the Gouda Cheese stands out; it has a very long aging process, which can go up to a total of 36 months. That is 3 years of aging, and a lot of people that are interested in Cheese actually let it age for that long before trying it out to get the full flavor. 

The process of aging allows the cheese to have multiple flavors, and textures throughout its aging. This is a very unique thing; different parts of the aging periods can be used for different dishes.

How to eat gouda cheese? – What is the taste?

So, now that we know a bit about the Cheese and its origin, the next question is how to eat Gouda Cheese? And what does it taste like? Well, first off, the flavor of the Gouda Cheese depends on what stage of aging it currently is at. The newer, more fresher Gouda Cheese will have an almost sweet mild flavor to it; the longer it ages, the denser the flavor becomes. By the time Gouda Cheese has matured, it will have an almost nutty flavor, which can be buttery for most people.

During the earlier parts of the aging process, the Gouda Cheese is mainly eaten on its own, with crackers, and often times on bread. This can also be used in sandwiches; it really enhances the flavor of the sandwich itself. However, as the cheese becomes older, and the flavor becomes richer, it can be used in various dishes like Mac and Cheese. It is great to enjoy with some wine too. It can be eaten with hard bread as well. Now, many people like to eat it on its own; that is a perfect way to enjoy it as well. The hard nutty structure allows it to be carried around, and easily eaten without worrying it about melting.

Gouda cheese texture – Explained!

So, the next part is the Gouda Cheese Texture, and what each part of the aging process does to it. When the cheese is fresh, it will have a soft, and sweet texture. It can melt, and be easily spread upon things like butter. After it has aged a bit, the texture starts to become harder. Eventually, after months, it will be pretty hard, and closer to some like Mozarella. The color of the Gouda Cheese will also change overtime. The Cheese is usually very light when it is produced; with time, the color changes from light to dark. Don’t worry though, as the change in color is actually a sign that it is aging well. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cheese. If you are genuinely interested in Cheese, you should look more into it at a professional level. There are even entire courses dedicated to just Cheese, and how one can get the best level of Cheese in a variety of Cheeses. Also, it is important to remember that just because Gouda Cheese has an aging time of around 36 months, a lot of other types of Cheeses that can’t even last for more than a week. Don’t think that you can do this with every other type of Cheese follows the same principles when it comes to aging.


So, what does Gouda Cheese taste like? Well, like we already discussed, the taste of the Cheese varies based on where the Cheese is currently at in its aging process. Unlike other cheeses, the Gouda is something that can be aged for over 36 months; many people spend a lot of time aging the cheese itself. If the Cheese is in the early stages of the aging process, then the taste is generally a bit sweet, and hard to notice. At this point, people use it to spread on bread, and even crackers. 

After the Cheese has been aged for a few months, it will harden in texture; the color will become darker as well. Now, after a few months, the cheese is usually eaten on its own. People also like to eat it with some wine. This is why Gouda Cheese is so famous, and why people wait so long to get it at the best quality.

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