What Does Feta Cheese Taste Like

What Does Feta Cheese Taste Like? A Detailed Guide

A white and crumbly cheese, feta originated in Greece as a primary intake of calcium. It is usually bought in blocks. This keeps it fresher longer and helps it retain its rich flavour. It can be made from either sheep or goat milk; sometimes, a blend of the two is used. In Greece, no feta cheese is made with cow’s milk. Outside Greece, there may be some places which make it and they are termed as feta style cheese.

If you have seen this cheese at a lot of places now as part of different dishes, and are wondering what feta cheese tastes like; then, you should read on to find out all about it. 

Food and Recipes: What Feta Cheese Tastes Like

Feta Cheese Health Benefits

Feta cheese is very nutritious. It is used in all kinds of dishes; whether it is as a part of an appetizer, a main dish or even desserts. Feta cheese health benefits include support for bones, aid against inflammatory responses and help in fighting against diseases such as diabetes and cancer. 

The support for bone health is provided by the high amounts of phosphorus and calcium present in feta cheese. There are probiotics in feta cheese; these are friendly bacteria that help strengthen the immune system and protect the body against other harmful bacteria. Probiotics can live in the body for a long time. So basically, feta is helping our body for a considerable amount of time after we have eaten it. Other than this, feta is also a good source of protein. 

It is also lower in fat and calories compared to other cheese types. During its processing, a lot of salt is added to it which makes it high in sodium. This is the reason why it should be avoided by pregnant women. It should also be avoided by people who are allergic to dairy.

Feta Cheese Taste

The answer to the question of what feta cheese tastes like is that it has a rich but a slightly salty flavour. The taste is also sharp at some point. The older the feta cheese is the harder it gets. 

Feta cheese can be made from both goat and sheep milk. If it is made from goat milk, it would be a hard texture with a soft flavour. On the other hand, if it is made with sheep’s milk, it will have a rich and buttery flavour. Despite not being a fresh cheese, it has many characteristics of fresh cheese that it can boast.

Due to its rich taste, people take time to develop a liking to it and may not immediately find it very appetizing. In this case, you should start by consuming it in small portions and following recipes that promise delicious tastes for the cheese. Do not give up on it after the first try as you will surely miss out on a great thing in your life that can enhance any dish’s flavour easily.

Feta Cheese Smell

No matter what kind of milk it is made from, the feta cheese smell should always be that of fresh cheese. Cheese can only be claimed feta if it has around seventy per cent of milk in it. This is the reason it would smell like a fresh cheese despite it being produced through a brined process. 

The smell also has an acidic touch to it which makes it an attractive and warm scent. If the cheese seems to smell sour, you should know it has gone bad and is not good for consuming.  

Feta Cheese Substitutes

We will tell you about at least three feta cheese substitutes that are as good as the original thing.

The first and number one is ricotta cheese. For people who do not like the taste of feta cheese and are looking for a sweeter flavour can choose this cheese. It cooks the same way as feta cheese does but does not have the salty and bitter taste that feta cheese tends to have. 

The second is halloumi which is also a Greek cheese. This has the same taste as feta but not as rich so people who want “mild feta” can go for this cheese. 

Another replacement can be the goat cheese. A crumbly version of it can act as a good replacement for feta and it will have a milder taste than feta since it is made with goat milk mostly.

How to Eat Feta Cheese?

As mentioned earlier, feta cheese is very versatile and can taste good combined with anything. Some of the common ways of consuming feta cheese are on bread, on salads, with fruits or vegetables and even with pasta.

For bread, after topping it with the cheese, sprinkle some olive oil on it and add seasonings of salt and pepper. This serves as delicious feta cheese sandwiches. You can also grill it to make grilled sandwiches if you like. For salads, you can either melt feta cheese and drizzle it on top or simply top it with crushed cheese. Similarly, it can be crumbled on top of tacos, pizzas or mashed and baked potatoes. You can make feta cheese omelettes by folding slices of feta cheeses in the egg along with tomatoes and spinach. 

If you have fruit or vegetable salads, you can add the cheese as a side dish and serve it. The healthy serving size is thirty grams and this is how much is you should consume.


Feta cheese is quite a popular kind of cheese mainly because of its rich taste that not everyone gets accustomed to quickly and also due to its range in being able to become a part of any kind of dish. We have provided the health benefits of feta cheese, its taste, smell and substitutes. 

If you have ever asked the question about what feta cheese tastes like and never quite gotten a satisfactory answer, you should go through the sections above to know all about it. Check out some of the ways you can eat it and give it a try. Also, remember to have it in small portions as it will take time to get used to its unique flavour.

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