What does Escargot taste like

What Does Escargot Taste Like? – The Famous French Dish!

There are many iconic French dishes that we see in media like Movies, Shows, and read about in Novels, and there is nothing more famous than the Escargot. If you are unfamiliar with this, it is essentially a dish with edible Snails. Yes, actual Snails that one can eat, and enjoy in not just Escargot, but other French dishes as well. Now, something as unusual as snails can confuse some people, and the most common question regarding this dish is, “what does Escargot taste like?” and, here what we will be looking at.

Now, French cuisine is very diverse, and for some people, the very thought of French food can cause some uneasiness. Rest assured, if you are a foodie, and want to explore the flavors of the world, French cuisine is something you can’t miss out on, and it can be truly special if you eat at the right place.

What does Escargot taste like? – The flavor!

So, in short, what does Escargot taste like? Well, many fans of the dish describe the taste as chewy mushrooms. Keep in mind, there is a lot of flavor, ingredients, and spices that go into making this dish, and the star of the actual dish is very flavorful. A lot of people also compare it to mussels, and there is a resemblance in not how the dish looks, but the flavor as well. There is also some gelatinous texture, but for the most part, it is drenched in butter and garlic, and the overall flavor of the dish isn’t completely reliant on the Escargot itself.

One thing to add is that these can be a bit chewy, and depending on your preference for the texture, it is something you should be aware of. It is not overly chewy, however, and you won’t have a hard time swallowing it or anything.

Escargot Snails – What are these?

Now that we know what Escargot tastes like, we should know a bit more about the Escargot Snailes themselves. Now, the first thing to know about these snails, is that these are the typical land snails. There is nothing extraordinary about them, and most restaurants don’t exactly have a preference when it comes to the snail used in the dishes. This is a regular land snail, that you can find in your backyard during the rain. These are often served as hors d’oeuvre as well.

Now, the Escargot is mainly a French dish, but that doesn’t mean that the snails aren’t used in other cuisines. This is also not true that only French people eat snails. You will find that it is a common dish in Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Portugal, Sardinia, and Spain. This is because of the rich texture of the snail, and the variety of flavors it brings to the table as we discussed above. However, even though it is a bit common in these countries, the consensus on the snails isn’t all that positive; many people can’t stand the texture or even the idea of consuming a snail for a hearty meal.

What does Escargot mean?

Okay, we got the details about the snail out of the way as well, but what does the word Escargot mean? First off, Escargot is a French word, which, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, means “a snail prepared for use as food”. This means that this word is specifically used for this dish alone, and involves a dish that is prepared with snails. Now, 

Do snails taste like chicken? – Not quite

So, given how much chicken is consumed and used in a variety of dishes, a logically, and very common question one can ask is, do snails taste like chicken? Well, even though one might assume based on the texture or the way the dish is prepared, Snails don’t taste anything like chicken. As we described above, snails aren’t meaty, but chewy in texture. The closest thing to compare it to is mussels, and that too when overcooked. So, essentially, snails have their flavor; most people consuming those can easily tell you how different these taste when eaten side by side. 

It doesn’t taste anything like other meats either including Pork, Beef, or lamb. This is also one of the reasons to try it out, as the flavor is very unique in its own right. Many people are intrigued by the texture and taste that only snails can provide. So no, it doesn’t taste anything like chicken; while that is the first thing people like to compare any dish too, it seriously isn’t the case when it comes to snails.

Now, we don’t recommend gathering up a bunch of snails and trying to make a dish on your own if you aren’t familiar with it. This is still a professional dish that sometimes takes a year to perfect and serve at expensive restaurants. The usual servings at high-end restaurants can be from anywhere between $12 to more than $50. If you are in the US, it becomes even harder to find a place that serves it.


So, now that we have gone over the history, details, and comparisons, what does Escargot taste like? Well, as we discussed, the flavor is one of the biggest standouts of the dish itself; for many people, that is the very reason they want to try it out. It is chewy in texture and has a distinct flavor that you wouldn’t find in something like meat; including chicken, beef, or lamb. The closest comparison is overcooked Mussels, and that too can have different variations.

Now, this is an expensive dish, and finding it in your country can be a pretty hard task if you aren’t living in France, Germany, or Spain. Even when you are visiting those places, it can cost you around $50 to taste this; this is something to be aware of. If you are a foodie, however, this is something you should absolutely try.

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