What Does Blue Moon Taste Like

What Does Blue Moon Taste Like?

What Does Blue Moon Taste Like? – What Every Beer Lover Should Know; Beer aficionados and casual beer drinkers alike have been puzzled by the flavor of Blue Moon for years. The list of ingredients is extremely short — rice, hops, water, yeast, and barley malt. There are no added flavors or extracts—just a simple recipe of the basics. Blue Moon is one of the most popular Belgian beer varieties in the world. It’s as ubiquitous in pubs and bars as Guinness, Heineken, or Stella Artois.

It originated in the Denver, Colorado area, and was originally branded as “Blue Moon Spring Wheat Ale”. The original recipe used orange peel and coriander spices. The current version is brewed with lemon peel and grains of paradise. As you sip your way through the brew (and there’s nothing wrong with doing so), you may wonder what does blue moon tastes like? Which ingredients do you use to make it? We’ve got all that covered here!

What is Blue Moon Beer?

Blue Moon is one of the most famous beer brands in America. But when you look at the drink’s origins and ingredients, it’s a little surprising that this beer has developed such a following. If you buy Blue Moon thinking that it will taste like Belgian beers, you’ll be disappointed — its flavor is much closer to Coors Light than Chimay Red.

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To give you a sense of how great this beer is, various awards have been given to it. During the years 1995 through 1997, Blue Moon Beer was awarded numerous prizes, which indicates its quality.

What does the Blue moon taste like? The flavor is similar to a light wheat ale. Blue Moon is a bit sweeter than lemon, while some others have a light lemon flavor. Although it is only a subtle hint of flavor. Quite a bit of orange is also present.

Blue Moon Beer Ingredients

All Blue Moon products contain five basic ingredients. Blue moon beer ingredients are water, barley malt, oats, corn syrup (maltose), cocoa, hops, yeast, decaffeinated coffee, and sucrose. Blue Moon products include corn syrup as it is the main ingredient consumers prefer.

It is surprisingly healthy to drink Blue Moon beer, given the number of calories it contains. As with other types of beer, it contains antioxidants and protein, as well as potassium, iron, magnesium, and more.

Blue Moon Alcohol Content

Blue moon’s alcohol content is 5.4% by volume and is available in cans, bottles, and kegs. The strongest beer in the world was created by Scottish brewery Brewmeister with an alcohol content of 67.5 percent. The name of the beer, Snake Venom, is a play on words that is subtly complemented by a one-two punch of beer and Champagne yeast.

Blue Moon Beer Flavors

The recently available blue moon beer flavors on their website are the following:

  • Blue Moon Belgian White (Belgian-Style Wheat Ale) – An orange peel-infused wheat beer with a subtle sweetness and a vibrant, citrus aroma.
  • Blue Moon Light Sky (Citrus Wheat) – A new popular wheat beer from Blue Moon, brewed with real tangerine peel for an even lighter, more refreshing taste, only 95 calories per can.
  • Mango Wheat – A balanced, refreshing beer with ripe mango flavor and biscuit malt sweetness.
  • Summer Honey Wheat – A filtered beer refined with clover honey and citrus notes.

Facts about Blue Moon

  • Keith Villa was the founder and head brewer of SandLot Brewery in Denver, Colorado, which opened more than 20 years ago. Villa would later become known for his creative beers.
  • SandLot Brewery is the first brewery built inside a major league ballpark. They, therefore, name their beers after the sports played there. Although Slugger Stout and Rightfield Red had some success, Belly Slide Wit changed everything. SandLot makes 1,500 barrels of beer per annum that are served during Rockies home games.
  • The brand’s flagship beer, Blue Moon Belgian White, came to life when someone said, “a beer this good only comes around once in a blue moon.” The name has stuck ever since and is now found around the globe.
  • Keith Villa, Blue Moon’s co-founder, knew exactly what he was doing when he created beers at The SandLot. He received his Ph.D. in brewing in Belgium. The same place where foreign combinations of ingredients inspired his recipe, including malted barley, valencia orange peel, white wheat, oats, and coriander. Then he saw that European bartenders served beer with lemon wedges, and thought that fresh orange slices would compliment his Belgian-style wit nicely.
  • Blue Moon creates new varieties of beer all the time! Our offerings go beyond the Belgian White we know and love – thanks to a pilot brewing system, we’ve got more than 20 rotating taps so you can try something new every day of the year.
  • Every year, nine million barrels of beer are produced at the massive MillerCoors brewery in Golden, CO, but Blue Moon has its own location in the RiNo District of Denver. It offers samples of an ever-changing variety of beers, all while tracking sales to ensure their success.


No matter what your favorite beer is, it’s always interesting to find out how it came about and what went into its creation. Beer also goes great with food, so if you’re hosting a party or a sports event, adding some Blue Moon to the mix will help you make friends with your guests. Although the Blue Moon beer is usually enjoyed in taverns and bars across the globe, you can make your own version at your home. If you love the taste of Blue Moon, try making your own blue moon recipe. You might be surprised by how easy it is to make your own great beer in the comfort of your home.

Whether you’re an experienced brewer or a novice, you can learn from this guide to making your own delicious blue moon beer. Make your friends happy and surprise them at your next beer-loving party. So, what does blue moon taste like homemade? Make them do it themselves too so they can taste the difference.

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