What does Absinthe Taste Like

What Does Absinthe Taste Like? The Truth Revealed


People still believe absinthe is illegal. It is actually the most misunderstood alcohol in the world. Well, apparently TV shows lately would not let this spirit be downgraded by the misinformation being spread by individuals who were raised thinking absinthe caused all stuff from psychosis and hallucinations. Far from the myth, what does absinthe taste like?

This green fairy is a heavily flavoured and extremely alcoholic refined spirit therefore not recommended to be taken straight. Instead, it is best if you dilute it with some water. Absinthe is produced when the neutral liquor is refined with botanicals such as wormwood, fennel, anise and other spices and herbs for a licorice-like taste. This less expensive ingredients make the liquor cheaper at a bar or in any store. This article will make you have an understanding what absinthe taste like. Let us begin!

Best Absinthe taste, Try Different Absinthe Brands

What does absinthe taste like when different brands are considered? Is the taste different?

Copper and Kings Absinthe Blanche

Copper and kings’ white absinthe is double distilled, diluted moderately then bottled to produce palate and nose. This green fairy brand is made from a Muscat brandy base. 

St. George Absinthe Verte

For your information, St. George verte is the first lawful absinthe that is made in the United States. The ban on this liquor was lifted in the year 2007. Furthermore, it is among the best absinthe to be manufactured. It takes 11 years to make this green fairy. This brand has a herbal flavour.

Pernod Absinthe

You can easily find Pernod at any local bar where absinthe alcohol is sold with no doubt. Pernod happens to be among the most eminent names when you talk about any absinthe liquor. Depending on the recipe and the distilling process improved by Henri-Louis Pernod in the year 1805. The bottle heed back to the native absinthe era making it hard to break.

Leopard Brothers Absinthe Verte

This brand started with an imported pisco base from Chile in the 19th century then the traditional green fairy botanicals are later added. It is made in Europe. During distillation the spirit acquire colour from the natural ingredients like hyssop and lemon balm to generate the verdant colour.

Doc’s Natural Spirits Green Absinthe

Doc’s happens to be the first lawful green fairy to be made in Brooklyn. It is made by Kevin and Stacey Herson who happens be to husband and wife. Doc’s is distilled from barley and malted spelt and infused with other ten various botanicals. Different absinthe brands have different taste. The flavour of this liquor is anise, fennel, mint and wormwood. The liquor also has a licorice taste making it an amazing absinthe for different cocktails.

Nouvelle-Orleans Absinthe Superieure

This liquor is warm, spicy and sweet pure from New Orleans. The name is motivated by the absinthes that assisted in making the Crescent City and Jade Nouvelle-Orleans Absinthe Superieure. This green fairy works great in city famous, Sazerac which is a great cocktail.

Redux Absinthe

This type of absinthe utilizes methods which were initially used in the era of Belle Epoche in the year 1890s. Redux is as a result of many experiencing years and also digging into endless historical books so as to find the best blend of spices and herbs. What does absinthe taste like especially for this brand? Well, the flavour is citrus, anise and licorice.

Vieux Pontarlier

When you go down the history, you will come across to this Vieux made in Pontarlier in France. This brand is made using the traditional spices and herbs. The taste of Vieux is sweet-bitter. 

La Clandestine Absinthe 

This brand was the first lawful absinthe in Switzerland. What is the taste of this different absinthe brand? The flavour aromatic due to anise, fennel, mint and citrus present. The palate is sweet but at the end it has a bitter taste.

Letherbee Charred Oak Absinthe Brun

This brand has a sparkling caramel colour. The mellow anise makes the Letherbee achieve the spice vanilla taste.

The Truth About Absinthe Causing Hallucination

In 1910, a film called “The Mind of a Café Waiter” tarnished absinthe showing that it causes serious hallucinations. Another movie named Eurotrip also shows an individual who was under the influence of absinthe hallucinate. The person was speaking and seeing an actual absinthe. So, does absinthe really cause hallucinations? The answer is no. This green fairy does not cause hallucination.

The belief about absinthe causing hallucination was also started by a psychiatrist by the name Valentin Magnan in 19thcentury. Magnan researched on alcohol and made a wrong conclusion that chronic drinkers of absinthe had serious health issues like seizures and hallucinations compared to other chronic alcohol drinkers. Magnan believed that thujone, a wormwood oil was causing these seizures and hallucinations.

This study leads to banning of production and consumption of absinthe in many countries all over the world. Recently a study was conducted and it was concluded that the study of Magnan concerning hallucination effects caused by the absinthe was false. The side effects where the same with any other alcohol.

So, you can enjoy absinthe like any other alcohol. What does absinthe like after trying the different brands?


Absinthe is among the alcohol surrounded by myths, even films were supporting this kind of myths century ago. This might have made most people to stop drinking it. Actually it was banned in many countries around the world. What does absinthe taste like for those who have given it a try.  

Most of us conclude that absinthe have a licorice taste but of course the taste differs from brand to brand. There are those absinthes that are readily available in the local shop, you can buy one and try it out and come up with a valid conclusion. You do not have to worry about the hallucination myth that surrounded it, it was all false. However, you should avoid overconsuming it because it has side effects just like any other alcohol. We hope this article was helpful and you will finally have the courage to taste this green fairy.

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