Top Health Benefits to Harvest from Unripe Plantains

Top Health Benefits to Harvest from Unripe Plantains

There are various types of bananas that we can eat and enjoy. These are sweet and starchy in taste and texture while they possess several body nourishing elements that make them the most nutritious fruit coined by many people and health enthusiasts. It is quite filling and mostly eaten when ripe and unripe in most cases when it is used in different culinary aspects. We have Cavendish, Red bananas, Burros bananas, the Manzano, Nino bananas, and the Plantain type. Plantain bananas are commonly called cooking bananas and are vastly consumed across Asia and the African continents. Read on to discover the top health benefits to harvest from unripe plantains!

The unripe plantains are in rich green colors and belong to the genus Musaceae plant family. Its origin is traced in South East Asia, mostly in Malaysia and Indonesia. Although plantain has been widely propagated as well in the African regions and the Western territories now. But how nutritious are plantains? What are the health benefits of unripe plantains in particular?

It keeps your heart healthy.

Unripe plantains are rich in potassium and serotonin that can help to prevent vasoconstriction of the veins and blood vessels, thus improving proper circulation of blood carrying oxygen to circulate in the body. Plantains are also found to prevent coronary heart diseases and aneurysms. Unripe plantains potassium and high fiber content help to reduce cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of getting heart attacks.

Wards off toxins and free radicals.

Unripe plantains’ immune-boosting benefits comprise strong antioxidants like vitamins A, C, B6, and Zinc that help to increase our body resistance and immunity to avoid getting sick. Common illnesses like colds, flu, fever, and other respiratory-related infections are caused by the weak immune system and free radicals that destroy the cellular integrity of the body, causing some viruses and bad bacteria to invade our system. Eating at least 1 serving of unripe plantain can dramatically improve your immune system and may even leverage the body functions of our five essential senses like sight. 

Good for bones and teeth.

One of the unripe plantains’ healthful properties is calcium and rich phosphorous content. These are vital for stronger bones, cartilages, teeth, and nails. Aside from milk, cheese, and other calcium sources, plantains are enriched with these minerals that strengthen the skeletal system and improve muscle health.

Great for blood and nerve health.

Unripe plantains are usually rich in Iron compared to the ripe version. Its Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) components help to produce and proliferate more red blood cells to combat IDA (iron deficiency anemia) and neuralgia or nerve inflammations that are prominent among people deficient in vitamin B6 and iron supply. Eating a good portion and servings of unripe plantain can help to nourish the body and promote blood health and stronger nerves.

A superb choice for weight loss.

People sort to various expensive meal plans, gym fees and trainers, and all that weight loss programs that are not only creating a hole in your pocket but can also strip off the nutrients needed by the body to keep your immune system and energy levels intact.  Studies show that unripe plantains do wonders in the weight loss journey of many since this variety is a good source of soluble dietary fibers alongside its rich minerals and vitamin composition. It is fairly low in carbohydrates, calories, and fats, yet so filling and nutritious.

It’s a digestive ally.

Constipation, GERD, and other digestive issues can severely affect health. These disrupt the proper food digestion and absorption of nutrients needed by the body. Irregular bowel movements can cause bloatedness, flatulence, and allow harmful toxins to stay inside your gut. Eating unripe plantains is proven effective to improve bowel excretion and strengthen the integrity of the stomach walls to maintain a healthy flora for good bacteria to thrive. Unripe plantains are an excellent source of essential amino acids and fibers responsible for the normal passing of the bowel every day.

Good for diabetes.

Managing diabetes can be complex and tricky. The frustration of maintaining good blood sugar levels can cause your cravings and portions. Unripe plantains are extremely low in sugar than that of the ripe counterpart. It is an excellent substitute for your sweet cravings, since the subtle sweetness of unripe plantain can satisfy your sweet palate in a good way. In addition, the fibers of unripe plantain help to regulate the blood sugar levels of people suffering from diabetes.

Increases your libido.

Sexual performance is considered to be a great factor of intimacy among married couples and for those who seek a high fertility rate to conceive. These days, more men and women are suffering from sex-related dysfunctions, which are merely addressed because of society’s norms and because of several conditions like other health-related diseases, economic status, and perhaps with age and sexual history. Achieving a high fertility rate for women, thicker sperm volume, and sexual endurance for men are some of the common goals in the sexual aspects of many individuals.

Based on research, data were collected about the vital nutrients found with unripe plantains which comprise vitamins A, C, B3, B6, B12, Magnesium, and folic acids. These can help to produce more sex hormones, increase blood flow to the female and male genitals, improve orgasm experience, enhance libido, heightens the sex drive for both sexes, and promote penile erection. Great sex life is a key essential to living a happy and healthy life.

Food for the brain.

Our brain doesn’t live with oxygen and blood alone. Healthy cognitive functions and a sound memory are some of the most important key factors of learning. The brain nourishing benefits of unripe plantains consist of proteins, amino acids, and B vitamins which are key factors to improve the brain neurotransmitters and membranes that are responsible for learning, creativity skills, memory retention, and overall mental health.


The health benefits of unripe plantain may go overboard if maximized and eaten at the right time and in the right way. Its potent nutritional values can give our bodies the optimum nourishment that can cure and restore our total wellbeing. Unripe plantains are generally one of the best superfoods that we should regularly consume.

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