Spice Up Scrambled Eggs

Spice Up Scrambled Eggs in 6 Delicious Ways

Scrambled egg is one of the easiest dishes to make. It might even be most people’s first attempt at cooking. There might be some science involved in making the perfect scrambled eggs but we all know how the average steps go. 

However, having it every day can make it boring. No matter how quickly it is made or how simple the recipe is, we might find ourselves looking for other breakfast alternatives if we keep eating it month after month. But, wait! There are ways in which you can prevent this from happening.

In the following section, we have presented you with methods that you can use to spice up scrambled eggs and experience them in a completely new way.

Best 6 Methods to Spice Up Scrambled Eggs

Vegetables to Add to Scrambled Eggs

An easy way to make our scrambled eggs more interesting is to add vegetables to it. It not only adds flavour but also makes it a lot more colourful. Vegetables to add to scrambled eggs include chopped green pepper, sliced green onions, and chopped tomatoes. Make sure the seeds have been removed from the tomatoes before adding them.

Take a bowl and beat four large eggs into. Mix a quarter cup of milk in it. Next, add in all the vegetables such that it should be half a cup of green pepper, a quarter cup of onions and a small tomato. Also, add salt and a small amount of red pepper to taste. Stir and fry this mixture in the frying pan like scrambled eggs are done. 

You can serve it with sausage, muffins or even fresh fruits. 

Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

Have you ever seen watched a cooking show and wondered how the cook managed to pull off those fluffy scrambled eggs? Sometimes, you can find these fluffy eggs in your favourite restaurant’s breakfast menu, too. With the elite look it has, it might look like it involves some complex techniques. But that is not true. 

Start by taking a bowl and break four large eggs into it. Add a tablespoon of water or milk. Milk brings out the flavour more than the water. Also, mix in salt and pepper to taste. Whisk it well until the egg has completely broken up. If you want to add cheese to your eggs, shred it and set it aside.

Take a frying pan and put it on medium-low heat. Grease it with either a bit of oil or butter. When the pan has warmed up, add the eggs. Spread the egg all around the pan. Add cheese at this point if you want.

The edges will cook quicker than the centre part so pull the cooked part to the centre. The uncooked part will move towards the edges. Again, do the same when the edges have cooked. Keep doing it until about eggs have cooked about 90%. The perfect fluffy scrambled eggs are a little moist with no brown parts.    

Deluxe Scrambled Eggs

How about some deluxe scrambled eggs for our taste buds? 

Take a frying pan and sauté half a cup of chopped onions, green and red peppers and zucchini. When the vegetables go tender, add one cup of corn and half a teaspoon of dill. Add in whisked eggs and also sprinkle some cheese on top. Add salt to taste. Mix it until the eggs are set. Season it with pepper and serve it while still hot.

Spicy Scrambled Eggs in Indian Style

Let’s talk about another recipe of scrambled eggs that is a people-favourite around the world. The recipe is quite simple but includes a range of spices and veggies.

Take a quarter teaspoon of grounded cumin, a pinch of turmeric and half a teaspoon of salt and whisk it in a bowl with four eggs. Heat some oil in a pan and fry a small chopped onion along with one small chopped chile, one clove of minced garlic and one teaspoon of minced ginger. 

After the onions have browned, add a cut-up tomato and season it all with some salt and sugar. Next, add in the whisked eggs and stir it well with the mixture in the pan. Take it off the heat when eggs are cooked and serve it with toast.

Scrambled Eggs Quesadillas

Have you ever thought of putting scrambled eggs inside a quesadilla and giving it a try? Well, it is nothing short of a heavenly experience.

Cook scrambled eggs in a pan. Add cheese to it, too and take it off the heat while it is still runny and not completely cooked. Clean out the pan and melt half a teaspoon of butter in it. Put one flour tortilla in it and pour the runny eggs on top of it. Spread the eggs out. Sprinkle it with some cheese and when the tortilla is a little bit cooked, fold it to one side. Cook it for a few minutes on each side until the tortilla has become a nice golden-brown colour. The cheese would have melted and the eggs would have cooked perfectly. 

Take it out and cut it into pieces to serve it.

Scrambled Eggs with Greek Yogurt

Eggs with yoghurt might not seem like the perfect combination but if you put everything in the right amount, this is an excellent way to spice up scrambled eggs.

Instead of whisking the eggs in water and milk, like done in the previous recipes, whisk it in with two tablespoons of Greek yoghurt. Then add the seasonings and cook them in the same way. When the eggs are almost cooked, add two tablespoons of crumbled feta cheese to the pan and mix it well until melted. 

This recipe not only makes the eggs creamier and tangier but it also serves as a source of protein. 


There are always ways to make your day to day life more interesting. It could even be something as minute as to how you cook your scrambled eggs in the morning. Keep yourself open to options and you would not have to tire of your favourite foods.

Above we have given multiple methods which you can use to spice up scrambled eggs. You should surely give one of these recipes a try and see how the change positively affects you.

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