How To Eat Tomatoes

Creative Ways On How To Eat Tomatoes – Raw and Cooked!

Probably, one of the most familiar fruits that you know is tomato as it was introduced to you as early as you were still a child. You can see it everywhere – from your backyards to your favorite wet markets, to your plate. It is almost impossible for you to say that you have not tried it. However, have you ever thought that there are way more creative ways on how to eat tomatoes? Well, worry no more as we are here to lay out all the things you need to know about tomatoes and the way on how to eat them!

For a glimpse, tomatoes can be eaten either raw or cooked. It is totally up to your desire whether you want it to taste as simple and plain as possible, or have it cooked and make some interesting dishes out of it. So, continue reading on as we roll all these out!

The Wonders of Tomatoes

Before we proceed to the main point of discussion, let us first take you to some sweet and fresh information regarding tomatoes and their benefits. Tomato is the berry fruit from the plant Solanum lycopersicum that is native to South America. Tomatoes have been long known to have several health benefits, below are the dominant nutrients and antioxidant that can be found on tomatoes:

  1. Vitamin C – considering tomato is a fruit, a regular-sized tomato will contain about 28% of this essential vitamin. Vitamin C helps in improving the immune system.
  2. Lycopene – A dominant amount of this is found on ripening tomatoes which help to lower HDL and prevent future chronic diseases such as stroke and cancer. Lycopene is also famous to improve skin health.
  3. Folate – Tomatoes are especially good for pregnant women as they are rich in folate that helps normal tissue growth and promotes cell function.

There a lot of clinical studies conducted before that tomatoes can help to improve individual health. Aside from being naturally sweet and juicy, the benefits of eating raw tomatoes contain indeed wonders that are valuable to a healthy diet. 

Cooked Ways On How To Eat Tomatoes

Now that we have learned a piece of fruitful information regarding the wonders of tomatoes, let us now discuss some ways on how to eat tomatoes when cooked! Below are some of the simple but good ideas!


Make it plain and simple – on high heat, put the sliced tomatoes on the pan at the beginning of cooking and stir fry for a saucy version. For a bright finish, simply stir them by the end.


If you love tomatoes on your burger, did you know that you can also grill them together? Simply toss the sliced tomato on the griller. Make sure you brushed them with olive oil before doing so.


Unlike the typical sundried tomatoes, you would also want to try this one for a chewier bite on your dish. Better try adding to your next tomato recipes!

Raw Ways On How To Eat Tomatoes

If you love to have your tomatoes eaten raw, it is quite better. Tomatoes are more beneficial when eaten raw as some nutrients are sensitive to heat, such as vitamin C. Thus, you are getting the optimal nutrients on a tomato once you are eating it raw. However, while eating fresh and raw tomatoes are good, always make sure to rinse them properly with clean water. Below are some of the ideas on how to eat raw tomatoes.


Make it easy and simple with a few help from herbs and spices. This is perfect for a sudden outside picnic or camping!


Of course, we will not forget to include the famous dish raw dish of all time. Simply toss your fresh tomatoes on your salad. It is up to whether you will remove the seeds or not. 


Tomatoes play an important role on this dish as it gives the refreshing hint of a burrito. Chop them in small dices and you are good to go.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Wouldn’t you be a little sad if your grilled cheese sandwich does not have a fresh tomato? It is just the perfect combination, isn’t it?

If you are still looking for more interesting ways to add on your tomato, here are some of the what to put on raw tomatoes ideas!

  • Pineapple juice – Yes, you read that right! Adding pineapple juice to your fresh tomatoes will improve their juiciness and balances the acidity at the same time. Make sure to add only a spoon to avoid altering the taste.
  • Balsamic Vinegar – Simply drizzle a little of this to add a little spice to your tomatoes. You will be amazed at how it’s going to taste!
  • Basil – With this herb that gives a strong and distinctive taste, sprinkling a little to your tomato dish will give you a crisp taste that will leave you wanting for more. This one is our personal favorite, by the way! 
  • Olive Oil – Olive oil has a little heavier taste compared to other oils so drizzling them to your tomatoes will surely be a perfect combination! 


Tomatoes is probably the one of the most versatile food that you can think of. Although it is classified as a fruit, it is more often treated as a vegetable due to the peculiar refreshing but sweet taste that it can do to your dish. Also, it contains an abundant amount of lycopene which boosts skin health and fights oxidative stress, along with other vitamins and minerals. So, the next time you are making a dish and it looks a little boring, try to add some tomatoes! You can either add them cooked or raw or better yet, just eat some raw tomatoes. After all, it is a fruit. Trust us, you will never run out of ways on how to eat tomatoes. However, just take caution from eating too much as the little seeds on it can cause kidney stone for one, only if consumed excessively. Remember, too much is always bad!

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