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How To Eat Toblerone: You’ve Been Eating It Wrong This Whole Time

Toblerone is a delicious Swiss chocolate bar. It is popularly known for its unique shape. It also comes in ten different sizes but with the similar proportions. Toblerone has a series of triangles joined together to make a long bar. This triangular shape of toblerone was gotten from the shape of the Matterhorn located in Swiss Alps.

You’re trying to eat a bar of toblerone but like last time, it’s always a messy experience. Your hands are sticky from the chocolate particles, the bar crumbles under your hands as you try to push out a triangle. No matter how much you might like chocolate, the mess always puts you off eating it in public: unless you just don’t care about how people react when you’re covered in chocolate like a toddler. You are so frustrated with eating this chocolate bar that you sometimes just ask, can someone just tell me how to eat toblerone so I can eat it anytime I like? 


If you’re a lover of homemade cooking, you might have thought about making your own toblerone. If you haven’t thought about it before, it wouldn’t hurt to try it out. 

The recipe: Chocolate and honey almond nougat

Ingredients for the honey almond nougat:

  • 1 egg white
  • Half cup of sugar (granulated)
  • 25g of chopped almonds
  • ¼ and 1/8 cups of honey

Ingredients for the chocolate bar:

  • 10g of chopped almonds
  • 100g of milk or dark chocolate 

The quantity of ingredients used depends on how much you want to make.

Process for making the honey almond nougat:

Step 1: put the honey and the sugar in a deep sauce pan and heat them up until the sugar dissolves completely. Do not stir while you heat up the sugar, just allow it boil till the temperature gets to 142 C.

Step 2: while you wait for your sugar and honey to heat up, whisk your egg white in a bowl. When the temperature of the syrups gets to 142C, pour the egg white into the sauce pan and whip them together continuously.

Step 3: continue to whip the mixture until it becomes thick. It should also have a shiny beautiful look. Place the almonds into the mix. 

Step 4:  spread the syrup into a silicon mold (ensure it is buttered so it doesn’t get stuck). Leave it to cool down and set properly.

Step 5: when it is set, cut out square shapes and wrap them in plastic. You should also chop some of the squares into smaller pieces to be used for the chocolate bar.

Procedure for making the chocolate bar:

Step 1: melt about 65g of the chocolate on a bain-marie. A way to achieve this is by putting a pot filled with water on heat and leaving it to boil. Then, place a glass bowl containing the chocolate on top of the pot as its boiling. Make sure you hold the bowl with a kitchen napkin. Do not let the glass bowl touch the water, you only need the heat. Stir the chocolate continuously as it melts.

Step 2: after melting the chocolate, remove it from the top of the pot and add the remaining 35g and stir till everything melts and becomes creamy.

Step 3: put some spoons of melted chocolate into the mold you want to use for its shape and spread it evenly and fill up all edges to avoid holes appearing on the chocolate when you’re done. Leave it to set for some minutes.

Step 4: sprinkle the nougats you chopped on the chocolate. Also add the almonds on the chocolate as well in an orderly fashion. Spread the remaining melted chocolate on the chocolate mold to cover up the almonds and nougats. Shake and tap the mold to remove air bubbles. 

Step 5: put the mold in the fridge and leave it for about two hours. This ensures that it sets completely. Your chocolate bar is ready to be eaten.

HOW TO EAT TOBLERONE PROPERLY – A Toblerone hack you probably didn’t know about

It’s just chocolate, is there really a wrong way to eat it? Well, as a matter of fact, you’ve probably been eating it the wrong way since you started eating this delicious chocolate bar. Toblerone is made with triangular prisms joining together to form a bar. Everyone is so used to pulling out each triangle to eat, biting it off or even nibbling at it but this is not the right way to eat this chocolate bar. 

Pulling the triangles outward is the wrong way to break each piece. You’ve probably discovered that each time you try to pull out a piece, it seems a bit difficult and your fingers get covered in chocolate. The reason why you need to apply more pressure to pull out the triangles is because you’re pulling to the wrong direction. To eat a toblerone, you should push the triangles inwards towards the other triangles on the bar. When you try this toblerone hack, you discover that it is easier to break each piece. Just tap on the tip of the triangle and push gently. That’s it, no stress at all and you don’t get your hands covered in chocolate. 


You love the taste of toblerone so much that you have probable eaten it every day for one straight week. Is toblerone healthy? Am I supposed to be eating this much? Dark chocolate is beneficial to your heart. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants; these antioxidants protect your heart from aging.


Toblerone is a chocolate bar that originated from Sweden. There are different types of toblerone, they include: white chocolate, plain chocolate, chocolates with fillings, chocolate with fruits and nut, snowtop, triangle chocolate chunks wrapped individually, honey and almond filled milk chocolates with caramelized almonds, coconut filled chocolate, and the berner bar which is the only type not shaped like a triangle. The toblerone is the first chocolate bar that came with fillings. If you’re wondering how to eat toblerone, you can try the toblerone hack.

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