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How To Eat Affogato Before It Melts

Affogato is an Italian dessert, which is generated from the word affogare and it means “drown” or go under. Affogato as a word was adopted into the dictionary in America in 1992 because in the 90s, it took over the traditional desserts served in America. It is served in Italian cafes and restaurants and also it has gained popularity in other countries where it is mostly classified as a beverage. It can be served with a cookie or biscuit, different ice cream flavors, berries, honeycomb, coconuts, or banana breads occasionally. Affogato is served for all class of people as the experimental spice it generates from chefs by presentation combines all sorts of trends and taste. The key to enjoying affogato is to eat the ice cream before it melts. This article shows you how to make and how to eat affogato.

HOW TO MAKE AFFOGATO – what is the best ice cream for affogato?

Ingredients for making Affogato are common and sometimes alcohol is added for adults. It all depends on the chef’s choice of recipe. The major ingredients in affogato are hot coffee and Ice cream, while other things are there to aid the presentation and intake of the recipe. Below are list of all you need to make affogato.

  • Ice cream
  • Hot coffee
  • Coffee cup
  • Tablespoon
  • Hazelnuts

Ice cream: a frozen food that is sweetened. It is made from cream or milk that is flavored or sweetened for the purpose of consumption. For the purpose of affogato, the preferred ice cream is vanilla Ice cream.  The best ice cream for affogato is the vanilla ice cream. Affogato is made preferably with vanilla ice cream because it is readily available and it is classic.

Hot coffee: the preferred coffee method used for affogato is espresso and it is thicker and more viscous than warm honey.

Coffee Cup: a normal coffee cup goes well in making Affogato but a transparent glass coffee cup is more presentable.

Tablespoon: Tablespoon is used for the consumption of affogato. You use the spoon to cut the ice cream.

Hazelnut: Hazelnut is also called filbert, it is rich in fat, vitamins and protein, and it is eaten when it is roasted or when it is blended to fine paste or raw. Hazelnuts have high fat and calories, they contain antioxidants that promote healthy heart, prevent cancer, reduce aging, and they keep the pressure of the blood normal.

Procedure for making Affogato: 

Affogato is easy to prepare; the total time required is less than 15 minutes. Depending on the size, you put 2 scoops of Vanilla ice cream inside the coffee cup, pour in the hot coffee or espresso and add hazelnut that has been diced neatly on top.


There are so many Affogato variations and we will discuss few of them and how they are made. We have Affogato on Avocado Smoothie, Coconut Affogato, Oreo Affogato, Chile Affogato, Caramel Affogato, Amaretto Affogato, Polpo Affogato and Matcha Affogato. You can learn how to eat affogato and how to make each variation.

  • Affogato on Avocado Smoothie: this involves the use of avocado, making it super rich and nourishing.

Ingredients include:  

  • 1 or more avocado depending on the size, ensure that the pit has been removed.
  • Condensed milk
  • Water
  • Ice cubes
  • Ice cream Scoop
  • Brewed Coffee

Procedure: Blend the avocado with milk, ice cubes and water till smooth, put Chocolate paste inside the glass cup and add the blended avocado smoothie. Add the Vanilla Flavor Ice cream one it and then add the hot coffee or espresso.

  • Coconut Affogato: this recipe is made just like normal Affogato but this time you use coconut ice-cream.
  • Oreo Affogato: Oreo also known as Chocolate Sandwich cookies. The ingredients needed are: vanilla Ice cream, cocoa powder, milk and chocolate syrup.

Procedure: Pour chocolate syrup into the glass, break the Oreo into pieces and add to the glass, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and pour hot cocoa into the glass and serve quickly. 

  • Chile Affogato: the ingredients needed are: vanilla ice cream, ground cinnamon, chili powder, cayenne pepper, cup, heavy cream, hot coffee.

Procedure: use slightly soft ice cream, add chili powder, cayenne and cinnamon, freeze it to solidify. When serving beat the cream to make it a little soft, separate the cream to different bowls and add the hot coffee and serve immediately.

  • Caramel Affogato: it takes 10 mins to prepare. 
The ingredients include the following: Nescafe gold coffee, Caramel, vanilla ice cream, garnish with chocolate.

Procedure: use condensed milk sweetened caramel and put in microwave for few minutes say about 3 minutes, add scoop of vanilla ice cream to it and pour hot coffee and serve immediately.

  • Amaretto Affogato: ingredients include scoops of vanilla ice cream, just prepared hot coffee, crushed Biscuits (Amaretti) and chocolate flakes.

Procedure: Put scoops of Vanilla ice cream into chilled cup, pour freshly prepared hot coffee, add amaretto and the chocolate flakes and serve immediately.

  • Polpo Affogato: this is a Mediterranean delicacy. The ingredients include: tomato paste, diced tomatoes, garlic, pepper, salt, Olive oil and fresh octopus. Wine can be used but it’s optional.

Procedure: Put non-stick pan on fire, add olive oil, cloves of garlic and cook until it turns gold; also cook the tomato paste for 5 minutes, add the fresh octopus and spice with pepper, salt and cook for another 10 minutes. Add diced tomatoes and wine and mix everything together and cook for 40mins till soft and serve.

  • Matcha Affogato: Affogato is basically the use of vanilla ice cream and hot coffee. For matcha Affogato the hot coffee is replaced with matcha green tea. Ingredients include: Matcha, vanilla ice cream, hot water.

Procedure: pour hot water in a bowl containing matcha and beat with bamboo whisk; then, put some scoops of vanilla ice cream in a glass and pour the bitten matcha slowly on the ice cream, and serve. It takes preparation and cooking takes about 15mins.


Affogato ingredients and recipes are originally from Italian origin and since it has gained global recognition, chefs are making it more interesting by trying out different garnishing and presentation. The addition of wine and alcohol is very optional; the uses of other variations of ice cream flavors are known to be based on the origin of the chef and also the style, taste and expertise of the chef. You should know how to eat affogato so you can enjoy it. Ensure you eat it immediately you’re served to prevent the scoop of vanilla ice cream from melting. 

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