How To Eat A Push Pop

How To Eat A Push Pop

How to Eat a Push Pop: Reliving 90s Kids’ Favorite Candy; Remember that push pops we all used to love? Before the era of miniature candy bars and bite-sized sandwich cookies, there was Push Pop. It was invented in 1986, by the Topps company and reached its peak of popularity during the early 1990s when it was endorsed by some of the biggest celebrities of the day. There are few things in life that can stir up a memory of simpler times quite like candy. Push Pop is one of those that can bring back childhood memories.

Unlike today’s push pops, which are larger and shaped like ice cream cones, the original push pop was actually a lot smaller and resembled a small tub of yogurt. It was made for on-the-go moms looking for an easy treat that their kids could eat with one hand. We’re here to take a look back at this relic from our childhoods and share with you how to eat a push pop!

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What is Push Pops?

What is Push Pops? The idea behind Push Pops was to provide a different way of eating lollipops. It comes as a container with a long cylinder-shaped lollipop and retractable spring levers on the side. When you want a lick, the lollipop can be pushed up. When you’re done, you retract the lollipop down with the spring levers on the side and cover it with a lid so you can save it for later. Push Pops offer both portability and convenience while showcasing something new. Topps, the company that makes Push Pops, has released numerous varieties over time such as Ring Pops and Baby Bottle Pop. Push Pops come in several flavors, including Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Strawberry, and Berry Blast.

During the craze of Push Pops, it got banned from some schools for being a choking hazard but for some students, the foods they eat in the school canteen pose greater threat than these items. Even though Push Pop is banned in some schools, it has not been discontinued. You can still find them for sale from some retailers out there. Sometimes it may seem as if Push Pops aren’t available anymore as they’re not being produced as much.

How to Open a Push Pop?

Many kids are curious about how to open a push pop. The first thing you will need to do is remove the cap. Then, you can simply push the bottom of the container if you want to lick it. The cap should not be thrown away if you intend to eat your candy bit by bit. If you still have candy left, you can cover the container again. Push pops are basically the same as popsicles, except the popsicles are on sticks. So the best way to eat a push pop is to lick it slowly from the point where the stick meets the push pop, all the way to the bottom.

The typical size of a push pop is 5 cm in diameter, but you may find it as small as 3 cm or as big as 8 cm. The price also varies depending on the size. These days, you can still find them on Amazon or eBay, but they’re few and far between.

Push Pop Gummy Roll

With its uniquely designed, easy-to-use dispenser, Push Pop Gummy Roll is the ultimate sweet gummy candy for valentines. The perfect way to hand out gummy candies safely, these shelf-stable treats are individually wrapped. According to the director of marketing for Push Pop, Becky Silberfarb; Push Pop Gummy Roll will be sold at retailers including; Walmart, Walgreens, and Dollar General for a suggested retail price of $1.79 to $1.99. The gummy product was first announced at the Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago in May 2019.

Push Pop Gummy Rolls are delicious gummy candies with a light sprinkle of sour sugar that come in a fun; portable case. As simple as pulling, pressing, and pushing–you get a delicious snack! Kids can take out as much or as little as they want from the dispenser so they can eat it exactly how they want. This is a fun toy that can be transported anywhere you want; just push forward the yellow part until the locking mechanism clicks and disappears. Children can decide how they want to eat it – they can eat some now and the rest later. Various fruit flavors are also available to choose from.

Push Pop Cake

Is there anything more fun than a frozen push pop? Yes, a push pop cake! These fun and trendy cakes are a great alternative to cookies and cupcakes. The cake and icing are mixed together to make cake pops. Their sweet flavor and moist texture and flavor make them taste like raw cookies. The frosting adds a sweet flavor to them and also makes them more “wet” tasting! Yummy cake goodness in a push-up plastic tube container.

Push pops are a great idea for a dessert. Instead of having to dig out the center of the cake; you push the cake out of the way to get to the ice cream. It’s a way to make cake seem like a healthier treat because you’re eating it with the ice cream instead of just the cake. It’s also meant to be an enhanced version of ice cream, without the added sugar.


Push Pop is an interesting relic from our childhoods, and while it may be hard to find these days; there are still some things you can do to enjoy one. Push pops are a great way to impress your little guests if you’re throwing a kid’s party and wondering how to make it great. If you can’t get your hands on an original push pop, there are some great knockoffs available online.

While the push pop is no longer on shelves as often; you can still find them online or at yard sales and flea markets. If you’re looking for a fun snack that brings you back to your youth; then make sure you give this nostalgic treat a try! As the ultimate 1990s snack, push pop was incredibly popular. To bring back those nostalgic memories, we’ve curated the best guideline on how to eat push pop so you can relive those nostalgic memories!

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