How to eat a fruit roll-ups

How To Eat A Fruit Roll-Up

Fruit Roll-Ups are a type of fruit snack that consists of a flat roll-up of fruit with sugar. They were popularized in school canteens in the ’80s and ’90s. It would usually feature different designs and features, such as cut-out images, to make the snack more engaging and fun. let’s find more ways how to eat a fruit roll-up 😉

More than two decades into the 21st century, Fruit Roll-Ups are still popular snacks among kids. It is also popular among adults. The core group to whom the brand was first introduced is now all grown up.

History Of Fruit Roll-Ups

Before we get started with the title; how to eat a fruit roll-up, have a look at the history of Roll-Ups. Fruit Roll-Ups are made from a variety of sugars and fruit pectin. Some people think that the basic form and shape of Fruit Roll-Ups came from fruit leather. This product is mainly made from various types of sugars and fruit pectin.

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Flavors AND More

Initially, Fruit Roll-Ups came in 4 flavors namely apple, apricot, strawberry, and cherry.  New flavors were added over time, such as Electric Blue Raspberry and Lemon Lime flavors.

Fruit Roll-Ups were also manufactured under the Uncle Tobys brand as early as 1990. Uncle Tobys showed television commercial advertisements for its products of Fruit Roll-Up snacks. Fruit Roll-Ups were also manufactured by Syrian immigrants in New York City in the early 1900s.

Fruit Roll-Ups also has an apricot-based fruit leather made from apricot paste. It was made by A man named Louis Shalhoub, who created an apricot-based fruit leather made from apricot paste called Amardeen. It was later marketed as “Joray Fruit Rolls”.

Although Fruit Roll-Ups are tasty and fun sweet, it was originally advertised as a healthy fruit snack. It was often stated to be made with real fruit. Some of the advertising for Fruit Roll-Ups was the basis of the 2011 lawsuit. The Center for Science in the Public Interest sued General Mills, a company that also manufactures Fruit Roll-Ups, saying that their packaging and marketing were misleading because it presented the product as a  healthful, nutritious, fruit-filled snack, despite having almost the same nutritional profile as gummy bear candies.

Like most foods, there are also homemade fruit roll-ups. Store-bought dried fruit options can be full of sugar, corn syrup, and other artificial ingredients. On the other hand, homemade versions are natural.

Fun Facts About Fruit Roll-Ups

Fruit Roll-ups have been around since the 80s and have been a favorite among kids and adults alike. They are a product of General Mills under their Betty Crocker brand. One of the many products under this banner is Fruit Roll-ups.

However, they don’t count as one of your four to five servings of fruit per day. Here’s some more info on Fruit Roll-Ups!

In 1975 Research And Development For Fruit Roll-ups Started

In 1975, General Mills started researching a new fruit-flavored treat. Fruit Roll-Ups were introduced in 1983 by the research and development team. They took inspiration from fruit leathers for the new product, which came in strawberry, apple, cherry, and apricot flavors.

A Creative General Mills Inventor Developed Fruit Roll-ups’ Non-stick Backing

The main fruit component for Fruit Roll-Ups might get the most notice, but the inventor of the snack’s iconic non-edible packaging is often overlooked. An inventor at the General Mills company, Bob Zoss, developed Fruit Roll-Ups’ non-stick backing. This helped make the extraction process much easier for kids and meant that the product can now be easily separated from its packaging.

Bob Zoss filed five patents during his nearly 40 years at General Mills. He also set 58 invention records. Zoss worked on everything from sodium reduction research to quality control in food packaging.

Fruit Roll-ups Are Sometimes Confused With Fruit By The Foot

Unlike similar fruit snacks, Fruit Roll-Ups are more “fun” than Fruit by the Foot. After all, both of them can be a good after-school snack. They come in bright colors (unlike many other fruit snacks) which appeal to kids and they’re always rolled, instead of just one piece at a time – another way to enjoy them!

There is some debate on the internet as to whether Fruit Roll-Ups and Fruit by the Foot are different products. Regardless, many commenters state they always thought they were the same until recently.

You Can Make Your Own Version Of Fruit Roll-ups

There are so many tasty recipes for Fruit Roll-Ups online. Offline – online Fruit Roll-Ups were a huge hit in 2018. If you’re unsure about how to make them, the most popular ways might be to use Honey Nut Chex cereal or graham cracker crumbs! You will never ask further how to eat a fruit roll-up after exploring its funky versions.

Chop up your favorite fresh, frozen, or canned fruit, add a sweetener such as sugar or honey, and puree it in a food processor. On a baking sheet, spread the puree and dry the fruit mixture.  In your oven, cook it for 6 to 8 hours at 150°F. Use a pizza cutter, slicing into strips or blocks and if you wrap it in plastic or parchment paper, you’ll have your own homemade fruit roll-ups.

A Legal Action Against Strawberry Fruit Roll-ups For Not Actually Containing Strawberries

A government watchdog, the Center for Science, recently filed a lawsuit against General Mills. They claim that Fruit Roll-Ups packaging’s intention was to mislead consumers into thinking it is healthy. It is falsely claimed that  Fruit Roll-Ups are made of fruit.

The reality is the strawberry flavor of Fruit Roll-Ups contains no actual strawberries. Instead, it is flavored with pear juice concentrate instead, however, the box showed an image of a strawberry. In 2012, General Mills agreed to remove images of fruit from Fruit Roll-Ups boxes that didn’t contain the actual fruit.

Kids Do Love Them, But Dentists Don’t

Dentists specifically call out Fruit Roll-Ups as not only being bad for teeth because it contains high levels of sugar. They might not realize other food options like dried fruits and various fruit-flavored snacks that are often marketed as “healthy” are basically junk food. The possibility of scraping off your tooth enamel and causing decay, the long chewing process of a Fruit Roll-Up can potentially pull out fillings stuck in your teeth.

Eating a Fruit Roll-Up

You can find your way on how to eat a fruit roll-up; but – Simply open up the wrapper and unravel it from its shell. Remove it from its paper and the eating process begins. You can rip off squares, one at a time, and place each piece on the tongue. Once the fragment has disintegrated, the next piece goes in. Enjoy eating!

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