How to Eat a Coconut Raw

How to Eat a Coconut Raw – Ways Listed!

Commonly, you will often see raw coconut already that is already incorporated into your meal – could be from a dessert or drink. However, have you ever thought about the process that it went through to get to your plate? For sure, you know what a coconut looks like and the things that came from it like coconut water, coconut oil, and coconut milk, but do you know how to open a coconut? Do you know how to eat coconut raw? Do you know that there are a lot of ways to eat a coconut? Well, worry no more as you have landed on the right page because we are going to discuss and give you answers to these questions. 

In this article, we will be discussing mainly the flesh or the meat of the coconut and give you recipe ideas about it. Thus, just sit tight and continue reading on as we roll these things for you!

Coconut – Young, and Mature

Before we proceed to the main discussion, let us first clarify the definition of coconut. Coconut is classified as a tropical fruit that came from coconut palm trees. It requires a temperate temperature to survive and bear fruits, which is why coconuts are abundant in the Philippines, Brazil, Florida, Pacific Islands, and other tropical Asia countries.

Up to date, there are 2 known basic varieties of coconut palm trees – tall palm trees and shorter dwarf palm trees. From its name, they may differ apparently in size but they both produce coconut fruits that range from green to yellow and to brown varieties.

So what is the difference between mature and young coconuts? People also call it brown and green coconuts accordingly. However, for a record, you should know that these two just came into one variety of trees. There a lot of people who are still confused with these two so if you are one of them, keep reading on. The one that you commonly see in your smoothies and desserts, they are called green coconut or the young coconut. The husk is noticeably soft together with its white flesh that tastes a little almost of nothing, just neutral. Its coconut water inside has more flavor that tastes delightful and refreshing. On the other hand, brown or mature coconut will have a fibrous brown outer husk. You exert more effort to opening it than with green coconut. Matured coconut still contains a little coconut water. The flesh is very firm that grating it directly from the husk will be the only way to extract it. With regards to uses, green coconut is more often used in desserts while you may use brown coconut too in dessert, it is more treated as an ingredient in many course dishes, mainly because of its milk. 

How To Eat A Coconut Raw

Focusing on green coconut, let us know to discover how to eat it! Of course, we first should discuss how to open a coconut, right? Spot the eye of the coconut which is located on the top, where the softest part of the shell is located, and crack it using a large and heavy knife. Continue doing so while creating a circle crack until you see an opening. Once you have successfully created a small hole, drain the coconut water and save it. Once done, give it a big crack in half until it fully opens in 2 halves. Since green coconuts are soft, you can just scoop using a spoon or a grater depending on the recipe you will be doing. 

Now, how to eat a coconut raw? As I said, once you have opened and drained the coconut water, you can scoop the fresh coconut meat directly from the husk and enjoy it. You may also use a grater and add some to your coconut water for a better drinking experience. It sounds simple but it is literally just simple as that!

Ways To Eat Coconut 

In this part, we will discuss both young and mature coconuts on the ways to eat them raw. Both add different tastes and textures to the foods so let us dig deeper into it.

Raw Young/Green Coconut

  1. Fruit Salad – One of the famous applications of the young coconut is in a fruit salad. Without it, your salad will most likely be dull and bland.
  2. Buko Pie – Another famous dessert! It’s like an apple pie but you use young coconut flesh instead of apple. 
  3. Frozen Chunks – To add more bite into it, freeze it then enjoy!
  4. Smoothies – Aside from its coco

Raw Mature/Brown Coconut

  1. Brown Coconut Rice – Yes! You can incorporate shredded mature coconut flesh into your favorite brown rice recipe. 
  2. Chocolate Caramel Bars – Shredded coconut meat comes great with chocolate bars too.
  3. Macaroons – Coconut macaroons are also a thing, this is great for those who do not like too sweet snacks. 
  4. As Garnish or Toppings – There’s is no limit on the amount when you want to treat brown coconut flesh as a topping, such as in ice cream, sticky rice, and other sweet desserts that you can think of. 


Did you know that coconut palm is also called a tree of life? Why? Simply because you can survive life with just this tree. You can make a shelter out of its trunk and leaves while its fruit gives you food and a nutritious drink. 

On the other hand, focusing on coconut meat, have you ever thought about the ways on how to eat coconut raw? Hopefully, we have given you enough information and learned a thing or two about coconut. If the summer has started, it is best to get out and grab some coconuts at your favorite store. We assure you, summer will feel way better once you sip its refreshing coconut water, especially when cold and additional desserts that you can make out of coconut meat. Oh, and do not also forget that you can make an oil out of coconut meat! It is good for your hair and skin!

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