How Many Calories In Burger King Onion Rings

How Many Calories In Burger King Onion Rings?

Fast foods are convenient, cheap, and delicious. Fast-food chains also frequently advertise their products in an appealing and delectable way. And their strategy has certainly worked. More and more people now find themselves frequently visiting their local fast-food chains or ordering them online. Among those fast-food chains, Burger King is one of the dominant players. When looking for a quick and convenient bite, Burger King is the first option for most. You can bring burgers practically anywhere. Plus, you don’t have to sit down and eat, and just continue the day uninterrupted. Burger King offers an extensive menu, and it’s got vegan burgers, hash browns, salads, varieties of burgers, pies, and shakes. Aside from burgers being the most popular on the menu, burger king onion rings are the favorite. But how many calories are there in Burger King onion rings?

Burger King Onion Rings

When we think about onion rings, we perhaps thought of breading an onion and frying it. But, if you ever tried an onion ring from Burger King before, this isn’t the case. Rather than feeling a solid onion in a bite, what you got instead is a mushy onion flavored paste. But this doesn’t disregard the fact that Burger King onion rings taste great.

Opinions are rather mixed when asked what makes Burger King’s onion rings special. One side would argue that the onion rings themselves are special. On the other hand, the other would argue that the onion rings coupled with zesty sauce are its main highlights. For you, the reader, which one do you personally favor?

Burger King’s onion rings are the favorite side dish among many. And if you are confused on which to get between onion rings and fries, you’re in luck! Burger King offers the best of both worlds. You can have onion rings and fries in a single batch! You can order half onion rings and half fries, though they are not on the menu, you can ask for it.

Are Burger King Onion Rings Healthy?

Like many of their items on the menu, onion rings are likewise unhealthy. Just because onion rings have onions, it does not exempt them as a health hazard. Onion rings are cooked deep-fried like fried chicken, so expect it to contain oil and fats. 

Calories In Onion Rings

So, how many calories in burger king onion rings? There are 417 calories per 100 grams of onion rings. If you are looking for methods to burn those calories away, one-hour cardio should do the job. But, this is not the end of the story. There is another factor that you need to look out for, and that is sodium.

Sodium In Onion Rings

Sodium or salt is vital for the body to perform certain functions, such as balancing fluids, muscle contractions, and pumping blood. But, excess salt is not a good thing. The recommended amount of sodium per day is 2,300mg, but fast-food meals easily go way beyond that.

Each serving of onion rings contains 840 grams of salt. While it may not seem much, but if you are eating a burger with it, you are already going way beyond the recommended.

Impacts Of Fast-Foods

These past few years, we have seen a steady rise in illnesses. Both new strains of viruses or epidemics contribute to this, but they aren’t the largest percentage. The largest contribution to the rise of sicknesses is actually self-induced illnesses. Yes! You heard that right!  These are sicknesses brought to one’s self! What do you think is the culprit? The clue is in the theme of this article. And that is fast-food. 

Fast-food is basically junk food. Let’s first define what junk food is before we proceed. As the name implies, junk foods are full of sugar, fat, and salt. It offers nothing in terms of nutrition. That’s why we call them junk foods. 

You can find these junk foods in every fast-food chain. Although there are a growing number of healthier options, they nonetheless almost are always junk foods. Take salads in fast-foods for example. These salads look healthy, but they add too many toppings or salt to them. Which kinda defeats the whole point. 

Long-Term Impact of Fast Foods

The impact of fast-foods in the long term is a subject well-studied among researchers. According to them, there are three main downsides of eating fast-foods, sugar, fat, and salt.

There is nothing wrong itself with eating sugar, salt, and fat. In fact, the body needs those three to perform properly. Nevertheless, an excess can severely shorten your lifespan.  You can expect high blood pressure, increased risks of heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer.

If everyone suddenly decides to eat the proper foods, we can reduce the number of people sick by 40%! 

Short-Term Impact of Fast Foods

Not many are familiar that eating junk foods actually also have downsides in the short term. Fast-foods do not offer much nutritional value. Thus, this leaves your body to want more since the daily nutritional content is not satisfying

So how does the body compensate? By craving. So instead of eating less, you would want to eat even more to satisfy the “fullness” of your stomach. If you fulfill that craving with even more junk food, you are going to get fat quickly. 

Also, eating high-calorie foods also increases the body’s demand for insulin. As a result, it will promote even more hunger. The more hungry a person is, the more likely they will eat more calories than necessary.


The solution is very plain and simple, eat healthy foods. Avoid eating those fast-food items and instead cook your own meals at home. Even if you are a fan of frying and grilling, doing it at home is still far healthier than fast-food items.


Fat, salt, and sugar together are what causes chronic illnesses. I am not saying that you should stop eating onion rings. And I think it’s great to occasionally enjoy a good fast-food meal. However, don’t make it a habit, or otherwise, you will ruin your health. 

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