How Curd can affect your Body

How Curd Can Affect Your Body

Curd has been a great and healthy staple snack that we can’t get enough of. The creamy, tangy, and comforting taste of curd can leave you wanting for more. A versatile food that you can pair exactly with so many varieties; fruits, salads, desserts, and even with breads. The thick and delicious texture of curd derived from the fermentation process of milk and edible acidic compounds which produce lactic acid that has many significant benefits for the body. It’s light and can be digested easily to be absorbed by the body. We can enjoy homemade curd or get them any time; it is available to any food shopping markets or even in a few restaurants serving curd on their menu.

There are several types of curds available to enjoy; depending on your preference or the nature of foods to be paired with. Some of these varieties are cheese curds, bean curds, fruit curds, and the sweet curd snack types. We enjoy gobbling curds, but have you realized the amazing health benefits of curd and how curd can affect your body? I bet you haven’t. Therefore, here’s some fact-checked curd goodness:

Here’s how curd can affect your body:

With no arguments, curd has always been a great aid for digestion.

Over the years, indigestion and constipation have been affecting thousands of people around the world. No matter how active you may get, these duos can actually hit you hard. They can cause major discomforts affecting your everyday life and routines. One way to improve your digestive tract functions is to consume a reasonable amount of healthy and delicious curds; they can help you soothe your tummy and ease that bloated, gaseous, and tender abdominal feeling.

Curd has been known to have plenty of good live bacteria that can help soothe and treat the digestive tract and the stomach walls. All of this leads to a better digestion process and absorption of vital nutrients. These also promote a normal defecation process to release harmful toxins inside the body and stabilize the normal flora of the gut. Being able to properly digest your food and attain normal bowel movements can result to a more vital energy usage, balanced nutrition, and well-being.

Curd can help you maintain strong bones and teeth.

Had enough of milk binge your entire life? It’s relatable. Most adults try to omit milk from their diet for some reasons like “milk fatigue”. However, there are still great substitutes for milk that you can take on the go; however busy and fast-paced your life is. Eating cheese curds or the sweet curd version can supplement the body with enough Calcium and Magnesium; which are necessary for healthier bones and strong teeth. The essential calcium found in curd can help moisturize and lubricate the joints and bone cartilages to help your locomotive movements improve. The dental benefits of eating curds can also make your set of canines stronger and healthier; especially during those cases of pregnancy and old age where bone density drops.

Curd consumption leads to a stronger immunity against sicknesses.

Studies have shown that gut health is associated with the overall wellness and immunity of the human body. Bacteria’s and viruses are now found to be a lot stronger in strains; this may cause the deterioration of health of yours and your family. What is alarming is that you can find these microorganisms and filth anywhere; even in the food we eat every day! So aside from good hygiene and proper food handling techniques, doctors and nutritionists worldwide, encourage the public to consume foods with antioxidants and with live cultured bacteria’s just like curds; in order to protect the stomach walls and the intestinal tract inside our bodies. Hence, these prevent the spread of disease-causing bacteria inside the body.

Let’s be discreet, curds can treat vaginal infections.

When a woman goes sexually active, there are high chances that women are exposed to sexually transmitted infections or hormonal imbalances. These can cause yeast infections and common vaginal problems. Yogurt or curd consumptions are proven to treat vaginal yeasts problems and balance the vaginal PH levels. The live culture of good bacteria found in curd greatly benefits the vaginal flora. It also lessens the occurrences of vaginal itching, foul odor, and severe secretions.

Curds are great and healthy for snacking and weight watching.

Another way how curd can affect your body? It can help you manage your weight. In between meals, snacking can be crucial. It takes a great willpower to block the temptations to devour junk foods and processed meals. Potato chips, ice creams, fries, and burgers can definitely make you drool when hunger strikes the rod. So getting guilt free and filling snack, opting for curds in varieties of flavors and kinds, can ease the cons of unhealthy junk food consumption. 

Curds can reduce blood sugar levels and blood pressure spikes.

We live in the modern times where people overlook their health, and healthcare went on costly surges. People have not realized that spending much of their money with vices, unhealthy lifestyle and poor food choices is like paying for their death beds. Gruesome as it reads, but reality shows that our life span and longevity seriously dropped to its shortest length because of accidents and with chronic health conditions that arise earlier than it should appear. People suffer from diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and other major health problems that cut the rope.

As for curds, this superfood can help lower your cholesterols, blood sugar, and the high chances of developing heart related problems. The hormone called Cortisol found in bean curds, cheese curds, and an unsweetened yogurt regulate the blood pressure and increases your food metabolism rate that converts burned foods to energy.


Curds are naturally healthy and versatile to any cuisines and dishes. I have tried bean curds with spinach in stir-fried sauce, cheese curds with fajitas, and some strawberry flavored curds as desserts. Aside from the fact that it is a guilt free choice, it’s highly economical and widely available. You can store them in a cool environment or a room temperature but consume them within the day to enjoy the wholesome goodness of curds. I have read several recipes that offer a variety of mouthwatering curd dishes and desserts that can satisfy your curd frenzy. Overall, the ways in how curd can affect your body and its amazing health benefits can create a great impact to our total wellness and immunity.

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