Health Benefits of Quenepas

The Top Health Benefits of Quenepas

The world has been blessed with so many resources and elements that can sustain humankind. Abundant nature and great waters surround us with plentiful of the food source that is all up for us to use and flourish. I have been and will always be a fruit lover – I start the day with fruits and end it likewise. I love the pulpy and tangy taste that burst in my mouth. Fruits vary in forms, taste, species, and cultivation process. Each country or region has its unique and tasty fruits that are all a must-try.

Have you tasted quenepas? It is widely known as Spanish lime. I remember the very first time that I get to taste the fruit from one of those Mediterranean themed food bazaars.

I initially liked it so much and end buying a pile. The fruit was so tiny and looks much more like a Philippine lime. The inside was a juicy and pulpy fruit a huge seed. The fleshy part has its distinct tangy and sweet taste that I reckon to resemble the mangoes and lychees taste. And what’s more surprising, is that the health benefits of quenepas are quite endless to behold.

Quenepas are packed with good dietary fibers.

 Every diet must include a fiber- rich component like fruits. Essential fibers can help to digest food and aids in the proper excretory movements. Quenepas are mainly eaten plain, or you can have I mixed with your daily staples as garnishes or additives to make a flavorful salad or dessert. I have visited several restaurants before that had quenepas with their bestselling dishes. Consumption of healthy quenepas can help you get lots of fibers for a healthy digestive and excretory function.

It gets you out of those pale moonlights. 

Having a dull and irradiant aura can spark gossips of anemia or low blood count. Not to mention the feeling of weakness and sluggish thoughts of “ not just ready for today’s moments .“ A person who lacks enough supply of oxygenated blood because of scarce Iron in the body suffers these kinds of dilemma. Iron is a necessary mineral to keep our blood’s red cells in sound numbers.  Quenepas possess a good supply of Iron to deter the bad effects of anemia aand other blood related disorders.

Quenepas may pass on its super powers, literally. 

There’s nothing greater than to have a strong immunity these days. If you wear facemasks and follow healthy protocols strictly these days, then I guess you have fewer chances of getting the Covid virus. We are in the middle of pandemic, and the only certain part is getting your family and yourself safe. That should be a plain assurance that you need to live by in this period. Aside from eating right and healthy meals every day, regular supplementation of vitamins for the body is quite crucial, especially for those that are highly at risk with the virus.

Children, the elderly, pregnant women, and people with pre-existing ailments must keep their immunity strong. Business and jobs collapsed, and the limitation of income-generating ventures went down. That particularly signifies the limited capacity of spending and trying to afford basic needs like food and vitamins.

Fret no more; nature has gifted us with health flourishing benefits of quenepas. This fruit has been a good source of antioxidants, vitamin C, and zinc that can strengthen the immune system. Adding them as your food staple will be a great hack to acquire essential vitamins to combat certain infections and chronic conditions. 

Lower the highs with quenepas.

Admit it, we love fatty and fried foods that satisfy our cravings. We usually cook most food with grease or oil, unless otherwise, you have those expensive nonstick ceramic or Teflon pans. The accumulated oil and fat piles up inside the body and create a greater risk of developing chronic heart disease, hypertension, and even liver inflammations.

The cost of taking hypertensive drugs as a maintenance medication can be quite a pain, and may even cause side effects to your kidneys. Going on natural blood pressure regulating remedies can be tough since there has been a categorized level of Hypertension that anyone might suffer with. Some cases may be categorized from acute to chronic conditions. Consuming quenepas has been known reduced cholesterol levels and improve cardiac health.

The phenolic elements found in quenepas were proven to combat and prevent heart attacks and arterial blockage. It has been found to have lower calorie levels that’s why eating them daily isn’t a bad idea at all. Besides, the fiber found in this fruit can actually make you cut down with those untimely cravings and urge to binge.  Therefore, helping you to maintain or lose weight in one way or another. 

Quenepas pulls you to bed. 

I suffer from insomnia and I literally watch the night sky to sunrise. I have tried some sleeping aids over the counter, but it just didn’t work. Not to mention the headache I get after waking.  Lack of sleep can detriment your daily routine and lifestyle. Your focus and senses come to a buffering state, and you may end up slacking off the entire day. A friend suggested the snoozing benefit of quenepas sometime ago. I actually doubted the fact that it can lull me to sleep since it has a tangy taste that can keep me alive while devouring at least a bowl full of the fruit.

But I guess I have proven myself wrong ever since. I started getting a good night’s sleep when I started adding quenepas in my meals, desserts, or just plainly eat them in-between snacking. I have a few articles about the tryptophan compounds that the fruit possesses which aids in the regulation of sleep hormones. 


The health benefits of quenepas are truly outstanding. Some even use the fruit for detoxification and have skin clearing properties that delay ageing. Eating quenepas can also benefit the hair, nails, and joints due to their protein and collagen content that helps in the renewal of cells and lubrication of cartilages and joints. Overall, the health benefits of quenepas make it one of the tropics’s wonder fruit that you can enjoy all the time. 

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