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Health Benefits of Eating Cake: From Sinful to Good

For the record, I think I have already tasted almost tons of cakes. I absolutely love it and have been craving almost every day for a new hint of flavor. I like the filling and sweet sugar rush that I get every time I get to eat a few slices. Many have thought that cakes aren’t that healthy and almost contain lots of sugar and carbs. Well, for anybody who is following a strict diet plan, I should have agreed earnestly. But I think cakes aren’t just all that plain sweet contrary to what your mom spilled. Not at all – there are actually health benefits of eating cake.

There are several types of cakes, and each has its own unique taste, composition, and health value that adds to its irresistible attributes. The most popular cakes are sponge cakes, butter cakes, pound cakes, angel food cake, fruitcake, and chiffon cake. These are mainly used and eaten to various celebrations and events that need a center of attraction, or a piece of stuff that needs to convey expressions like birthday greetings, congratulatory remarks, or even Christmas and New Year. But is there anything good that we can harness from eating cake? What are the health benefits of eating cake?

Cakes can benefit your mental health and well-being.

It’s a common myth that to try to get over sadness, one should load up with sweets and sugary treats; this includes chocolates, candies, and pastries. The amount of sugar and food contents that affect the mood are quite known since the early centuries where the cocoa beans from a cacao tree have been fermented and made into chocolates to be consumed as desserts, and its mother nature’s secret happy pill that deciphers depression and energy deficiency amongst people. Cakes contain an ample to an average amount of sugar and flavorings like chocolates, vanilla, or even caramel that can instantly lift your mood. Cakes are often paired with a great cup of coffee or a nice smoothie based on your preference or the cake variant you get to eat, whichever pleasurable. In some cases, most people prefer chocolate cakes over some fruit decadents and the usual vanilla flavor.

Bottom line is, you get satisfied and happy after indulging yourself with its treat. Studies show that people who suffer from emotional and mental distress are often creating an outlet of release through eating their favorite food in particular; they get seemingly relieved after the process. They say the caffeine and fructose found in some cake variants can help release the hormones responsible for making you feel sunny and all smiles. No wonder why some café’s and fine diners used to serve cakes together with their staple meals and brewed delights. A great company, mindful chatters, and a sweet treat like a cake can definitely heal one’s soul. It is one sure way to get the wellness factor of cakes.

Cakes can save the day from hunger to thunder.

A balanced meal is something that we all knew to be essential. Yet often, we neglect the fact that feeding our body right is the best way to set the tone of your everyday life. Skipping meals like breakfast can create an impact on someone’s productivity, alertness, cognitive, and behavioral state. The busy life we get from our day jobs, parenting roles, and even some minor responsibilities; all of these make us forget about the essence of fueling the energy for the entire day.

Cakes can be filling and can provide you the exact energy source you get from a normal meal. The eggs, flour, sugar, and butter components are an excellent source of proteins and carbohydrates; these fuel the body to sustain the needed energy levels. It can be a plus once the cake is filled with natural flavors and accents like fruits. Let’s say the healthful benefits of a fruitcake can be a great substitute to bridge the gap between hunger and nutrition; instead of eyeing burgers, fries, or some unhealthy junk foods which may contain fats and excess sodium content that can harm the body in the long run. 

Cakes will make your bones and teeth happy too.

Mainly, cakes are made with milk, eggs, and butter; this makes them a great source of calcium and essential vitamins needed for bones and teeth health. Gone were the days where nana or mom would stop you sneaking in for a slice of the good old cakes with hearty goodness. Calcium helps to maintain strong bones and keep our chewing gears defined and tougher. Proteins on the other hand help to maintain eye health; not only that, they also help us with having good nails and hair, cellular repair, muscular health, boost metabolism, and has the effect of suppressing hunger. Cakes with walnuts, raisins, and white milk chocolate are an excellent source of calcium and proteins.

Cakes can strengthen your immune defenses and maintain eye health.

Would it any sound peculiar if a cake can be your daily source of vitamin C? Vitamin C or ascorbic acid plays an important role in the defense mechanism of our body to combat viruses and disease-causing pollutants. And you can have that boost easily, like a piece of cake! Fruitcakes are basically made of fresh and healthy fruit bits and portions; ranging from berries, pulpy fruits, and some citrus. Most of the popular treats include passion fruit, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, lemons, and mangoes. These fruits create a feast of flavors and tons of nutrients you can devour at your heart’s content. On many occasions, some would have cakes with vegetable bits; such as carrots, spinach, and moringa. Carrot cake, for example, has a great content of Vitamin A necessary to maintain eye health. This can help improve your vision, maintain eye hydration, and strengthen eye parts.


Lo-and-behold, cakes have become more popular in this present era where thoughtfulness in expressing remarks and well wishes to a certain life event has become mainstream. Cakes can be economical or expensive based on brands, ingredients, and sizes. This can be a constant and significant symbol of hope, love, caring, and unity; it can be used for occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and the likes. Above all, the health benefits of eating cake are so important that we even disregard the sugar content that can trigger diabetes and other hormonal disorders. Just make sure that you satisfy your cravings and indulgence responsibly and healthily.

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