Health Benefits of Donuts

Health Benefits of Donuts: Who Else Loves Them?

Everybody loves that stuff with a hole in the center. They are made and shaped like rings, hearts, or just in a plain circle. I love them with sprinkles on top, glazed, and filled with so much goodness inside. Well, who can resist such sweet tempting donuts? I loved them since I was 4. The first time I ate and grab a bite, I knew donuts will be best mates for life! I am a sucker for sweets, and I enjoy a lot of sugar rush. Personally, I take them with me at work, through a morning jog to get a few hypes, and anywhere I find myself rooting for these fried doughs.

I remember celebrating my birthday when I was 6, and asked mom to buy me donuts instead of a cake. I get a jolt of happiness at the sight of these heavenly treats. But they say donuts are just nothing but a sugary and fried thing you get to chew. I beg to disagree; I think the health benefits of donuts are quite great.

Donuts give you a happy and perky life.  

I have known a few friends who hate sweet and honestly, I pity them a lot. I guess they are missing so much about life! Working as a Copywriter and a freelancer on a work-from-home setup, sometimes work can be totally demanding and may get me burned out. Thanks to caffeine that helps me stay on the ground and let loose my stress levels. Endless tasks and meetings can drain my energy all day and I barely get enough sleep once deadlines get in the way. So what do I do to revive my senses?

No, I don’t do yogas or any meditation stuff either. I get my jolt of revival and motivation with a warm and glazed pair of donuts! Yes, accurate enough, but I definitely go for donuts when things soured up. Accompanied with a cup of freshly brewed black coffee on the side, and some fruit to get my dose of citric goodness will surely pump blood back up to my brain’s spot. Do you know that donuts and coffee can actually help you sharpen your memory? The last time I checked, caffeine from coffee can help stimulate your mind and give you some perky pinches to awaken your dull senses.

While the donut’s sugar rush and carbohydrates give you an elevated energy dose needed by the body to get things done. The perfect combination can also lift your mood from zero to nine. Indulgence with healthful donuts can literally provide a happy state of emotions and get you inspired throughout. 

They aren’t just sweet, they are perfectly wholesome.

I grew up where chocolates and chips would fail my mom’s standard radar. She would always get roaring once she saw some traces and evidence of these duos. She would imply these are not healthy and will just cause toothaches and heartaches for her kids. That was quite unbelievable for a third-grader like myself. I even had the chance of sneaking around to grab a bite of those chocolate bars and a bag of potato chips she tried hiding in the cupboard. Thanks to that high stool which helps me reach my dreams at that moment. And so years have passed, and I grew up just fine without those heartbreaks that mom would always tell me about. I got my own flat and work my way every single day to live and survive. I’m missing the old oak home, though.

So every time I longed for the country vibe, I would go and get myself a bag of these freshly baked country-style donuts. They were so good and tempting that I get to consume at least 2 or 3 donuts in a snap. I love them with cheese, cinnamon, and some old-fashioned chicken and potatoes stuffed version. They aren’t just the sweet and sugar-coated buns that most moms would reiterate. The health benefits of donuts may include forms with cheese which has calcium; cinnamon that is good to regulate blood pressure and aids with your sleeping and nasal congestion issues; and meats like chicken with some potatoes which are undoubtedly a good source of proteins and nutritive elements found in vegetables. I have eaten donuts for breakfast and including lunches at most times, and I think I had no problems with that. 

They are filled and rich in vitamins, I’m not kidding.

Contrary to a popular belief, other health benefits of donuts include high doses of vitamin C, zinc, and essential nutrients found in fruits. They can be stuffed with fruit-based jams or even with the freshest cut of berries and pulpy and apricots and pineapples. So if you get to eat donuts with these flavors or filling, then you are literally consuming and getting a hearty portion of the required fruit servings and intake for a day. I tried those with apples, raspberries, cherries, pineapples, strawberries and so much more that I just can’t get enough of. Donuts are being presumed as they were just the sprinkled and glazed, full stop. And I feel sorry for them at most times. But with the passion and creativity of donuts shops and bakers, the old myth stayed a myth forever! I suggest you grab a nutritional bite of donuts filled with fruits you love. They’re so good, I promise!


We have several donut shops found in the area. And that’s why I love where I live. I get to walk in the alleys and roads where you get to smell aromatic and sweet donuts scent once the baker pulled them out in the oven and put them on a display rack. It’s just like heaven on earth. Adults and kids won’t resist the temptation to go inside the shop and get themselves a hot chocolate or a cup of coffee alongside their favorite donut. We always perceived the nutritional value of foods in terms of what it can give to nourish our bodies. Unknowingly, nutritious food can also be associated and contribute to happy well-being and a great mental state. Eating what you crave can ease tension, anxiety, and even depression. So from now on, just dig in and flip that “do not eat donuts” signage you held for a long time. Truly, the health benefits of donuts are quite essential.

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