Health Advantages Of Eating Zaatar

Health Advantages Of Eating Zaatar

Health advantages of eating zaatar – Detailed discussion. Many cuisines around the world use a lot of spices and condiments to add more texture, flavor, and aroma to every food. These are like magic stardust that add a more palatable effect and rich satiety to every meal. We all know that food is the universal language. And that means it’s indeed complex and filled with so much variety of emotions and interpretations that anyone can perceive.

Each country around the globe represents a unique food staple and spices that they locally grow. The rich flavors of the Asian, Western, and Middle Eastern dishes are so rich that each one is a must-try. Have you heard about Za’atar? Many households across the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries like Turkey, Greece, Lebanon, and some other Arab regions use zaatar as a food staple. Furthermore, this mix of aromatic and flavorful herbs and spices creates an earthly, tangy, and nutty taste that trails your mouth. Zaatar is also one of the most nutritious and potent superfoods ever found. Here are a few mind-blowing health benefits of zaatar that you should know:

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It’s A Potent Cure For Illnesses

Zataar is a fusion of dried thyme, sesame seeds, oregano, and sumac. It is grounded in texture and bonded with the use of olive oil. These herbs and along with other components contain essential nutrients and elements that are good for the body. Some would use zaatar as a plain spread to a flatbread or pita, others would have it as a flavoring rub for roaster chickens, lambs, and other meats, and it can be added as a seasoning to any cooked saucy or fried dishes. Keeping continue to the topic of health advantages of eating zaatar.

Moreover, One of the main zaatar herbs like sumac is actually a great antioxidant that combats free radicals and body toxins that can cause cancer-related conditions. While thyme has also a lot of medicinal properties that can cure and heal certain conditions like severe whooping cough, and fungal infections, and can help lower hypertension. While oregano and sesame seeds boost your immunity, promote cardiovascular health, and can help cure diabetes and joint inflammations. The medicinal properties of zaatar to help cure such medical conditions are widely known and have been practiced by thousands of families in Middle Eastern countries.

Zaatar Can Improve Memory Retention And Intelligence

There are some brain supplements and vitamins available on the market today. These can boost the cognitive aspect of the mind to keep and learn more information. The thyme and sesame seeds in zaatar contain a powerful brain-enhancing compound called apigenin (Sutton, 2006) associated with healthy neurons and neurotransmitter signals. These can help to increase the mind’s ability to store more information for better learning comprehension.

Eating Zaatar Can Improve Your Mood

Keeping continue to the topic of health advantages of eating zaatar. Some people can be flat in an effect and will go crazy ballistic afterward. We can be moody and emotional at some point in our lives. More often than not, major life stressors like money, relationships, health-related problems, and other stuff can influence sudden mood changes.

However, Stress, anxiety, and depression are like seeds dashed along the pavements awaiting the pouring rain to water them. These can be serious if not addressed. With zaatar consumption, the oregano and thyme combination that produces a known component called Phenol can help regulate mood-enhancing hormones to keep you in high spirits.

Zaatar Contributes To Your Blood Health

Not getting enough sleep? Anemic? Pale? Sounds dreadful, isn’t it? These unhealthy habits and conditions can certainly affect your blood and circulatory state. More and more men and women are suffering from low red blood cell count and poor circulatory health resulting in several degenerative diseases, fatigue, and slow metabolic rate. Consumption of zaatar can help elevate your Iron levels.

However, It is an essential element in the development of hemoglobin that carries oxygenated blood to all major parts of the body. Adequate oxygen levels can promote optimum functions amongst your internal organs like your brain and kidneys. It is rich in iron and zaatar has beneficial properties for pregnant women.

It Can Help You Breathe With Ease

Certain weather conditions, allergic reactions, and weak immune defenses can result in common respiratory tract diseases like colds, cough, asthma, and severe allergic rhinitis. The thyme found in zaatar can help loosen sticky and hard to expel phlegm and mucus. This can help soothe and clear the airways to achieve relief and ease in breathing.  Have it on salads, garnishes, and or with your everyday meals to help prevent common respiratory tract infections.

Zaatar May Help Prevent The Risk Of Osteoporosis

As we age, our bones become weak and brittle. In most cases, women are more likely to experience bone mass reduction due to hormonal stages and even due to conceiving and childbirth. Bone health is overall an important aspect of being physically fit and healthy. However, our bones support our major internal organs like the heart, liver, kidneys, and brain. Therefore, a healthy skeletal framework is crucially important to one’s health. Zataar’s bone-strengthening properties like calcium and magnesium help to prevent bone disorders like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Zaatar Can Be Used As A Topical Medicine

You read that right. One way to enjoy zaatar’s wholesome goodness is to apply it directly to your skin. It has anti-inflammatory enzymes that reduce inflammation amongst insect bites, scalds, cuts, and other skin conditions. Furthermore, zaatar has been found to reduce inflammation with gouts, rheumatisms, and other musculoskeletal problems.

However, I’m pretty sure that you just won’t get enough of zaatar after you read its amazing wonders. I have tasted a few versions in the past, and I think it’s the nutty and balsamic taste of the pasty consistency that makes it exquisitely tasty. The oregano hint even added a home-like side of scent that relaxes your nostrils. Also, many families have used zaatar every day as a table staple and even on the grandest occasions, that requires its signature taste. The health benefits of zaatar were quite broad and this may have a chance to be developed in modern medicine.

Moreover, the wellness industry continuously develops into a multi-trillion industry that never ceased to provide new trends in medicine and pharmacological advancements. However, being able to harness nature’s natural healing wonders is ultimately priceless. Many believed that zaatar, in ancient times, like in Egypt, only pharaohs and their gods were those to only consume this food. It is considered sacred and a notable dish that not everyone can eat back then. And these days, so many people enjoy the savory and zesty taste of zaatar anytime and anywhere.

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