Fruits that starts with E

Fruits That Starts With E – Not Usual Ones


The term fruit is usually used in colloquial language in connection with the term fruit. In colloquial language and from a kitchen technology point of view, as well as in biological technical language, the term “fruit” is used against different backgrounds. Colloquially, the term “fruit” means a section / part of a plant that can be used by humans. For example, the root of the carrot, the axis of the plant in the kohlrabi and the grain of the grain are called the fruit. With some types of cabbage or the shallot, the leaves are called fruit. In the case of apples, the term fruit is used to describe the wall of the ovary that encloses the seeds. Below will be discussed Fruits that starts with E.

Elderberry Fruit

First of Fruits that starts with E will be Elderberry Fruit. Many believe that the shiny black elderberry is inedible. Apparently, the “magical” glory of the elder is to blame for this delusion: in Europe this plant symbolizes witchcraft; it is believed that it was from him that the witch’s broom was made. However, the berries of this shrub can also be used for culinary purposes – they go well both in jam and in pie filling. Moreover: in cooking, not only berries are used, but also flowers, and even young shoots of elderberry fruit.

Ripe black elderberries (Sambucus nigra) and herbaceous elderberries are considered edible. The first is widespread in Western Europe, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, the Mediterranean, North Africa, Iran, Turkey, Crimea, Transcaucasia, the second – in Belarus, in the southern part of the European part of Russia, in Ukraine, the Caucasus, in Central Asia (Kopetdag Mountains).

Black elderberries are added to sauces, they are used to make jelly, fruit drink, jam, jelly, marshmallow, and vinegar is infused on them. In the Caucasus, the stuffing for pies is prepared from elderberry. In Italy, jams are made with elderberries.

Fragrant elderberry flowers are also used in cooking – they are used to make jam, add to beigne (a French dough dish with various fillings, deep fried), and flavor tea, confitures and vinegar.

Earlier, the villagers, at the onset of spring, plucked the tops of young elder shoots, peeled them (so that only a delicate core remained) and eaten them as greens. Young shoots of elderberry, prepared in this way, can be cooked in the same way as asparagus (that is, tied in small “sheaves” and boiled, placing them vertically in a saucepan for 10-15 minutes in salted boiling water). By the way, this is an old French recipe.

Eggfruit (Canistel)

To continue with Fruits that starts with E next is Eggfruit or Canistel. Canistel is a fruit of the Sapotaceae family, native to Central America and Southern Mexico. This plant is also called yellow sapote and egg fruit. Canistel is a yellow-orange fruit with a fleshy pulp that resembles boiled egg yolk. It is grown in countries such as Brazil, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Canistel is very nutritious and has a unique sweet taste. The egg fruit is used for making jam, marmalade, muffins, and pancakes. The pulp is rubbed and added to custards, milkshakes, or ice cream. Powder and flour are prepared from the dehydrated fruit. The large amount of vitamins in the canister makes it very useful.

Canister nutritional value. Yellow sapote is rich in carotene (vitamin A) and B vitamins: niacin, thiamine, riboflavin. Contains vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in moderation. Canistel is a low fat fruit and is also low in calories despite its sweetness. Eggfruit also contains iron, phosphorus, calcium, the amino acids lysine, tryptophan which are essential for the human body. Stilbenes and flavonoids, which are present in the canister, antibacterial and antitumor properties.

How to store canisters? Eggfruit can be bought unripe as it continues to ripen even when it is picked from the tree. At room temperature, it will take about ten days for it to fully mature. Kanistel remains fresh for two months if kept in the refrigerator. The fruit pulp can be placed in the freezer, thus, its shelf life will increase up to six months.

How to eat the canister? First you need to cut the fruit in half and remove the seeds (seeds). Remove the pulp with a spoon. The rind can be thrown away – it is inedible.

Elephant Apple Fruit

For last of Fruits that starts with E we will be discussing Elephant Apple. The elephant apple is an evergreen fruit tree with an orange-brownish or strong reddish trunk and a rounded and very spreading crown. The height of most of the trees rarely exceeds fifteen meters, but sometimes you can see individual trees growing up to thirty meters.

The dark green leaves of an elephant apple grow in length from fifteen to thirty-six centimeters and are equipped with clearly visible veins and a corrugated surface. Such leaves are located exclusively on the tops of the branches (simultaneously with single flowers).

Incredibly fragrant and surprisingly beautiful flowers of an elephant apple are quite large: their diameter often reaches fifteen to twenty centimeters. Each flower is equipped with many yellow stamens and fancy white petals.

The first flowers of an elephant apple begin to appear when it reaches the age of three to four years. And then, for the rest of its life (which is more than fifty years), this plant will delight with its amazing daily flowering. It is noteworthy that the same inflorescence can include not only opened flowers, but also buds, and sometimes even fruits. Each flower begins to bloom at night, at about 03:00, and about an hour before the sun rises, all flowers bloom completely. And already in the afternoon, at approximately 15 – 16 o’clock, the petals of wonderful flowers completely fall off. It turns out that the flowering of one flower takes no more than half a day.


All of the Fruits that starts with E that were discussed in this article are available for customers to purchase in most countries all over the world. They are not usual fruits that you would buy to consume at home, so it will be good surprise for your family members to try out. They all have essential vitamins for human being and will be great addition to your diet. All must try to stay healthy and eating fruits is one step towards that.

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