Fruits that starts with C

Fruits that starts with C – Everything about your favorite fruits


The fruit is the generative organ of the plant, that is, it participates in reproduction. The fruits grow bright, beautiful, and fragrant. They are specially designed to attract the attention of animals. According to the cunning plan of the plants, the animal must eat the juicy pulp, and either throw the seeds away from the parent tree, or swallow these seeds (provided they are small in size) together with the pulp, and then go to excrement. Here a kind animal will carry it away and fertilize it, and it can, like a decent tourist, dig in with earth. In this article will be given information about Fruits that starts with C.

Cherry Fruit

First of Fruits that starts with C is Cherry. Cherry is a genus of woody plants of the Rosaceae family. The cherry fruit is a juicy drupe with a round bone, sweet and sour taste, while the berries are fragrant, varying in size. The cherry genus has about 130 species. Depending on the variety, cherries range from pink to almost black.

History and distribution

It is believed that cherries were one of the food products of primitive people, as evidenced by excavations in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, in the mountains of America.

The Black Sea coast is considered to be the birthplace of cherry. The triumphal movement of cherries across all countries began with the victories of Lucullus, the Roman commander, a famous lover of invited feasts. Today, cherries grow everywhere except in extreme climates.

Properties of cherries

Cherry berries have long been widely used in folk medicine. Cherry is a dietary product, it increases appetite, improves the digestion process. Its fruits have a mild laxative effect.

Cherries have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Cherry juice quenches thirst at elevated temperatures. Traditional medicine recommends to eat a kilogram of fresh cherries a day for a month, washed down with 7-8 glasses of milk – this helps with arthritis and sclerosis. Cherry has a beneficial effect on the central nervous system, its decoction was used for mental illness and epilepsy.

Chopped cherry pitted seeds can be used as a lotion for gout.

Fresh cherry leaves are a styptic. A decoction of the leaves in milk is an excellent remedy for jaundice, anemia and internal bleeding. Thanks to substances that reduce blood clotting, the formation of blood clots is prevented, therefore, a decoction of cherry leaves is used in the complex treatment of coronary heart disease, with thrombophlebitis, after strokes and heart attacks.

Cherries are a wonderful dessert, both fresh and processed. Cherries make delicious compotes, jams, jellies, mousses. They look good in salads, cakes and ice cream are decorated with berries.

Cantaloupe Fruit

To go farther with Fruits that starts with C is Cantaloupe. Cantaloupe is one of the many varieties of common melon. The external appearance is characterized by a striped color of a thick dense rind, medium size (up to 25 cm in diameter) and weight (up to 5 kg). The inside contains an orange pulp with an intense sweet taste and musky flavor.

There are two main types of cantaloupe. The European variety of this fruit is distinguished by a gray-green color of the peel, which at the same time has a ribbed surface texture. In turn, the North American cantaloupe has a light brown skin with a mesh texture on the surface.

Generally, cantaloupe is eaten fresh as it has a delicious sweet taste. In cooking, the use of these fruits is limited to a variety of fruit salads, desserts, jams, sorbet, refreshments, and ice creams and custards.

When choosing cantaloupe fruit, you should consider the ripening periods of this fruit, which occur exclusively in the summer months. You should also focus on the weight of the fruit, choosing the heaviest of them, as well as on the condition of the peel – it should be smooth, without any damage on the surface.

Cantaloupe characteristics

A distinctive feature of cantaloupe is its chemical composition, which contains a whole range of vitamins, minerals and other compounds of plant origin, which have an extremely beneficial effect on the human body. In particular, the regular use of cantaloupe helps to improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails, to reduce the risk of the onset and development of diseases of the cardiovascular, central nervous and digestive systems, and also normalizes metabolism.

The cut cantaloupe must be eaten within two hours. It is recommended to store whole fruits in the refrigerator or in any dark, cool and ventilated place. Under these conditions, cantaloupe retains all its original properties for several weeks.

Cucumber Fruit

Last one of Fruits that starts with C is Cucumber. The homeland of the cucumber is India and China, where it is still found in the wild. However, some scientists consider the cucumber to come from Thrace (the territory of modern Bulgaria). The domestication of cucumbers probably took place about 3,000 years ago in Western Asia. This is evidenced by the “Epic of Gilgamesh” and other ancient sources. With the Roman conquerors, cucumbers came to southern Europe. In the XIV century, cucumbers were already known throughout Europe, in the 15th century they were brought to Russia, and in the 16th century – to North America. Cucumbers are grown everywhere today.

Due to the high content of liquid and fiber, cucumber fruits effectively cleanse the body of cholesterol, slow down the aging process and normalize metabolism. Fresh cucumbers stimulate appetite and aid digestion. Potassium contained in cucumbers is essential for the normal functioning of the heart and kidneys, and iodine is an excellent prevention of thyroid diseases.

Cucumber is not only tasty and healthy, but also used to care for oily skin. The moisturizing cucumber mask improves complexion for all skin types. Grind in a blender half of a cucumber without peels and seeds; mix with 45 ml of natural yogurt; apply on face and neck for 15 minutes, rinse with cool water.


In this article were discussed Fruits that starts with C like Cherry, Cantaloupe and Cucumber. You probably knew about them and have met many times in your life, but they are greet fruits which are essential to your health, so try to implement them in your diet in order to stay healthy. They are loved by all over the world, give them to your loved ones and you will see how much they enjoy them.

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