Can You Freeze Orange Juice

Can You Freeze Orange Juice?

Ahhh yes – nothing like a delicious glass of orange juice to start your day off. Orange juice not only is good for you but comes in a wide array of different choices for your daily enjoyment. But what happens if you find a great deal on orange juice at your favorite grocer; do you stock up on the deal and risk some of it spoiling? Or do you double down and stock up on a cart full; because you are here reading this article with confidence discovering if you can freeze orange juice or not?

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The immediate and simple answer is yes, you can freeze orange juice. Orange juice is quite hearty and does well when stored in a freezer. The delightful, Vitamin ‘C’ packed juice can last anywhere from 8 months to a year when stored properly in a freezer. The method matters…

Choosing A Proper Container & Portion Size

You can find a whole laundry list of ways to freeze Orange juice; it really just depends on how much you want to have at a time. You can freeze it in a little tray for ice cubes,; or even a simple airtight container so you have orange juice ice cubes. These are very versatile and can be utilized in a variety of ways. The glass bottle or carton your orange juice comes in makes great containers to freeze your juice in.

Naturally, if you already know that you are just going to be drinking it straight up as O.J.; then it probably is simple to decide how to freeze your orange juice. Although, one thing to remember is the juice to container ratio during the freezing process. The juice in the carton or bottle will expand as it freezes.

Always make sure that you open your juice and have a small glass before setting it into the freezer. This will make sure that it does not burst during the freezing process.

How Long Does It Take For the Juice To Freeze?

Now that we know what we are doing with our orange juice, and we have selected the proper container and portion size; the next question is, how long will it take to freeze? Well, that is going to depend on the size of the container; you have chosen to hold your juice and the volume of liquid that is within. Let’s say you chose to use an ice cube tray for delicious orange juice ice cubes.

Naturally, they are going to freeze quicker than say an entire container or jar full of juice. In small-batch ice cube form, they should take approximately 2-4 hours to fully freeze, and be ready to use. Whereas the whole 2-liter jar or cardboard container full of orange juice is going to take a surprising 6-12 hours before it is fully frozen. As you can see the volume drastically increases the time it takes to freeze.

Always keep that in mind, when thinking about your freezing technique.

Can I Refreeze Orange Juice After It is Thawed Out?

This topic of discussion is surrounded by a world of myth and mystery on the interweb… There are many people who believe that you should never refreeze anything once it is thawed out. However, that is what I like to call “fake news;” So, yes go ahead and refreeze orange juice so it doesn’t go bad on you.

You should make note of an important piece of information though. When you freeze orange juice and then refreeze it, this further degrades the quality of the juice. This basically means that you will be losing some of the valuable nutrients that come in orange juice. It’s the reason selecting proper portion sizes is so important when freezing your orange juice.

That way, you benefit from all the valuable nutrients that come loaded in your orange juice. Especially if you are drinking the calcium-fortified variety of orange juice that is available. You would be counterproductive if you were to keep thawing and freezing the same juice repeatedly.

Ways to Use Defrosted or Frozen Orange Juice

You may be wondering about the mention of ice cube trays when it comes to freezing orange juice. They make a great addition to a glass of water on a hot summer day for a splash of flavor. They are also a great addition to a smoothie recipe that calls for crushed ice or ice cubes. The flavor is very subtle and refreshing at the same time.

If you are hosting a backyard gathering, or an evening of cards and refreshments with your friends, thawed orange juice is a great go-to for a punch ingredient. It has a very subtle taste when used in small quantities. You can also use orange juice in baking recipes too. Any recipe that includes orange juice will have a certain zing added into the flavor that you will find surprisingly delightful and refreshing.

Final Thoughts…

Orange juice has a variety of uses that it is great for. Whether it is freshly squeezed, or store-bought, one thing is certain. Yes, you can freeze orange juice. There are some important notes to remember though if you are going to be freezing orange juice. The first one being that orange juice can only be frozen and thawed so many times before it starts to lose its nutritional benefits. Eventually, you will destroy all the nutrients through multiple freeze and thaw cycles.

The volume you decide to freeze in a container will drastically decide the timeline for your orange juice to freeze. If you are freezing the whole container at once, you can expect that it will take a great deal of time before it reaches the frozen state. If you are not going to drink the container before it goes bad, freeze it in smaller quantities, so you do not waste any juice.

Whether you’re baking with it, cooking with it, or celebrating it. Orange juice is a great choice for many reasons. So, head back to your favorite grocer, and load up on that O.J. It will keep fine in the freezer.

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