Can you freeze hard boiled eggs

Can You Freeze Hard Boiled Eggs

Yes, hard boiled egg yolks can be frozen. However, the yolks need to be removed before freezing. The whites will keep perfectly fine on their own without being frozen. Let’s get into the topic; can you freeze hard boiled eggs?

You may need a freezer bag to freeze hard boiled eggs. Better use a vacuum sealer. This will help you remove air around the yolks.

Do you want to use your frozen hard boiled egg yolk? Yes, it can be eaten immediately. But, people often choose to mix them into other alternative recipes.

How to Freeze Hard Boiled Eggs

Freezing hard boiled eggs begins boiling them using a slow-to-boiling temperature, but they must be cooked properly in order to maintain their delicate taste. Failing to cook the yolk long enough, the egg will be mushy and difficult to store. Similarly, if you yolk the egg too long then it’ll have an overcooked texture once you pull it out of the refrigerator. More to the topic; can you freeze hard boiled eggs?

Below is how to prepare hard boiled eggs for freezing for cooking:

  1. Place the eggs in a pan with more than an inch of water covering the shells.
  • Slowly boil the water
  • Remove the pan away from the burner and let the eggs be immersed in the water for more than 10 minutes.
  • Take out the eggs from the water and let them cool.
  • While waiting for the eggs cool, don’t wander too far from the kitchen. The USDA strongly advises to never leave unpreserved food on the counter for more than two hours. Remember your goal is to freeze your hard boiled eggs long-term, therefore avoiding exposing them to bacteria.
  • After which, peel the eggs. To make the peeling and cooling process more efficient, it is highly recommended that you shock your hard boiled eggs in cold water after they cook. This process should reduce the risk of bacterial contamination which can pose a significant problem. Then slightly shake the eggs, and then peel them underwater.
  • Do not forget to separate the egg whites from the yolk. Or else, if you freeze hard the boiled eggs with the egg whites, the whites will immediately turn rubbery and watery. That is not a combination you want to eat!
  • Using a slotted spoon, you can easily remove the yolk. If you don’t like eating mounds of plain egg whites before they go bad, just use them to make egg salad, a breakfast casserole, or even chocolate chip cookies.
  • With your pile of egg yolks now in tow, it’s time to place them into freezer bags. It is highly recommended that you use a vacuum sealer if you have one. That is the most effective way of removing air.
  • What if you don’t have a freezer bag? Try this handy trick, as long as you won’t be serving the yolks to guests. Put a straw into the freezer bag and suck out as much air as possible.

How Long Do Hard Boiled Eggs Last in the Freezer?

Hard boiled egg yolks can be stored in the freezer for up to one year. Be careful in packing the yolks; if you plan to use them all simultaneously, it is best to place them in a single freezer bag. Or else, just place them in smaller bags, so that you need not worry about air getting into the opened bag, reducing the quality of the yolks. Furthermore to the topic; can you freeze hard boiled eggs?

Are you ready to use the frozen egg yolks? You’ll need to plan a bit since it takes time to thaw them. It is best to just leave them overnight. Otherwise, you can run the freezer bag under cold water.

However, If you did not listen to our advice and freeze egg whites, better to let them thaw on your counter. In about 30 minutes, you’ll get to experience these tough-textured and somewhat slightly slimy egg whites.

Frequently Asked Questions On Freezing Boiled Eggs

Do you still have questions about freezing hard boiled eggs? We’re here to help you. Below are answers to some of the questions that they usually ask about freezing eggs.

Can Hard Boiled Eggs Be Frozen In Their Shells?

1. Eggshells usually crack when it expands from freezing, which can cause a mess once you thaw the eggs.

2. It will be more time-consuming to remove the shell.

3. Since, egg whites don’t freeze well, the egg yolks should only be placed in freezer bags.

Can You Reheat Frozen Boiled Eggs?

Frozen eggs can be reheated. Just put the frozen eggs in a pan and pour boiling water over them. Then thoroughly cover the eggs, and let them sit in the water until they reheat. You can speed up this process by repeating it several times.

Do Frozen Boiled Eggs Keep Their Nutrients?

Frozen boiled eggs are fantastic food and come packed with nutrition that helps you stay healthy. Often times frozen foods have more nutrients than their fresh counterparts. The cold temperature keeps the food from losing nutrients that fresh foods usually lose over time. Frozen boiled eggs also have similar carbohydrate, protein, and fat content as fresh eggs.

Do Boiled Eggs Freeze Well?

Egg yolks freeze well. It does a great job of preserving the taste, texture, and color of fresh, boiled egg yolks. However, egg whites become rubbery in the freezer, be sure to separate the egg yolks from the whites before freezing them.

Is It Better To Freeze Fresh Or Boiled Eggs?

The best way to freeze egg whites is to freeze them fresh. Egg yolks freeze well, both fresh and frozen. Expect your eggs to have a great taste and texture for up to one year in your freezer.


When considering your options for freezing hard boiled eggs, remember that the yolk is the best part to freeze. By properly preparing and freezing the yolk, it stays good for about one year.

It’s possible to freeze egg whites, however, they become rubbery. Therefore, it’s best to save the room in your freezer for other items. Fortunately, frozen boiled egg yolks have many uses in recipes.

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