Can You Freeze Feta Cheese

Can You Freeze Feta Cheese

Can you freeze feta cheese? You place together a Greek salad. Break off a small piece of feta which you then crumble over a small piece of shredded cheese. You then wait a week before going back to use your feta only to discover it has gone dry and tangy. Let’s get into the topic; Can you freeze Feta Cheese.

Of course, one can freeze feta cheese. You can still keep its flavor. The sodium and water content of this freeze-dried snack makes it more nutritious than any other form.

How to Freeze Feta Cheese

After you choose the right feta to freeze, you can get to actually freezing it. Be sure to follow these simple instructions below to properly freeze feta cheese at home:

1. Prepare Feta Cheese

The first thing you need to do is to determine what size you want to freeze your feta in. Make it as large as possible. Decide about the quantity you use and then freeze it in portions to the size. Then you can crumble or cube it when it has thawed.

2. Wrap Feta Cheese

Each piece of feta should be wrapped in a layer of cling film. You could wrap it in two layers, or even three layers if you had more time. In this way, you can be sure that the cover does not get damaged.

3. Store in a Container

Store the feta cheese pieces in a container. The best way to store is by using a rigid box instead of a bag to avoid unwanted damage.

4. Freeze It

Store the container in the freezer. Then you can remove any amount you need, as and when.

5 Tips for Freezing Feta Cheese

Since you already know how to freeze it, below are 5 top tips that we strongly recommend following when freezing feta to obtain the best results:

1. Keep it Large

Avoid more slices, cuts,  and chunks in your feta cheese. This is to minimize the risk of freezer burn. It is best that you keep your feta in fairly large chunks in the freezer.

2. Protect your fetta cheese

Oxidation and air are the worst enemies to your feta. You need to protect it by wrapping it, then putting it in an airtight container. This should minimize the amount of air that gets inside your feta.

3. Soak in Saline Solution

Did you find your fully-frozen feta having a bland taste? You can give it a bath in a saline solution after thawing. Just add 1tsp of salt to a cup of water and then soak your feta for a little more than 30 minutes.

4. Defrost Slowly

When frozen, the texture of feta will change. This is not good for your fetta cheese. You should slowly defrost your fetta cheese so as to minimize the textural changes.

5. Use Frozen Feta for Cooking

As previously pointed out, the texture will change. This change will make eating feta cheese atop a Greek salad unpalatable. Just use your feta in cooked dishes such as pasta bake whenever this change will go unnoticed

How Long Can You Freeze Feta Cheese?

Despite the fact that you can, in theory, keep feta frozen indefinitely, however, you won’t want to. Your frozen feta will lose its distinct salty flavor profile after only 2 to 3 months. Therefore it’s important that you use it up within a couple of months. It is important that you label your feta with the date it needs to be consumed so you can easily get organized.

How Do You Defrost Feta Cheese?

Frozen feta thawed in a bowl and left out overnight should be good to eat, that’s the cool way. Frozen feta thawed in cola and left in the fridge for an hour or two until it is soft should also work as well. You can achieve this flavor and texture by taking your time and some help from the past.

How to Defrost Feta Cheese Quickly

As mentioned above, feta cheese is best defrosted slowly in the fridge. However this procedure may take 24 hours, if not longer. Have forgotten to defrost your feta cheese? Then there is an approach that allows you to speedily defrost feta.

Get a bowl and fill it with cold water. Do not use hot or warm water. Although this will not speed up the thawing process, however, it can melt the outside of the cheese. Put your bag of feta cheese into the cold water and allow it to thaw for around two hours.

Can You Refreeze Feta Cheese?

Refreezing feta cheese will result in a texture that no longer looks good. It will also become less durable, so it’s better to throw away the feta cheese and just buy fresh feta cheese instead. It is best to, try freezing your feta in smaller portions so you can easily defrost the amount you need at a time.

Does Feta Freeze Well?

Yes, feta can be frozen freeze, however, it will never beat fresh feta. It is recommended that where possible, try and buy feta that is submerged in the brine. Get as much as you need from the brine, however, you should keep the leftovers in that brine.

It will allow you to keep feta in the fridge for more than 3 weeks compared to just a few days when the feta is drained. Having said that,  a great way to avoid wasting feta is by freezing it. Given the choice between wasting it or freezing it, then still give freezing feta a try.

Can Feta Cheese Melt?

Yes, it is possible but not easy when just a little heat is applied, a lot of cheeses will melt. However, feta needs a lot of time and heat. Put your feta in a dish in the oven for 40 minutes and it will begin to soften, melt and then turn into a dip.

Can Feta Cheese Dip be Frozen?

Yes, you can freeze feta cheese dip. Put it into an airtight container. Before replacing the lid, be careful in wrapping the top in cling film, then place the lid on top and place this pot into the freezer to allow it to freeze.


Yes, you can freeze feta cheese, both in crumbled and block form. Feta can be frozen for 3 months. However, be sure your feta is fresh, place it in an airtight container, then seal and freeze it.

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