Can I Eat Turkey Bacon While Pregnant

Can I Eat Turkey Bacon While Pregnant?

I’m a new mom, and I’m craving something savory – can I eat turkey bacon while pregnant? Many first-time moms might find this question a bit daunting since they want their first baby to be healthy and normal when delivered. They don’t want to expose their babies to risk by eating food they shouldn’t be eating. There are certain foods that are simply a no-go zone for expectant mothers. These foods carry a risk of causing food poisoning or other types of infection that could lead to your baby being born prematurely or — in rare cases — even causing death.

Turkey bacon is a tempting option that’s often overlooked. You can find it in most grocery stores, and it’s much lower in fat and calories than traditional bacon. But what about turkey bacon during pregnancy? Is it safe to eat while expecting? Here’s what you need to know about this seemingly healthy food.

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Turkey Bacon While Pregnant

Typically used as a low-fat version of pork bacon, turkey bacon is meat prepared from chopped, molded, cured, and smoked turkey. Similarly, turkey bacon can be substituted for pork bacon in religious contexts that prohibit the consumption of pork.

First-time mothers should be aware that although turkey bacon is often substituted for pork bacon because it contains less fat, it is still processed meat. Nitrates and nitrites are also found in it, which if built up in your body can cause harm to your baby and may result in early delivery. Pregnant women who eat a lot of turkey bacon can have a higher risk of having a child with heart defects or cleft palates. However, you can still enjoy turkey bacon while pregnant as long as you cook it thoroughly and eat it in moderation.

Uncured Bacon While Pregnant

Cured bacon is kept with salt and sodium nitrite. Its pink color comes from the presence of nitrites. The uncured bacon, on the other hand, hasn’t been cured with sodium nitrite. The popular form of curing it is to use celery, which contains nitrites naturally, along with sea salt and other veggies such as parsley and beet extract.

Those who are wondering if they can eat uncured bacon while pregnant should know that although nitrites in uncured bacon are not produced by chemicals, eating them uncooked is harmful to an expectant mother. Hence, it should be cooked to the point that all the bacteria residing in it are killed, and should be consumed with caution.

Microwave Bacon When Pregnant

You can microwave bacon when pregnant but you have to be careful in using your microwave ovens. If there is no other option but to use a microwave oven, the dad or any companion of the mom should do the cooking. It is better however to cook your bacon on the stove to ensure it is thoroughly cooked.

If you only need to reheat leftover turkey bacon, make sure the temperature reaches 165 F. The goal here is to guarantee that bacteria that can cause disease to the mom and her baby, such as listeria, will not survive.

Can You Eat Bacon Bits While Pregnant?

The bacon bits are a food topping made of pork meat and come in the various types; small chips, pieces, or granules. It is also possible for bacon bits to be soy-based products; that have a crispy texture and taste similar to bacon.

It is safe to eat bacon bits while pregnant because they are usually made of imitation bacon. If you are craving bacon badly, this is a good alternative. Nonetheless, anything over the limit is not permitted and may cause harm to even non-pregnant people.

Tips for New Moms on Eating Turkey Bacon

There are a number of factors that can make getting pregnant challenging. The first is the food a pregnant woman should be eating; as well as the unusual cravings she experiences during her first trimester. The food a pregnant woman eats reaches the baby, so being careful about what she feeds her body is important. However, there are those who love bacon. Here are some tips for new moms who enjoy this food.

  • If you want to eat bacon, you can do so by cooking it thoroughly. Make sure that it reaches a steaming hot temperature. When exposed to such high temperatures, it is unlikely that the bacteria could survive on the meat. The best way to cook it is on the stove rather than in a microwave.
  • Avoid ordering turkey bacon from restaurants because it is not guaranteed that the food is properly cooked. For people who do not wish to take the risk, soy and mushroom bacon are good alternatives.
  • You should practice good hygiene, especially when cooking to avoid contaminating your food with bacteria. It is important that you wash your hands and all the tools you will be working with properly before using them.
  • Modulate your turkey bacon consumption. There is no good in going over the limit. It is best consumed only when the craving strikes.
  • Talk with your doctor if you happen to consume more than you should be. They should know better.


Eating healthy during your pregnancy is important; but you can still enjoy some of your favorite foods; as long as you know what to avoid and how to prepare them in a healthy way. Pregnant women no longer have to wonder, “Can I eat turkey bacon while pregnant?” because there are many options for preparing the meat safely. Turkey bacon helps you satisfy your salty and savory cravings without hurting the baby.

Even though it does not have the same nutrients as pork does; it is a great alternative for people who do not wish to consume pork products. It has less fat than regular bacon; but it may still contain too much salt for a pregnant woman’s taste buds. The good news is that as long as it is consumed in the right quantities; it can also contribute to the growth of the baby and the development of his brain. Consult your doctor about how much you can safely eat while pregnant to maintain the health of you and your baby.

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