Can I Eat Subway Tuna While Pregnant

Can I Eat Subway Tuna While Pregnant

Can I Eat Subway Tuna while Pregnant? – A Comprehensive Guide for Moms; For pregnant women, grabbing a quick snack while on the road is essential since they have two stomachs to fill. Given that pregnant women have extreme sensitivity when it comes to what they eat, it is vital to give them a detailed guide on what foods they can consume during this time. Subway is one of the best places to grab a quick snack, and a tuna sandwich is a favorite go-to snack for everyone. But the question is, “Can I eat Subway tuna while pregnant?”

For expecting moms who want to eat at Subway, there are a number of factors to consider since not everything on the menu is suitable for them. Pregnant women are vulnerable to harmful bacteria such as listeria, which is present in contaminated food. Infection, premature delivery, and miscarriage are highly possible once they have been exposed to this bacteria. The baby’s health, therefore, depends on choosing the right food. We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide for expecting mothers.

Can Women Eat Subway While Pregnant?

Pregnant women need to be careful about what they eat since they need to protect their babies inside their wombs. The typical subway sandwich consists of a cold cut, such as ham or turkey. This is the most common ingredient for deli meat in sandwiches but it can also be pork and beef-based.  Subway Tuna is one of the options for those who are on the road and want a quick snack to pacify their hunger. However, can women eat Subway while pregnant? There are two factors to consider: One, many sandwiches at Subway contain deli meat, which can be harmful to expecting moms if eaten cold. Two, their salads come with pre-sliced and bagged vegetables, which can cause health risks if not properly washed. Different kinds of bacteria could pile up to these ingredients that might cause greater risks to the unborn baby.

To ensure your baby’s health, you must make special requests when eating at Subway while you are pregnant. When ordering, be sure to tell the staff that you want your food to be heated to the extreme so that bacteria such as listeria will die. Then you can enjoy Subway sandwiches without worry.

An alternative option for pregnant women is ordering subway sandwiches without deli meat. This is particularly beneficial for those moms who are always in a hurry.

Can Women Eat a Toasted Sub While Pregnant?

Since many Subway sandwiches contain deli meat; expecting moms are advised to ask the staff to heat up the Subway sandwiches to a certain degree to kill any bacteria. Given this, can women eat a toasted sub while pregnant?

Toasted Sub is usually fine for consumption during pregnancy. However, if you are someone who can’t eat toasted sandwiches, you can request for them to toast the fillings instead. The goal here is to make sure that the food you eat does not contain any bacteria that could harm both you and the baby.

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If you want your sandwich extra hot; be sure not to burn it because there are worries that cooking meats at high temperatures can produce compounds linked with cancer and other serious health problems.

Are Subway Sauces Safe During Pregnancy?

Subway sandwiches are also served with sauces. Although they come in a variety of flavors, are Subway sauces safe during pregnancy? Yes, pregnant women can enjoy subway sauce. These include mayonnaise, buffalo sauce, ranch, and caesar dressing. Subway uses pasteurized eggs to make these sauces,; so food-borne illnesses related to raw or lightly cooked food can be avoided.

The sauces can be enjoyed without any worries. Some people might worry about the spices in buffalo sauce like cayenne pepper,; but they have a low enough concentration for pregnant women to enjoy them. The only concern is consuming too much of it as it contains salt and sugar which are not recommended during pregnancy. Although all food choices should be made with the knowledge of a doctor, these sauces are safe for pregnant women.

If you’re a cheese lover, you can also enjoy Subway cheeses even while pregnant. Most varieties of cheese are either made with pasteurized milk or undergo a hardening process. Whatever type of cheese you like, cheddar, provolone, feta, pepper jack, or mozzarella, it’s all safe to eat.

Tuna Sandwich During Pregnancy

Pregnant women crave strange combinations of food and often find themselves craving foods they wouldn’t normally eat. There are some cravings that are more common than others; but the most unusual pregnancy appetite is a tuna sandwich with mayonnaise! There has been little research into this particular craving, but it does seem to make sense from an evolutionary perspective.

Tuna is a great source of protein for pregnant women; it has an ideal ratio of omega-3 fatty acids to omega-6 fatty acids; which are essential for fetal brain development in early pregnancy. It’s also easy to prepare, so many moms-to-be find themselves craving this odd combination but with no mayonnaise in the house.

However, you cannot be too complacent with tuna because too much of it can harm your baby. It can affect the development of your baby’s nerves and brain because of the mercury it contains. Expecting moms are advised to limit their consumption of this meat.


In response to the question, “Can I eat Subway tuna while pregnant?” The answer is “yes!” Pregnant women who have no food allergies or sensitivities can eat tuna from Subway without concern. Just remember to eat in moderation and make sure to heat it up to reach the steaming; hot point so there are no bacterias that can contaminate the food. Expectant moms are at high risk of contracting bacteria and should take the necessary precautions to prevent it from happening.

They should always be careful about what they eat because not only their lives are at risk; but also the lives of their babies. It is important that they remain vigilant and minimize the chance of contracting bacteria; as much as possible to prevent miscarriage or early delivery. It’s also good news that Subway offers a variety of options for pregnant women; including non-deli meats that are safe for consumption even when they are not heated.

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