Can I Eat Kimchi While Pregnant

“Can I Eat Kimchi While Pregnant” – Is Kimchi Safe to Consume?

Pregnancy is one of the loveliest yet riskiest thing to happen in a woman’s life. Along the journey, a lot of significant changes will happen physically and emotionally. Also, the woman will notice moderate to severe food cravings. She may also crave different types of foods and cuisines, such as Korean cuisine.

Korean cuisine and its fermented foods are quite getting more recognized around the world because of their uniqueness and the fun it could bring to the table. But considering the baby’s health, pregnant women will still worry about the food they eat.

It is understandable that questions like “can I eat fermented food while pregnant”, “is it safe to eat fermented food while pregnant”, and “can I eat kimchi while pregnant?” may suddenly pop up. Worry no more because we will discuss and thoroughly answer these questions in this article.

What is Fermented Food?

First of all, what is a fermented food? To simply put it, a food is called fermented once bacteria, yeast, or enzyme is produced and is being used to naturally preserve a food product.

What is Kimchi and How it is Being Made?

What exactly is Kimchi? Kimchi is a popular Korean traditional food which is known to be produced through fermentation.

Freshly picked from the farm, cabbage is trimmed, washed with brine (salt with water), and then left for 1 to 2 nights. Once the cabbage is set, it is then stuffed and mixed with the pre-mixture consisting of various herbs, vegetables, and even salt-fermented fish to add intense flavor to the brined cabbage. Some, depending on their tradition, may even add other seasonings for additional taste.

Finally, once all is set and mixed, the kimchi starts its fermentation process by storing it at a very low temperature and left untouched for the desired couple of days. This step is very important in the process of making as it requires a definite storage temperature to avoid any possible contamination and yeast growth, most especially for large batches.

Health-Facts About Kimchi

Do you worry about eating yeast during pregnancy? Can you eat Korean food during pregnancy? Could there be any yeast growth on fermented food products such as kimchi? “Can I eat kimchi while pregnant?” Read these facts that will help you answer your questions in mind.

Kimchi Has Health Benefits

Kimchi is good and healthy especially for our intestinal health as it is a source of probiotics, produced from the fermentation process by lactic acid. Surprisingly but true, kimchi also does carry anti-oxidative, anti-cancer effects, and even boosts your immune system! Additionally, there are still several types of Korean food during pregnancy that are actually good for the bearing mother and the baby.

Kimchi Craving Pregnancy? Kimchi Increases Appetite!

Yes, you read that right. Kimchi serves as an appetizer too. That’s why you can usually see it as a side dish on the famous Samgyeopsal (a famous Korean cuisine).  So don’t wonder if some of you may have kimchi craving pregnancy or crave other Korean food during pregnancy, most especially when you already had a taste of it before.

Kimchi Could Produce Yeast Growth

Don’t panic! Kimchi may only support yeast growth once one or two of the following are compromised the process of making:

  1. Glass jar sterilization
  2. Insufficient washing of cabbage and other perishable ingredients
  3. High temperature on storage

The things mentioned above are the most important procedures during the making of Kimchi. Luckily, most of the available kimchi on the market undergo quality assurance before making it to retail. Nevertheless, the rate of finding fermented food products on the market is very rare. So, do not worry about eating yeast during pregnancy. But my advice? Look for a more recognized and trusted brand if you are not making it yourself at home.


If the jar containing kimchi is already opened and left inside the fridge with a close and tight lid, the product will continue to age and will still be good for consumption for up to 6 months. If stored outside at room temperature, it can only last up to one week. Remember, the cold temperature slows down the growth of unwanted bacteria and yeast in food. Do not forget to worry about eating yeast during pregnancy!

Is It Safe to Eat Kimchi While Pregnant?

Yes! As mentioned above, kimchi and other fermented food products even give extra health benefits. So the next time you’re going to have a kimchi craving pregnancy type of moment, go for it! This goes the same for other fermented food products if you have already tried tasting them even before you got started expecting. Otherwise, there is always another available alternative. However, always bear in mind that too much is always bad and may lead to any adverse health effects to the expecting mother and her unborn child.


Carrying another person inside a woman’s body is magical yet also frightening. Every single expecting mother on the globe only wants the best for their baby and keeping them safe and healthy is their ultimate goal. Throughout the journey, one of the important things that mothers always worry about is the food and their sudden cravings, such as Korean food. 

There is no denying that Korean food is standing out among other cuisines in some parts of the world. That also includes their traditional fermented food – kimchi. This article showed and explained the health facts regarding it so the answer your question, “can I eat kimchi while pregnant?” – Totally! Fermented food products such as Kimchi carries several health benefits, thus, it is safe to eat while a woman is expecting. Just do not forget and always take note that excessive eating is never good for someone’s health.

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