Can I Eat Fruit At Night

Can I Eat Fruit At Night? The Truth is Unveiled!

Fruits are probably the healthiest form of snack you can find on markets. Sweet or sour, according to your preference, there will always be a lot of available choices everywhere. Known to have its natural source of nutrition, different fruits contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. However, there is no single fruit that can provide you all the main nutrients for you to be healthy if that’s what you’re thinking. Even when you are trying to lose weight, eating fruits solely will not give you the best shape you are achieving.

But have you ever asked yourself the questions like “Do I need to eat fruits?”, “Can I eat fruit at night?”, and “When is the best time to eat fruits?” once in a while? There are so many topics we can talk about fruits but in this article, we will address these questions to help you understand the benefits and some general facts about it.

Fruits Have Several Categories

Fruits are the flower of the plant that contains high water content. Each type falls into several categories such as berries, citrus, melons, stone, tropical, and exotic. In each category, the nutrient value and composition vary. 

The Benefits of Eating Fruits on Empty Stomach and Its Downside

Some studies around the internet may have confused and stopped you from eating fruits on empty stomach because of such said myths about how it will be left undigested inside your stomach when that is absurd. Fruits carry fibers and it serves as our cleaning tool in our digestive system. It goes through our body undigested together with the harmful materials we intake with the foods we eat. Fibers also regulate our body’s blood sugar and prevent us from binge eating unnecessary and unhealthy foods.  Hence, if you suddenly want to eat a fruit first thing in the morning, debunk the myth on the internet and grab one away! There’s a lot of benefits of eating fruits on empty stomach.

On the other hand, everything has a little downside. If you are going to grab a fruit on an empty stomach, make sure you prevent choosing the citrus, most especially if you are suffering from any digestive disorder such as gastric ulcers, gastritis, and acid reflux as it will trigger moderate to severe discomfort. Other than this, if you’re thinking of skipping dinner and eating fruits, you are so free to do so!

What Are The Fruits Not To Eat At Night? Are There Even Any?

Everybody can eat any fruits at night. There is no single study that found that one should not be eating a specific type of fruit at night as its fruits don’t bring harmful or adverse effects on our body. However, this changes the answer to the question “what fruits not to eat before sleeping” – citrus fruits. Again, citrus fruits are acidic and it may cause discomfort for certain people. On the contrary, if you’re not suffering from any digestive disorder, you may be allowed to eat any type of fruit as the vitamin C in fruits can help boost sleep quality.

What To Eat At Night?

If there are fruits to avoid at night, are there the right fruits you can eat at night? Like mentioned beforehand, anyone can eat any fruit at any time of the day; but there is probably the best fruit you can eat at night:

  1. Kiwi – primarily consists and rich in folate that aids insomnia. It also contains serotonin, a sleep hormone, which can help have your best sleeping quality.
  2. Cherries – like kiwi, cherries provide serotonin hormones.
  3. Banana – bananas are rich in potassium and magnesium which are responsible for muscle relaxation. Thus, helps your nerves do the same and put you to sleep.

The Best Time to Eat Fruits To Lose Weight

Presently, there is no study found that indicates the best time to eat fruits to lose weight. However, it is best not to consume a lot during the night as fruits contain fibers that slow down the digestion of food. With this, indigestion might occur before or during bedtime which can trigger another discomfort, thus affecting your sleeping quality.

Moreover, know that when you are achieving a certain weight loss, you need to follow a specific type of diet and exercise. Eating fruit at a specific time of the day doesn’t give extra or other nutritional benefits to the body. Nonetheless, if you wanted to grab a snack in the morning, noon, or night, choose a healthier option rather than pick up a bag of junk foods you can see at the grocery lanes. In fact, they are only adding more calories for you to burn. Therefore, step away and turn to the right grocery lane and that is on the fruit section!


Nobody can ever say that fruits are boring; eat it as it is, or mix it with other fruits and vegetables, or make good smoothies with it. You will never run out of recipe ideas using fruits. Hence, you can never go wrong with a wide variety of fruit choices. Aside from the apparent fact that it’s available at your nearest market, it is a healthy alternative snack that feeds your body a sumptuous and several nutritional benefits.

Remember, there is no wrong time of the day to eat fruits. Whenever you crave for one, just take note the very little exceptions mentioned on this article and grab one away. Now that the points have finally discussed, have you finally answered your question “can I at fruit at night?”? Now bust the myths that are going on the internet and spread the facts and benefits of fruits!

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