Can I Eat Crab Cakes While Pregnant

Can I Eat Crab Cakes While Pregnant

Crab cakes are a popular item all around the world. They can vary in shape, but they’re generally small; patty- or round fishcake-shaped and have crab meat as their main ingredient. The most popular crab cake comes from Maryland; being that this American location enjoys eating them for breakfast with eggs and biscuits on Sundays. Let’s get into the topic; Can I eat crab cakes while pregnant?

These seafood treats are a favorite choice for many people. They can be baked or fried according to preference and can be filled with a variety of delicious stuffing or none at all. Learn how to make crab cake recipes that are rich in texture, flavor, and nutrients by taking a tutorial.


Because of the high demand, grocery stores have expanded their offerings to include fresh and frozen crab meat. However, many nutritionists believe that freshly caught crab is always best because it provides the most nutritional value. They argue that the amount of crab meat consumed should be limited to a short period after purchase because it spoils fairly quickly.

Frozen crab meat may not have much flavor, but it’s widely available and is a good staple for your seafood pantry. The canned crab does have inferior taste and texture quality, which can affect the flavor of other ingredients you use in recipes.

Another factor to look out for when shopping for crab meat is the label. If the crab is labeled “chunky” or is described as jumbo, it means there is plenty of meat. Smaller crab is often labeled “special”. To learn how to make crab cakes, large, fresh crab meat is best.

Can I Eat Crab Cakes While Pregnant?

When you’re pregnant, it’s best to eat what will nourish your growing baby. That’s why many people who are pregnant are concerned about only eating the correct foods for their baby. Unfortunately, many people are allergic to crab, and being able to enjoy your favorite foods is an important part of living a balanced lifestyle. More on the topic; Can I eat crab cakes while pregnant?

It’s generally safe to eat crab during pregnancy as long as it’s eaten fully cooked and in moderation. However, you shouldn’t try crab for the first time during pregnancy because there may be unknown effects on your baby. Some people, such as pregnant women and those who have shellfish allergies, are concerned about risking an allergic reaction when consuming crab.

Eating Crab cakes During Pregnancy

Crab cakes may be an excellent source of protein and nutrients for pregnant women. Pregnant women can be assured that they are getting important components of their diet from this tasty crustacean. Studies have shown that the intake of crab cakes during pregnancy can not only provide a good source of nutrients for pregnant women but also serve as an important source of omega 3, fish oil, and iodine.

There are few risks to eating crab cakes while pregnant as long as food handling guidelines are followed and you don’t overindulge. Pregnancy is no easy feat, but the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends eating seafood as your main protein source during pregnancy. Not only is it low in fat, but it’s also rich in nutrients so you and your baby can grow strong.

Is It Safe for the Baby?

As long as crab cake is cooked through, it is relatively safe for both the expectant parent and baby. “Sometimes seafood is sometimes eaten raw that contains bacteria, that may lead to serious consequences,” says Sandra Arévalo, RDN. That’s why it is important that crab cakes need to be fully cooked so that they are safe for consumption.

Another concern is the risks of mercury exposure, which is present in fish and seafood. They may cause major health problems for mom and baby, including genetic mutations. Eating seafood is a good alternative to eating meat. Some seafood, such as crab cake, is low in mercury and poses no harm to your health or the environment.

Benefits of Eating Crab During Pregnancy

Pregnant women should eat crab cake as it’s a great source of protein and it’s an easily affordable meal or snack. Crab cakes provide iodine which helps in their development. They are generally lower in mercury than other types of seafood

According to Dr. Amy Valent, an assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology in the Oregon Health & Science, University School of Medicine, recommends eating seafood during pregnancy. Eating seafood while expecting offers a great number of nutritional benefits like it being a lean source of protein. Crab cakes in particular are also a good source of minerals, including calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, and potassium.

Safety Precautions

Not only is eating seafood a healthy part of your prenatal diet but there are several precautions that you need to take during pregnancy. These precautions include eating low mercury fish, like crabs and shrimp. Pregnant women should wear their PFD (personal flotation device), avoid contact with other water bodies, and get regular check-ups from a congenial doctor throughout the year

Eat It Fully Cooked

For all crab then, the key to eating it safely during pregnancy is to make sure that it is fully cooked. Sometimes crabs, as well as other types of shellfish, can be prepared raw or rare, but this is not advisable. The internal temperature of the food should be 145 degrees so that the food does not contain harmful bacteria and can avoid potential health complications

Source It Carefully

It’s important to be aware of potential risks when you eat wild seafood,; but the benefits of it usually outweigh any potential health harms. Pregnant people should monitor where their seafood comes from so they’re able to make decisions with information and awareness. Still, in most cases, crab cake when properly cook is a safe choice.

Make sure that the crab you’re eating (whether it is fresh or frozen) does not have a fishy, odorous, slimy quality to it. The shell should not be cracked before cooking. The cooked meat should be white, opaque, and firm.

Limit How Much You Eat

Dr. Valent says that as long as you cook crab well; you can safely eat 2-3 times a week with a weekly limit of 12 oz. She also encourages her patients to consume seafood in its entirety if possible due to the benefits it provides. Valent encourages people to get people to at least get close to 12 ounces of seafood.


There are minimal risks associated with eating crab cake during pregnancy. As long as the crab cake is fully cooked, you can enjoy it with no worries. If you have questions about eating crab cake during your particular pregnancy, feel free to reach out to your doctor.

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