Can I eat cooked oysters while pregnant

Can I Eat Cooked Oysters While Pregnant? Probably Yes!

Many things are certain with women during pregnancy time, one of which is all about cravings. It is completely normal for a woman in her gestation periods to get these feelings; these desires to eat anything the brain says it wants.

And one of those things may be products that come from the sea. Fish, calamari, octopus, oysters… There are so many options to choose from that may be okay in a period where the body of a woman is changing a lot; or, they could even be harmful if not prepared properly.

Speaking of oysters though, what about those? Could be those detrimental to the health of a pregnant woman? Can I eat cooked oysters while pregnant? These and other related questions would be answered coming up; so, you can safely crave some of these sea products if possible.

Is eating oysters during pregnancy safe?

To start things up when talking about a topic like can I eat cooked oysters while pregnant, we need to review if these products from the sea are actually safe to consume; especially in this period for women. So, is eating oysters during pregnancy safe?

Just like many things in life: It depends! While you could probably say “hey, seafood can make you sick when pregnant”, it is not entirely true. The thing is, it depends on the preparation and treatment of said food. 

Sure, you can get food poisoning when an oyster is not prepared adequately. But when it does, it is one of the richest plates of seafood when it comes to nutrients. Oysters can have lots of vitamin E, zinc, proteins, Omega 3, and less fat making them healthier. 

The safest way to consume these products is by cooking them properly to avoid harmful bacteria that could lead to serious complications; especially in this stage where the defenses of a woman could be lower than in normal circumstances.

Can oysters be eaten raw when pregnant?

Now, let’s talk about one of those ways to prepare oysters. One that implies not doing anything at all to them. Oysters are a seafood product and as such, it can be eaten fresh and raw just as it is. But what about when a woman is pregnant? Can oysters be eaten raw when pregnant?

This is definitely the other side of the question can I eat cooked oysters while pregnant; since it says eating something that is not cooked at all. And while some seafood can be just eaten as it is, this being one of them, it is a whole different deal when the people eating it are pregnant women.

It is not that you can’t eat something that is normally eaten raw, but in the case of pregnant women, it is a risk. Just like eating raw meat, you may be craving to eat something in that condition; but it is too risky for the creature growing inside you.

The number of bacteria that can live in meat and on seafood could be too much for the already compromised immune system that ladies have when they are pregnant. It is not like that system could not handle intruders, but it is way difficult than when they are not in pregnancy.

There are also chances of getting a gastrointestinal infection for eating raw products like oysters during pregnancy. You do not carry a microscope with you at all times to see how many bacteria could be on some oysters. To avoid risks, it is better to consume them prepared.

Is it safe to eat fried oysters when pregnant?

There is a certain type of oyster preparation that is basically deep frying the stuff, which may sound delicious for some people. But is it good for women expecting a baby? Is it safe to eat fried oysters when pregnant?

This is one of those things you can argue it is safe, but is not that good, even though it may taste wonderful. And while this may be a positive on can I eat cooked oyster while pregnant, your doctor would probably advise you against eating fried food.

It is common sense after all. It is cooked in a way the bacteria can’t grow or reproduce (they would probably be killed during cooking or frying), but still may use lots of oil to do it which in turn is not as healthy, especially during gestation stages. And no, using hot sauce or lemon juice can’t help you destroy these bacteria at all.

One of these plates that is made by frying oysters is known as Kaki furai. This is a plate made in Japan during the cold months of winter and fall. These are prepared and consumed right away after purchasing, never meant to be eaten raw. 

Again, it may sound annoying but it is true. Eating a product from the sea raw, including shellfish or oysters, increases the unnecessary risk to develop a bacterial infection, a food poisoning event, or worse outcomes. And those risks increase when the people consuming them are pregnant women. Always look for well prepared and well-cooked meats and seafoods, especially during those times.


So, can I eat cooked oyster while pregnant? Definitely. The benefits of eating oysters that are well-cooked are well known. Even the FDA in the United States approves! And the difference is just that: Cooked foods like this one are far safer than raw ones.

It is not like raw oysters are outright bad for you. The issue with them is that they are riskier to consume for a woman expecting a child since her immune system is not at 100%, it is somehow compromised to help with the development of the fetus.

You can also eat oysters that are deep fried, with one of these examples being the Japanese dish called Kaki furai. While it is delicious if you are into these types of plates, keep in mind that it is still fried, and thus the amount of oil used to make it and its effects won’t be as healthy.

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