Can I eat calamari when pregnant

Can I Eat Calamari When Pregnant? Just Be Careful

We continue these articles about can I eat Calamari when pregnant? – feeding during pregnancy with more seafood. It is not a secret that the food we get from the sea is normally pretty good in giving some nice nutrients, including proteins, vitamins, and amino acids, among others.

And one of those top choices in the sea of seafood options (yeah, we did that. Sorry) is the calamari. You may probably be wondering what is that, and the answer is simple: Italians. Calamari is our way to say squid, while that is how they say squid.

This is all well and good when you need some nutrients from these products but, what about pregnant women? While this is an exquisite kind of food to eat, is it at all recommended when you are expecting a baby? Can I eat calamari when pregnant? We are going to take a look at this and some related questions to this topic.

Is Calamari Good For You?

But first, before we start answering “can I eat calamari when pregnant?”, let’s ask the question the rest of the people would be wondering. Is calamari good for you? After all, being a product that comes from the sea, it would make sense that these are very good for most people, including pregnant women.

Well, yes. It is. In fact, calamari or squid is one of the best foods for women that are expecting a baby. This seafood has lots of nutrients that are very beneficial for the proper growth of the baby, and to keep a healthy diet during pregnancy and even when you are not at all, the nutrients are not going anywhere.

These nutrients are mostly proteins, vitamins like E and B12, lots of Omega-3, iron, selenium, zinc, and copper. Another component of calamari is mercury, which may worry some of you, but the reality is there is not enough solid evidence to veto calamari for its content of mercury. Also, it is not a lot of it inside.

Even having a bit of mercury, you should not overeat lots of squid because of that. It is safe to consume, given its low content of this metal, but that does not mean you can eat all you want, it is not healthy. The recommended serving is around 3 max per week, being 4 ounces in every serving.

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How Should You Cook Calamari?

Now, after having discussed the answer can I eat calamari when pregnant is a simple yes, given that is a safe food to consume when a woman is expecting a baby, of course with moderation. So, if it is safe, how should you cook calamari?

In a nutshell, calamari is only good to eat when they are well cooked. You can do this by grilling it, frying it, baking it, and sautéing it, among other ways, to ensure a proper internal temperature, just like in beef and other meats.

Further, you should also know that, although it can be eaten raw in dishes like sushi, it is a lot riskier, especially in women that are expecting a baby. You can’t know for certain if that has been well prepared or if it has bacteria that could be to a serious complication during gestation.

That means that the squid should be cooked properly to maintain an internal temperature of around 63 degrees Celsius, or 145 degrees Fahrenheit. This is when consuming the squid, but if something is left, make sure to save them into the fridge fast! The ambient temperature in the room would decrease this internal temperature in just a couple of hours, enough to grow bacteria.

What Are The Best Ways To Eat Calamari When Pregnant?

When it comes to answering can I eat calamari when pregnant, there are many questions about the ways you can consume squid since they are safe for consumption, at moderate levels, and properly cooked. So, what are the best ways to eat calamari when pregnant?

First up, fry calamari is not your best option. Sure, it may be delicious, but what is the point of trying to live a healthy lifestyle when you are expecting a baby, and then eating something that basically loses all of its nutrients after being fried. It would be nice for a treat, but do not make it a habit.

To avoid that loss of nutrients, like vitamins, iron, Omega-3, and so on, put your calamari under steam. Doing it this way, you avoid the loss of those valuable complements for your overall health during gestation.

Another way to prepare calamari is by accompanying them with fresh vegetables. This is more about your taste, but calamari could be also a snack that you would enjoy when eating some green salads when prepared as sautéing calamari.

Finally, the obvious things to know about squid: Do not buy them without checking the expiration date, how fresh it looks, and even if the place you are buying it is clean and hygienic. After that, clean it properly and prepare it well.


To finish things up, you need to know that the answer to can I eat calamari when pregnant is “it is totally fine to eat calamari when you are expecting a baby”, but with a big IF. This is if you cook it properly and keep its temperature at adequate levels.

Calamari is a nice source of iron, vitamin E and B12, lots of Omega-3, iron, selenium, zinc, and copper. So, as you can see, lots of elements that are really good to have when developing a baby inside a woman. Even then, preparing fried squid may reduce these nutrients to a minimum, so avoid that.

And finally, when it comes to options for pregnant women craving calamari, they could try some plates and dishes prepared with calamari that are fried, baked, sauté in a green salad, grilled, among other nice options. The best is to always consume them well cooked, to avoid the growth of nasty bacteria that can pose a risk for you and your baby.

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