Best Sides For Pork Chops

Best Sides For Pork Chops: Effortless And Delish

Pork chops is a lean meat with or without a bit of fat on its side. This makes it a loved piece of many people especially for those who are health conscious. There are so many ways it’s cooked in homes around the world and it makes its way to every fancy party or at a family get together.

Pork chops are succulent and scrumptious on their own but by drizzling some sauce over it or placing the perfect side dish besides it on the table, elevates and completes a delish meal. This is the trick that creates magic and creates a most memorable dinner for all.

Here are a few examples in the form of selected collections that might be of help to you in choosing the best sides for pork chops on your menu.

4 Best Sides For Pork Chops

1. Potato Side Dishes For Pork Chops

Gratin style potatoes a creamy hearty side for a nice juicy seared pork chop. Layer the potatoes, cream and cheese, season and bake. 

Mashed potatoes go very well with a crusted pork chop. The crunch of the chops and the fluffy creamy potatoes are a perfect fusion of textures. 

Baked potatoes are an all time favorite. Top a baked potato with; broccoli cheddar; cottage cheese and chives; tzatziki; jalapeno and cheese; creamed spinach and so many more, just about anything.

Roasted potatoes with some garlic, butter and thyme or crispy parmesan roasted ones make the simplest and best sides for pork chops.

2. Green Salad To Go With Pork Chops

 Let’s start with the kale and Brussels sprout salad with a handful of walnuts mixed in. A fresh and green salad to go with pork chops for lunch or an outdoor day-time party.

The Mexican style salsa salad with avocado and fresh herbs and a bit or tomato is a great salad for bringing freshness to the palette after the rich savouriness that comes with the pork chops.

 Sautéed asparagus is wonderful just plain covered with the juices of a big pork on the bone placed over it. But in the barbeque season you might need something summery to eat and grilled asparagus caprese salad with feta and cherry tomatoes is the right one.

3. Pasta Side Dishes For Pork Chops

Mac and cheese is a classic side dish for any meaty feast. So many innovative recipes have popped up in the past few years and there are so many varieties. You can select from the following; baked mac and cheese; green spinach mac and cheese; pumpkin mac and cheese; cauliflower mac and cheese, etc.

Pasta salads are fresh and lighter pasta side dishes for pork chops. Vermicelli noodle salad or cold rice noodle salad with peanut sauce will work wonders for an Asian style menu with pork chops cooked with Asian spices. A Mediterranean orzo salad makes for another vibrant pasta side dish for pork chops. 

Cooked pasta recipes like creamy cheesy spinach pasta, tomato sauce spaghetti or kale and broccoli orzo pasta are a few basic ideas. Put a piece of pork chop on  a bed delectable pastas, top them with some freshly grated parmesan to complete an ‘eccellente’ meal.

4. Rice Side Dishes For Pork Chops:

Infused rice dishes have the appearance that says ‘bland’ but when you take a bite there is a burst of flavor in your mouth. The rice have a delicate taste so, they add a second layer to the pork chops by not overpowering them. Some ingredients that can be used to infuse the rice are; garlic, chili, coconut, lime, herbs, saffron, butter etc.

Risotto would give your meal an Italian touch which instantly creates an ambiance of elegance with a touch of simplicity. Mushroom risotto or truffle risotto sound amazing, look appetizing, and taste delectable. A pan-seared pork chop with a butternut pumpkin risotto is best color scheme and flavor for the autumn season.

Stir fried rice side dishes for pork chops can be; bacon and egg fried rice, mix vegetable fried rice, cauliflower fried rice or Brussels sprout brown fried rice just to name a few of them. These are all recommended because they are packed with so much flavor to lift up any simple pork chop recipe. 

In Conclusion

These were some of the most common and probably the best side dishes for pork chops from around the globe. The simplicity and ease with which these can be prepared make it a reason, to go out of the way, every time you make pork chops. There is no way your menu is going to be predictable by anyone any more. And that is surely going to be a treat for your family and friends. With so many recipes and so many unique ways to mix and match, there is certainly a chance of variety every single time, unless you fall in love with any of the combos and plan on making it more often. And finally just remember to have fun while cooking and enjoy yourself in the kitchen with these ideas.

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