Best Sides For Burger

Best Sides For Burger: Dainty And Appetizing

Burger has become a favorite meal around the world. It is being cooked at home or sizzled off on a grill in the outdoor fresh air. People just seem to love any food cooked on fire especially if it has the aroma of smokiness. Burgers can be found in so many varieties these days. Not only the special and unique assortments but the burger patties are in wide range too. There is the classic hamburger and chicken burger. But, you can also find turkey burgers, seafood and even vegan and vegetarian burgers. Now getting to the main topic of what might be the best sides for burger.

The variety of burger patties make it challenging to find the right sides for the right burger. But burgers already come packed as a whole meal. It has veggies, pickles, cheese, condiments for flavoring and buns. There is only so much you can add on the side before it becomes “too much”.

So instead, let’s try some bite-size, finger foods ideas for a change.

5 Best Sides For Burgers: Delicious Nibbles

Salads As Healthy Side Dishes For Burgers

Salads are must have item for every meal. They might not be nibbles but they are essential and well they are made up of small items. 

Watermelon salad with mint and feta; spinach, orange and avocado salad; melon and ham salad are fresh summery salad for a summer barbeque. Chickpea salad, couscous salad are healthy salads with so many ways to be prepared. Three bean salad, green bean salad or Mexican style black bean salad are some colorful and healthy side dishes for burgers. Potato salads can be made healthy when served with yogurt instead of mayo or cream and addition of avocado.

Fries And The Fried: A Unique Version

Potato fries have been a staple side dish for burgers. But something so recurrent can get boring at times. A few variations of fries and fried sides can make a meal more interesting. 

Under fries, we have the options of baking parmesan zucchini fries which can also be prepared curly. Asparagus fries are a tasty finger food. Another way of making them would be the crispy baked version. Turnip and sweet potato fries look like regular fries but taste so different and slightly better. Baked carrot, beet chips and kale chips are crispy delights and night be the best sides for burgers.

In fried we have many choices to choose from. Fried dill pickle in the new version of the traditional pickles found inside the burger. it’s a tasty tangy fried side dish. Onion rings and fried calamari are also great to have besides burger. The calamari can make the burger meal a ‘surf and turf’. Tater tots are great in the original form made with potatoes but the new ideas or also worth trying. These include cauliflower tater tots and bacon wrapped tater tots. Cheese pops, cheesy eggplant bites, mac and cheese balls or mashed potato balls are all tasty and easy side for burger.

Veggies Variety

Parmesan veggies like green beans, broccoli, carrots, Brussels sprouts or a mix of all of them are a healthy side for burgers. Pickled vegetables like cauliflower, bell pepper, radishes, jalapeno, carrots, onions, beans and so many more or good recipes of pickled slaw are both a delightfully tangy and cold veggie option perfect to add on the side or even inside a burger.

Not completely veggie dishes but these next few sides are bound to be anyone’s favorite: prosciutto wrapped avocado and bacon-wrapped asparagus. Make some pan-roasted potatoes with pancetta for the best potato side for burger.

Skewers: Easy Sides For Burgers

Everyone likes to spend less time for cooking and more time eating and enjoying with their company. This is a style of cooking is going to save time and make delicious and easy sides for burgers for an outdoor barbeque picnic. 

Either you can just slide your favorite selection of ingredients onto skewers, brush with a little olive oil or a marinade, and grill over the BBQ or you can choose from the following options. Plain mushroom skewers are great on its own; but, try making a portobello mushroom skewer with halloumi cheese which is nothing short of “delish”.

Tofu grilled along with a few veggies on a skewer or mango and avocado skewers are perfect to add more vegetarian options on the table.

Prawn skewers with teriyaki prawns or chili lime marinade with a tomato, an onion and a capsicum in a fancy seafood side dish for another surf and turf idea.

Traditional But The Best Potato Sides For Burgers

  • Roasted or baked potato – plain as is or with rosemary or dill.
  • Potato wedges – maybe spicy ones or with garlic ranch dressing
  • Loaded cheesy potato with a few different types of cheese and a bit of bacon
  • A classic potato salad or a cauliflower potato salad – these might not be the healthiest of the lot but they sure do know how be the best comfort food there is.


In a nutshell, there is no need of adding dishes like casseroles, rice, mashed veggies, etc. for a burger. Just simple and plain items that are easy to make and put together will make the best sides for burger. There are many ways cooking and celebrating can be made easy without compromising any flavor and we need to learn more of those. Even though the traditional sides are more appetizing, but we must learn to control ourselves and try the healthier categories and see the change. A healthier lifestyle is always the right choice. Look at it this way, a healthier life is a longer life and we get more chances to try scrumptious foods like these.

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