Benefits of Earl Grey Tea

Surprising Benefits of Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey tea has been a favorite among hundreds of tea ready in the market today. But most English homes do the traditional brew since the concoction hasn’t been that hard to redo. It has been named after the late Prime Minister of the Great Britain, Earl Charles Grey. A lot of tea lovers have marked this tea as a brilliant choice since its taste and aroma has been exquisitely defined by its array of blended Chinese herbs and leaves together with Bergamot that adds a fresh, citrusy, and invigorating trail. The main leaves were derived from Camellia Senensis, which is known to have many health benefits and strong antioxidants that deliver wellness and health.

Teas have been a very popular drink that soothes so many palates and can be paired with finger foods, dainty cakes and cookies, including a festive slice of your favorite cakes. But what’s more into drinking teas and brewing a special blend for an afternoon tea session? We know we can enjoy it with so much relaxation and chatters, but what are the health benefits of Earl Grey tea?

Earl Grey tea can help ease acid reflux and other digestive disorders.

Indigestion, constipation, and GERD can be life’s foes to enjoy eating and doing those things you love. We surely can’t avoid certain food temptations like fatty, sweets, and preservatives regularly. But we can avoid the damaging effects and avoid the prolonged agony of suffering from these tummy scares. Earl Grey tea has lots of antioxidants and enzymes that can protect the stomach walls and improve the digestion process inside our bodies. This tea is also known to have antihelminthic properties that can cure intestinal worms. And add the fact that drinking tea after a meal can hasten food digestion and you can crawl to sleep without the bloated feeling that we often feel after dinners.

This tea can help fight depression and calm your senses.

The aromatic scent of Earl Grey tea has long been used to treat anxiety, stress, and mental issues like depression. Its zesty, fresh, and calming aroma from the Bergamot leaves diffuse calming and rejuvenation fragrance that eases the mind and relaxes the senses. The warm sip from a cup of Earl Grey tea can instantly calm down a stressed mind and may improve your mood in seconds. 

Earl Grey tea can combat common colds and throat inflammations.

Earl Grey tea is one of nature’s excellent anti-viral and anti-inflammatory wonders. Catching colds can be tough, but with the right kind of diet and boosting your immunity with a cup of Earl Grey tea’s antiviral benefits can intensify your body defenses and fight against colds and respiratory-related illnesses.

Earl Grey tea can boost your immunity better than other vitamins.

Worry no more about buying expensive supplements and other vitamins available in the market. These days, strong immunity and a healthy body are one’s great wealth. Drinking a cup of immune-boosting Earl Grey tea a day can significantly improve your immune system and help you free radicals that cause premature aging, body pains, certain infections, and other common illnesses like fever, cough, and colds. This is because most teas are rich in antioxidants and phenols that contribute to a stronger body resistance against diseases.

Weight loss is another benefit of drinking Earl Grey tea.

Obesity is one of the world’s most talked-about health-related topics. Weight can be a measurement of someone’s confidence, beauty, and health. A bitter reality of today, isn’t it? But health-wise, obese people suffer from cardiac diseases, high blood pressure, liver, and kidney disease; and so much more that can be associated with their excessive fat deposits. People who want to maintain weight or slightly reduce a few inches off their waist can truly rely on drinking tea. That is because teas have flavonoids that help to boost the metabolism and turns fat into energy. One factor is also because of caffeine that may be present with the drink that fuels the body and helps to burn more calories. So after your meals, a cup of fat-burning Earl Grey can save the day.

Earl Grey tea has dental and oral enhancing benefits.

Earl Grey tea has been known to have Catechin; it is an all-natural compound that helps to reduce oral inflammations and infections. While fluoride found in it can also help strengthen the teeth and prevents tooth decay and plaques.

Earl Grey tea can help to prevent cancer.

Cancer ranks as the second leading cause of death. The major reason cancer cases proliferate is unhealthy lifestyles, stress, environmental factors like pollution, and even genetics. The cancer-preventing benefits of Earl Grey tea include antioxidants that can fight carcinogenic factors and protect the cells from the oxidation process. 

It keeps you hydrated without all the sugars and preservatives.

Drinking a bottle of coke or any flavored drink can quench your thirst, but adds up those extra sugar contents and harmful chemicals that can accumulate throughout the body. Not to mention that carbonated drinks can cause several stomach issues like hyperacidity, ulcers, and even diarrhea. One safe way to hydrate your body is by drinking Earl Grey tea hot or even in its cold version. This tea has a potent potassium content that helps to maintain hydration and fluid balance inside the body. It’s a great thirst quencher with a note of citrus without the harmful carbons and excessive sugar levels that later on can harm the kidneys; they may also cause diabetes and throat inflammations. 

Provides you energy to keep going.

Gone were the days where coffee hits the first choice for revamping your day. One natural way to distress and raise your energy scales is by grabbing a dose of Earl Grey tea. It contains a reasonable amount of caffeine to give an extra jolt of energy. The citrus note of Bergamot adds a great aromatic scent that refreshes and revives the senses during stress.


Earl Grey tea is also known as a flavored black tea which rich flavors and aromatic scent. The Bergamot essential oil is also one of the key factors of how the tea smells like an orange. In time, the tea was being loved and drank by many; and, some new variations and versions emerged in the market. But the closest distinct taste has been yet to be distinguished. But overall, the health benefits of Earl Grey tea have been recognized continuously supported by tea enthusiasts.

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