When Can I Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal

When Can I Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

I had light pain in my mouth today and when I told my mother, she said, your wisdom teeth are coming and for this, we have to see a doctor for its extraction. Extraction ??! After hearing this word, I forgot my present pain and I felt like feeling the pain I have to go through after the extraction of my wisdom teeth. Not only this, ‘am I going to lose my wisdom along with wisdom teeth?’ was another mystery in my mind. After this I was completely confused with the thought of future pain I have had to bear and the one, I was facing that time. 

To know what extraction actually is, I called my friend to know what extraction actually is and immediately, hung up the phone when she replied ‘it’s just taking out the whole tooth which is causing issue from the gum’. Foodie me, forgot all the pain, and start worrying about ‘when can I eat after wisdom teeth extraction’. It May sound crazy to you but it was me when I had my first wisdom teeth extraction. 

Now I am done with all 4 of them, so this is to educate a little about what wisdom teeth extraction really means and a few questions.


Either on the top or bottom of both sides of our mouth grows the wisdom teeth, they are also known as third morals but calling them, wisdom teeth are famous. What they are famous after wisdom, it is because of the age in which it comes out, mostly between 17 and 21, and it can be in the 30s too but never comes to less than 17 years of age.

As most of us do not have space of keeping them in our jaw, we remove them. Some people suffer from its pain a little longer as it does not come out properly and the person suffers from its pain more often; that is, unless it is out enough that the dentist recommends surgery. Normally, the pain it gave heals in a week. It is the most common surgery that every individual has to face.

Care After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Before answering when can I eat after wisdom teeth removal, I want you to learn some care tips for its speedy recovery. Before going for surgery to your dentist, take a good diet. I mean, let’s suppose you have a wisdom tooth extraction in the evening; you should take a healthy breakfast so that you don’t feel low right after the surgery. 

After half an hour of surgery, try eating ice cream. Isn’t this extraction an excuse for lots of your favorite ice-cream? This will reduce the bleeding and make you feel better. Other than this, try not eating solid, hard, or sticky food items. Also, avoid brushing and use mouthwash. Wait for a little longer, and when you brush, be very gentle to your mouth and avoid touching the respective socket.

FAQ: When Can I Eat Solid Food After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

If you feel better right after 24 hours, as there is no pain, inflammation, infection, or bleeding, then the answer to you when can I eat solid food after wisdom teeth removal is 24 hours. This means that after a day, you can eat normally. 

But a toothache is a sensitive issue, start taking soft diet, like dairy products, porridges, mashed potatoes, mashed bananas, eggs, hummus, salmon and whatever you find not spicy, very cold, very hot, hard or sticky. Taking watery texture and soft healthy foods are good for a speedy recovery. Also, avoid having crunchy food items cause if they stuck, it will cause severe infection later. 

Rare are the cases, when a patient gets stitches, make sure to visit the dentist after 10 days for its removal. Also, strictly follow the diet chart and mouth cleaning method provided by the dentist. So, to avoid any complications, adopt a healthy diet that promotes speed recovery. 

FAQ: How Long After Wisdom Teeth Removal Can I Smoke?

If you ask me personally that how long after wisdom teeth removal can I smoke, then I am going to say, quit smoking for a speedy recovery and then completely quit smoking for a better life. Anyway, quit it for 48 to 72 hours after wisdom teeth extraction surgery. 

When I had my extraction, the dentist asked me if I smoke; obviously, I don’t. But being a curious child I questioned him why he asked this. He then replied to me that last week he did an extraction surgery and the patient was a chain smoker. I strictly advised him to not smoke for a maximum of 3 days, till this recovers completely. But he did and blood vessels in his mouth contracted as the oxygen and nutrients supply to the extraction site reduced and the socket got dry completely. Now he was in severe pain as his infection got worse and he needs a complete month to heal. 

Now, it is your choice, either you want it to be healed in a week or not. 


Not everybody has to face four wisdom teeth extractions, some people get only 2. Also, no need to be panic about this surgery as about ten million wisdom teeth are extracted every year, see, you are not the one having this pain. And if your mind crosses any question like; when can I eat after wisdom teeth removal, do not hesitate. Ask and know the answer!

Follow all the instructions given by the dentist for healing as it is for your own good. Try to take rest and do not take part in tough activities; skip gym, school, or work for a day and eat well. Having a soft diet doesn’t mean you can have spicy food items; spice may cause sensitivity just like very cold and very hot food. Grab all the food items enrich vitamins, proteins, energy, and minerals, stock them for a week before surgery, and try taking this healthy diet for almost 3 to 4 days.

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