What Does Soju Taste Like

What Does Soju Taste Like? Something You Should Try!

Soju should sound very familiar to you not only if you are fond of alcoholic beverages, but also if you are a Kdrama fanatic! You can always see some characters either just having fun or get drunk with soju and this might be the reason why you are here. “What does soju taste like?” – this question lingers on top of your head so do not worry, as we have already laid out some interesting facts you need to know about soju!

Soju is probably one of the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world. It is an of drink that you would want to have every time you will have grilling of pork and beef bellies with your group of friends as soju is actually made for that. It brings a lot of fun when drinking it in moderation. So, if you are curious more about it, keep reading!

What Is Soju? 

Commonly made out of rice and meat, soju is a colorless distilled spirit that contains low alcohol content. It goes under distilled process which gives a little higher alcohol content. It can also be made from sweet potatoes and tapioca which are discovered in ancient times due to the banning of making rice for brewing alcoholic drinks. Soju is renowned as Korea’s “National Drink” due to its undeniable popularity not only in their country but also around the world. In fact, it is indeed one of the world’s best. Since soju is colorless, oftentimes, people tend to confuse it with vodka. However, they are pretty dissimilar from one another.

What Does Soju Taste Like?                       

Ever wonder why soju has gained so much popularity around the world including the heavy drinkers? Well, it is because it tastes sweeter than vodka that even light and beginner drinkers can easily love it. The original soju can describe the taste as somewhat strong but sweeter than vodka. It has this subtle and less aggressive kick on the throat once you drink it purely. Eventually, you’ll feel a very little strain of burn down to your throat as it leaves a sweet and refreshing touch to your mouth. On the other hand, if you do not feel like drinking the original flavor, different and several soju flavors are now widely available!

Soju Flavors

Typically, there are more than 20 soju flavors that are currently available on the market. These are also called alcoholic fruit juice so this is perfect for people who like sweets. Below are our personal top 5 recommendations if you are yet to try one!

  1. Green Grape – This is the most refreshing soju flavor among the rest. It’s almost as if you are just drinking fruit juice with just a little strain of alcohol. It is not bitter!
  2. Peach – This type is probably the sweetest among the other soju flavors. The fruity taste of peach dominates the flavor of alcohol. 
  3. Apple –This flavor includes our top 3 due to its actual fruit flavor that you can taste on the soju.
  4. Grapefruit – another sweeter version of soju and it does not taste too bitter!
  5. Pineapple – To seal our top 5, pineapple soju flavor comes to the last. It leaves a little bitter taste than the rest but the pineapple fruity flavor masks the alcoholic taste eventually.

Does Soju Can Make You Drunk? How Much Soju To Get Drunk?

Do not forget that despite soju’s sweet flavor, it is still under alcoholic beverages. So, yes, it can make you drunk! The question is, how much soju you should drink so it can make you drunk? Soju alcohol content ranges from 12 to 53% ABV. Considering the more famous soju bottles that are available in the market, a bottle should put you to sleep if you are quite a light drinker. Two bottles will already be enough to make you feel dizzy and drunk. Hence, making three or more bottles meant for heavy alcoholic drinkers! I guess it is safe to say that soju could taste sweet but could definitely could knock out you out!

Soju Cocktail Ideas

If you have finally decided that you will try the famous soju, we have prepared the two of the best soju cocktail recipes that you should most definitely try. You can try it alone when you are feeling a little extra or do these when you hang out with your friends. It would bring so much fun on the table!

Soju Yakult – If there is one soju cocktail mix that you should try, this is the one! Soju yakulit has contributed a lot to soju’s popularity not only because of its simple ingredients but also because of the wonderful taste it could do to your drinks! Yakult fans will most definitely love this cocktail recipe as well! 


  • 3 shot of soju 
  • 2 shots of Yakult 
  • Sprite


Simply together the drinks altogether and add sprite depending on your desire amount! Serve it shots or in tall glass with ice cubes! Perfect for a cozy weekend, isn’t it?

Soju Bomb – This one is considered to be one of the famous soju mix after soju yakult. If you are to hang out with your friends after COVID season is over, this one is perfect you. The slight bitter taste that comes from the beer and the sweetness from soju makes the drink a “bomb”! Try this out to know for yourself!


  • Half bottle of beer
  • 2 shots of soju


Mix them both on tall glass. Serve iced cold!


Undeniably, soju has gained a lot of deserving attention around the world due to its unique fruity flavors that can bring more fun to the table, either by yourself or with your group of friends. It does not cost a lot of pennies too which makes it more available to the market. Also, one bottle should be enough if you are looking for a light booze to make some thrill on your weekend plans!

So, what does soju taste like? Hopefully by now you can brag your friends about it and find the courage to try one. If you are fan of more neutral taste alcoholic drinks, there is also an original version of soju that is as well widely available on the market. Hence, there is nothing you can reason to skip tasting the one of the best-selling drinks worldwide! You would know what you are missing all these years if you will not try!

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